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October Books-2018

This month, I read one book by a favourite author, Tracy Chevalier and four by new to me authors , all from recommendations from fellow bloggers and all that I loved, so a big thank you for this and please keep those recommendations coming in.

Oh and one that I could not finish, but had been on my to read list forever.

Tracy Chevalier- New Boy- A short novel retelling the story of Othello in a 1970’s school in Washington DC. Action takes part over just one school day. Nicely handled but I knew it would not end well.

Natalie- Fergie- The Sewing Machine- Lots of people have recommended this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it- One sewing machine, two families, three secrets told across four generations. Lovely.

Michael Robothan- The Other Wife- Another recommendation which came my way, and a new to me author. By golly it was a gripping thriller- what would you do if when visiting your father in hospital you were told his wife was there and you expected to see your Mum, instead of which there is a complete stranger who tells you she is his Other Wife?

Susanna Kearsley-Mariana- A novel I wouldn’t have chosen by looking at the cover alone, but one I requested from the library following a recommendation in Blog land. A lovely book- romance and reincarnation, and a heroine who is totally unfazed about time travel to her past and no Dr Who in sight. Just a fun read, really enjoyed it.

Rod Duncan- The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter- Another novel I would not have chosen without a recommendation from bloggers. Described as a “blend of steampunk alternative history” by Graham Joyce, not quite like anything I have ever read before. Elizabeth Barnabus lives a double life as herself and as her brother because women cannot own their own business, we have mystery, circuses, and general skull duggery. Despite my misgivings, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, which just goes to show that I shouldn’t judge a book from the blurb on the back either.

When we went round Armley Mill lurking in one of the outside buildings was this

train and this one

which seemed to fit in so nicely with my reading material.

And the book I didn’t finish-Virginia Woolf- Mrs Dalloway- I just couldn’t read this , so very boring but so beautifully written. I gave up. So there are now three authors I cannot read. Martin Amis, Henry James and Virgina Woolf, all of whom I know are loved and admired, just not by me, which must say a lot about me, which is not good.

So, has anyone got any recommendations for a good read this month please?

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  1. I am 140 pages into the night circus by erin morgenstern and am completely hooked so far – dark, mysterious, magical and totally gripping.
    Glad you liked the sewing machine. I thought it was a cool book too

    • Thank you for telling me about The Night Circus, it seems to be highly rated by the library users, so I have added it to my list of books to request. I have quite a lot now, but so good to know I have these good books to look forward too.
      I really enjoyed the Sewing Machine.

  2. I’m the same with Virginia Woolf. I find her a difficult read. I’ve got a book of the family newspapers she did as a child with her siblings which are fascinating though. And with regards to Henry James, I know a lot of people who find his work difficult, but I adore it. I’m about to read The Turn of the Screw again for Halloween 😁

    • The Turn of the Screw confuses me, I know it is supposed to be frightening, but it just doesn’t frighten me. I read it and think, well what was that about. I know people love it, and it is me, I just don’t get it. The family newspapers of Virginia Woolf sound interesting to me. You come up with some terrific gems.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Always enjoy your reviews. Have just read The Lowlands by Jhumpa Lahiri. Can’t remember if it was one you recommended before but it was on my list of recommended books. I enjoyed it. Quite unusual style, slow burner, but worth sticking with.

    • No I have not heard of this, but am pleased it is available through the library and hopefully a copy will be on its way to me shortly. It had gleaned good reviews from other library users. Thank you.

  4. I just finished reading ‘The Little Stranger’ by Sarah Waters for the second time as I heard it has been made into a film and I want to ‘contrast and compare ‘. I’m sure I’ve recommended Sarah Waters to you several times but you seem to be wilfully ignoring me πŸ˜‰
    Virginia Woolf – bless her – I could probably rival her for a stream of consciousness though not for writing so expertly about it.
    I’ve also just read a book written by an ex junior doctor in the NHS which makes hilarious if not scary, reading. He specialised in obs and gynae – let’s just say I’m glad I’ve had all the children I’m ever going to have.
    ‘This is Going To Hurt ‘ by Adam Kay. An indictment of the way the NHS is currently being run into the ground as well as being occasionally sad and frequently very funny.

    • I hear loud and clear. The Little Stranger has just been requested by yours truly . Thank you. Also reserved with a long wait is This is Going to Hurt- I am number 8 in a queue, so a popular book.
      I so wanted to like Virginia Woolf, but it just wasn’t me. I could see how beautifully it was written, but oh dear .Some times I just admit defeat.
      I love the recommendations I am gleaning, so many authors I just would not go near just by looking at the cover, and I think oh dear, and am thrilled to find myself loving the book.

  5. I read “The Wedding Dress” by Rachel Hauck this past week, just a sweet book and fun read with a little mystery, a little faith and some unusual friendships!

    • That sounds like a wonderful book but it’s not available in the library, I just checked. I shall look out for it elsewhere, thank you Kathy for the recommendation.

      • I got mine through Overdrive, because my library is a member. I like to hold my books, but the digital variety is sure nice when my free time doesn’t coincide with my library’s hours. 😊

  6. I’m so glad you read Mariana — one of my favourites! The Sewing Machine sounds quite intriguing.

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