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Knit and Natter Friday!

Friday just crept up on me, so I am holding an afternoon session of my online Knit and Natter group, here on the internet, hope you can join me.

It has been a very nice week. The weather continued to be mild and sunny for Autumn. The leaves on the trees have been very pretty. Bees have been most busy in the ivy, ladybirds seem to have appeared from nowhere and I released a very pretty Peacock butterfly from the house, which should not have been about at this time of year. Sadly this warmth is to come to an end this weekend with a cold wind from Iceland, and maybe some snow, noooooooooooo.

I had one of these this week.

Many flowers, books and of course cake.

So a day out was called for. First stop Roundhay Park in Leeds, for lunch.

Which looked rather wonderful, and we shall be back for a proper walk. I can recommend the Lakeside Cafe should you ever be in Leeds.

After that onto my chosen destination Armley Mills- a woollen mill and industrial museum.

I do love a good museum and this is certainly one.

I am fascinated by the old mills, especially the ones in Leeds as my ancestors worked in them. Maybe this one. There was a demonstration of the wool spinning going on- just one machine- oh so noisy and the dreadful diseases the workers all contracted. My 3x great-grandfather was a cloth dresser which means he was responsible for sending out the cloth once it had been finished- a  non hazardous job thankfully, which meant he died of old age, according to his death certificate.

Afterwards we stopped off for a meal, before having cake with coffee at home. Now that is my kind of birthday. I wonder what you all prefer to do on your special day.

Onto the knitting then- back of grey baby jumper finished, front cast on. Last two tiles for the Eastern Jewels blanket done, and first row of the border completed. I may have a finish to share in the next few days.

So what about the weekend? Well the clocks go back to GMT on Sunday. I read an interesting letter in our local paper about what to do with that extra hour- not sleep- but do something to help a good cause. Later on I read another article asking you to fill a bag for a charity. So bingo- I shall fill a bag with some stuff for a charity shop, maximum time to locate objects- one hour.

But first tomorrow, I mentioned before having found a patchwork class- well it starts in February and runs for 7 weeks, all day on a Saturday- pretty please may this class actually happen- everything I express an interest in recently has been cancelled due to lack of participants. Anyway there is an open day in the home of the tutor showing her work and that of her students. So that’s where I am off.

But what about you? Love to hear your plans for the weekend. Please join in the natter, without you this post is nothing.

Take care and Be Happy,





Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (43)

  1. Happy belated birthday Cathy, sounds like a lovely day. I love going to see the sea on mine, cake and a bubbly drink or cocktail.

  2. I’m getting here very late but I hope your birthday was wonderful–it sounds great! I envy you the trip to the woolen mill–so fascinating in a grim sort of way. One of my ancestors was a weaver in Ireland but I don’t know if that means in a mill or what. And my own birthday is coming up and I need to think of an outing I’d like! We’ll do something out and about and then my sweet husband will cook me a dinner of my choosing (some sort of garlicky pasta, don’t you think?) and play the guitar for me!

  3. A belated happy birthday. 🙂 I would love to visit Roundhey Park. Xx

  4. Happy Day to you! I would love to view the woolen mills of England!! That would mean I was actually in England enjoying the history. Maybe someday.

  5. Happy birthday wishes to you! Looks like you had a fab time 🙂

  6. Joanne S said:

    I hope you experience birthday happiness throughout the year to come!

  7. Happy Birthday. Glad you had a good one. Looking forward to seeing your jewels blanket finished. More Formula One this weekend but also a visit to my son to help him sort out a problem and borrow his tablet to play an F1 game!!

  8. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day. Fingers crossed your class goes ahead, so frustrating when something you want to do is cancelled on you. Enjoy your week!

  9. “They must pay that actor a lot!”

    They do! Even half their salary and retainer would do me! 🙂

  10. Happy belated birthday. It’s wonderful to have another one. Looks like you celebrated in style.

  11. A very happy belated birthday. I am ashamed to admit that we have a textile museum in our town and, in nearly fourteen years, I’ve never been there!! You have made me feel so bad that I am definitely going to go and have a look. The local town had a thriving textile industry in the earlier part of the last century but, of course, it’s all gone now. You can still see the old buildings with the names of the companies on but, apart from one factory making upholstery for cars, it’s finished.
    (I don’t want to go there for my birthday though – just in case Mr. Tialys is reading this and thinks I’d prefer it to a few days down in Spain or up in Andorra with a nice hotel, some lovely food, tax free shopping and beautiful scenery).
    My patchwork obsession was kicked off by a small local group while I was still living in the U.K. and my girls were at primary school so I hope those lessons go ahead and you will end up joining us addicts – I know you’re already halfway there!!
    This weekend I’m on another dressmaking mission. I have been incredibly organised and cut out a skirt and a blouse, prepared the interfacing, bought a zip, threaded up my sewing machine and overlocker with the right colour thread and just need to decide which one to sew up first.
    I’ve frightened myself a bit actually 😱

    • My goodness me, that is impressive , all that dressmaking.
      I reckon a weekend in Spain or Andorra sounds pretty wonderful!
      Do please go to the textile museum and lots of pictures please, It’s the same everywhere in Western Europe, we don’t make anything these days. When Armley Mill closed they sold some of the machinery to India!

  12. Happy birthday, and many happy returns of such an enjoyable day. I hope your class happens, the snow stays away and your beautiful crochet blanket is finished without stress, and with all the ends miraculously sewing themselves in!

  13. What a lovely birthday! Happy birthday to you! I would spend a day very similar to that if I could. Adventures with museums and lunch by water are all very nice! The blanket is nearly done? Wonderful!

    We are off tomorrow to visit A’s last aunt, perhaps do a bit of shopping and have lunch.

    Sunday will be for the chores.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Cathy. It’s more card making for me this weekend – all the big yarn projects have been blocked and hidden away for Christmas and I am free 🙂

  15. claire93 said:

    happy birthday to you Cathy! sounds like it was a good one.
    I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and that the patchwork workshop does happen in February. In the meantime, I’m sure you can find inspiration with all the great videos on youtube, to get you off on the right foot.

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have watched You Tube , but they are just not the same as actually being shown how to do something!

  16. I guess that last bit was tongue-in-cheek as even without the nattering your posts are certainly not ‘nothing’! I’m very excited to see your Eastern Tiles blanket – i bet it is a beauty.
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
    Now for my birthday I would most like to spend it with a friend and go to a very special exhibition. 😉 😉 😉
    I’m hoping to get a nice lot of knitting done this weekend – a Mermaid Tail has been requested and because I could not find a pattern, I’m trying to design one to match the photo I was sent – not easy, but very enjoyable.

    • I have a pattern for a mermaids tail I could let you have. Only problem is it is DK and took forever. Sewchet had a much better pattern with chunky yarn.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!
      I did mean my last comment. I need the natter for the best part of this post!

      • Thanks Cathy for the offer of the pattern. I have made good headway with the tail. I am using two strands of Aran and 6.5mm needles, and even at that size it is taking ages! I knew it would, which is why I have not made one before, but of course when there is a special request it is hard to resist. Thanks for telling me about Sewchet’s tail – I went to have a look – very helpful – I will make a fin that the feet can go in so some mermaid flapping of tail can take place. 🙂
        (So looking forward to my birthday! 😉 )

  17. A very happy birthday to you Cathy, and a year full of blessings as well! Your day sounded just delightful! The weekend will be spent finishing things in the garden, DH has a building project going on, adding supports to the wire fencing that will allow for little pots of herbs and maybe some flowers. We are dehydrating potato slices now, there were about 35 pounds dug up yesterday! Hope to do some sewing this weekend.

  18. Wishing you a Happy Birthday

  19. I like the photo of the lake, it looks like just my kind of place to walk the dogs. You might laugh at this but up to now I’ve always thought that Roundhay Park was a big modern housing estate – the accountants offices where I clean have a client who is a well-known Emmerdale actor whose address is given as Roundhay Park. It sounds like you had a good birthday, and I hope the promised patchwork class goes ahead 🙂

    • I used to have to travel to Leeds for work and the people I met were always saying how lovely Roundhay Park was, so I just had to see. It is lovely. There are houses close by and they are pretty impressive looking! They must pay that actor a lot!
      I did have good birthday, thank you.

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