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Eastern Jewels .

I have been making for quite a while the Persian Tiles- Eastern Jewels blanket, designed by Jane Crowfoot, these colours designed by Lucia Dunn. If you too would like to make one the kit is available here, and no doubt in other places too, the first two I tried were out of stock but this place appears to have some packs in stock.

So without further ado here is the finished blanket.

And the obligatory from the clothes line picture

in two directions

and the equally obligatory draped on the sofa pose

the rolled in a circle one

and my favourite- the ready for me to snuggle under one.

Hands up everyone who thought I would never finish it….

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Comments on: "Eastern Jewels ." (52)

  1. That is so beautiful. What a great combination of colours.

  2. You finished it! Mine is my favourite ever blanket and has pride of place in our sun room, looking glorious as the sun shines on it.

  3. Oh that looks fab! Well done on finishing it. I personally have a knitted blanket that I started over a year ago… 😦

  4. I’m so slow! Catching up on posts! I knew you’d finish! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I am in awe of your skills!

  5. It’s so beautiful! And just in time for the cold weather as well, perfect

  6. I spy my crochet blocks! That was a nice surprise, I’d forgotten you made a blanket from them. My first proper crochet. All that baby cashmerino and all that cash! Glad they didn’t forever langish here.

  7. Calloo callay! It’s finished and gorgeous!! SO very beautiful. Are you motivated, now, to revisit the UFO pile and see what else you can finish?

    • Thank you. What I really must do is unsubscribe to all firms who tempt me into new projects before I finished the last. Then keep away from shows and shops. Maybe I need a goal next year to tackle those UFOs.

  8. Finished just in time for the winter and you can look at it and admire it every time you snuggle under it. Wonderful! It looks beautifully made but I really admire you for sewing in all those ends. πŸ™‚

  9. I knew you would finish! It is just GORGEOUS!!! Do you love it?

  10. What a lovely finish! It’s such a bright and happy blanket with so many lovely patterns. I’m sure it will get well used in the months ahead.

  11. Of course you’ve finished it! And by golly, it’s a beauty, and obviously goes to the top of the snuggle list on the sofa. The question is, did you enjoy the process of making it, or are you really only enjoying it now it’s done? And would you make another one in different colours?

    • I did enjoy making it, but I am such a butterfly when it comes to starting too many new things, it took a bit of determination not to carry it upstairs to go in the UFO pile. Would I make another? Maybe, because it was a nice go to project, but there are too many other things I want to do, so the answer is probably not.

  12. Congratulations!!! xx

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Fabulous. So bright and cheerful, perfect for banishing winter blues i suspect.

  14. What an amazing blanket. One could never feel miserable snuggled under this treasure box of colours. Congratulations on finishing such a project. I would be completely daunted before starting on something as magnificent as this and probably would not finish it. Well done. You must be thrilled with the result.

  15. Ha, ha! So well done! Of course you were always going to finish it – good things take time! I do like all the tiles in different colour combinations……. I love all the poses too, I think you covered all bases and your favourite is also mine – that is exactly where my Persian Tiles lives – ready at a moments notice!

  16. andreaclairekiwi said:

    Well done, it’s so beautiful!

  17. This is so beautiful. These cheerful colours just make me happy. Enjoy!

  18. It is lovely!! And shames me that I still have two blankets unfinished!! Enjoy.

  19. claire93 said:

    I had every faith you’d finish ^^ although, I have to say, I didn’t expect the finish to be so soon nor so gorgeous!

  20. Wow! So beautiful!! Congrats on the finish.

  21. I never had any doubt you would finish. It was too beautiful to languish undone. Even more so now that it is waiting on the back of your sofa for you to relax and snuggle up a moment. Love it with all those wonderful colors.

  22. That is just so gorgeous, no wonder you had to make it! It almost makes me want to crochet!!

  23. Oh well done, your blanket looks gorgeous 😊

  24. Absolutely stunningly beautiful!

  25. What a gorgeous blanket, the patterns and colours are wonderful and I love the first photo – I hope you enjoy snuggling under it πŸ™‚

  26. Oh my gosh Cathy I love your blanket and all of its poses. The colors are so pretty. You did a great job! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  27. No hands in the air from me – I had every confidence in you 😁

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