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Knit and Natter Friday!

And welcome. Did you have a good week? I do hope so. Mine has been both enjoyable and productive. Library , obviously, on Monday and no less than four of my recent requests for books arrived. Wednesday I led another short walk with my U3A, and there were fourteen of us tottering around the countryside. It was a clever wheeze to end all walks with a tea room. We have had some rain , but also some glorious sunshine and with it some really lovely sunsets in almost every hue of a sunset.

Even the roses are giving again.

Taken when I went out to take this sunset.

However, I think my favourite was this one on Tuesday night, rather atmospheric.

I have managed no less than two of the remaining tiles on my  Eastern Jewels blanket and that leaves just two. Amazing how fast one gets towards the end of a project. The grey jumper for Baby J is still stuck on the back..

Kate is making a quilt called Teal it on the mountains to raise funds for ovarian cancer in Australia and a lot of people are making fabulous blocks for it. I volunteered to make one too, however my biggest quilting/patchwork effort  so far is my unicorn cushion.

Of which while I am incredibly proud but does not put me in the league of top-notch quilt makers capable of making a block for a quilt to be auctioned. So..

First job, do some research on blocks with mountains on, reckoned I could manage one called Bear Mountain Quilt, figured I could do that, maybe ish..

Second job , find some fabric that is mostly teal and cream, because that is the colours for ovarian cancer, preferably with bears.

Third job, design and do  it.

So off to Hobbycraft I went and found a pack of lovely fat quarters not with bears but with.. no wait a little longer.

I looked at this and looked and looked. I thought about mountains, we have moors in Yorkshire but not mountains, mountains are in Wales , which I have seen and in Scotland which I have not. Then light bulb moment. The first range of mountains I actually saw was from a coach in Morocco the Atlas mountains. There were amazing, desert mountains , blue sky and camels.

Hurrah I was there, so after much scribbling and faffing around with paper, card, scissors and pencils, with a nod towards the bear mountain block I came up with something I thought I could manage.

Designing Nana Cathy style. The brown paper helps me imagine the final size required!

Sewing happened yesterday and finally I have something which resembles a block with a mountain, desert and camels.

Tealing it to the Atlas Mountains, in memory of my wonderful holiday which included a trek across the desert in Morocco on my first holiday abroad age 10. Now you may wonder why I have found it necessary to put card round the sides, the answer being that designing Nanacathy way you have to be able to actually see how the final piece should look in order to make the thing.

Now Kate you said to make it 12- 12 1/2 inches and not to worry as you would be sashing ( is that the right word?) it, and could cut it down to size. To be on the safe side it is actually 13 inches, and whilst everyone else has a perfectly square block mine looks like this.

Now should I send it like this and hope Kate can work some magic on it, or attempt to trim it myself? It does have 12 good inches inside , and I won’t be hurt at all if it doesn’t make the final quilt.

So that is what I have been up to. A quiet weekend in store a gain before three fab ones coming up, and in the meantime I am meeting my old school friends for coffee this morning, so I will be back later.

Do please join in the natter , we all love to hear what everyone is up to.

Meantime have a Happy Weekend,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (29)

  1. dezertsuz said:

    How did I miss this? I thought sure I had read it, but maybe I got distracted and didn’t get to comment on your beautiful, beautiful sunsets! That’s the thing I miss most here in Tennessee. They are seldom that pretty. Not enough dust, I suppose. I was so spoiled by Arizona sunsets! I really like your little unicorn, and that block you made for Kate’s project is perfect, in my opinion. Beautiful work!

  2. You’ve had some beautiful sunsets lately and your square for the quilt is really lovely. I know what you mean about needing to visualise something ‘in the flesh’ as it were. I feel just the same.

  3. Oh Nana Cathy you have such an eye for color! I love the tiles above, the unicorn pillow and now the camels!! Beautiful!!
    I too hate how the end of a project seems to go faster than the start! Especially if I’m enjoying it.
    I hurt my back a week ago. Very foolish of me. The children’s Dr who is 20 years younger than me, could not help me lift my uncooperative 4′ 11″ tall eleven year old onto the exam table. (his shoulder was sore!?) So I lifted all 84 pounds of her up about 3 feet, as my back made noises that were quite embarrassing. And now I will be suffering the joys of my age at least another 5 weeks my Dr says. That is unless I decide to do another dumb thing, like forgetting my age.
    Realizing age/body limitations has been slightly depressing.

    Your creativity brightened my day! :o) Thank You!

  4. Those sunset photos are gorgeous! Your camel fabric is really lovely, a very lovely addition to the quilt blocks being made!

  5. love the camel fabric, it’s so pretty, you’ve done a great job picking the colours and style. your photos are gorgeous too! have a lovely weekend!

  6. Beautiful block, and I love the fabrics you chose to accompany the camels on their trip around the world!
    Also I love your Eastern Jewels blocks as a header for your blog!

  7. Lovely block of camels, Cathy, and a sweet story behind them. Our sunsets here haven’t looked at all as glorious as yours – I am continually amazed at the colours you folks enjoy. My week has been strangely devoid of crafts, which I had planned to remedy yesterday, then forgot. (Unless planning counts… I was thinking since I like my autumnal acrylic so much I might investigate a hat as well…) Maybe this weekend I’ll dig in again. xx

    • Thank you- yes I think thinking counts as does looking. I spent ages thinking about the block and looking at the fabric and deciding which and what and how much of each and where. The sewing took half a day by comparison to weeks of thinking.
      Our sunsets have been really pretty this week and I think we may get another tonight.

  8. I especially like the way you matched to moon with the one camel, it’s perfect! You did such a nice job designing your first block, well done. 🙂 Mine are leaving today for Australia, so soon our moon blocks will meet! 😆 your Eastern Jewels is so pretty, how exciting to be closing in on the finish. Busy weekend here with a Suzuki recital, so lots of kids coming by to rehearse…it has been an excellent way to get rid of the pumpkins we are not going to process. I believe we are down to the final seven. I think we will do two at a time and try and get them close to finished this weekend, and maybe pull the carrots to blanch and freeze. That will leave the potatoes and onions…the end is in sight!

    • My good ness that is a very busy weekend. So much to do in Autumn in the garden. Good Luck with the rehearsals.
      I think the quilt is going to look lovely!

  9. claire93 said:

    well done on your camel/mountain block Cathy! It’s brilliant! Give yourself a pat on the back!

  10. The camels are a triumph! It will look fabulous with the other blocks.
    Great sunsets too.
    I spent all day yesterday handwashing and blocking blankets for the twins’ birthday presents.
    I know others put their crocheted blankets in the washing machine, I’m not brave enough yet.
    A few finishing touches today and they should be ready to pack and post
    Weather looks fine for some much needed gardening here this weekend.

    • I was appalled when my DIL Mrs M said she washed the crochet blanket for the dog in a machine. She said it was wonderful because it dried within half an hour, so I tried it with my picnic blanket and she was quite right. As long as it is acrylic it’s fine.
      Glad you liked the camels!

  11. Tialys is right, I’ll be delighted to have it just as it is. It needs to be 12 *finished size*, so I need some extra around the outside for seam allowances and wiggle room, and I can trim it down as required. I do love this, gorgeous Moroccan-style fabrics, and it’s such a colourful and imaginative interpretation. It’s unique, too, I can pretty much guarantee no-one else will feature camels 🙂

    • I am so glad you like this , it became quite personal to me as I planned, remembered my holiday and stitched, and a huge THANK YOU for saying you can take it from here. I shall post it no later than Monday.

  12. I love the camels and the unicorn cushion, and that first sunset is just gorgeous 🙂

  13. Well done you! I’m sure Kate will comment here but my feeling is, if you’re not confident to cut into your lovely work, she will be more than happy for you to send it like it is and then she can cut it exactly how she needs it to fit into the quilt.
    I make so many blocks of this size I have a 12.5 inch square ruler which I just lay over the block and cut round but when I make them for other people I do sometimes leave a slightly larger margin if possible in case they need a bit of extra wiggle room.
    I’m dying to see your finished blanket too – not long to go!

    • Now a 12 1/2 inch ruler that is see through sounds an excellent plan, I shall investigate. Thanks for the suggestion about not attempting to cut it myself, Kate has kindly said she will do it, for which I am most grateful. My plan is to finish the blanket in November, and I am now back on track for this.

  14. I know it’s not a competition but you put me to shame with all your activities!!!!!!! Love your colourful skies, and especially THE CAMELS. I have a soft spot for them, no idea why. I once needlepointed a cushion with camels in the desert, must dig it out and give it an airing 🙂

    • The joys of being retired! Pity one has to wait so long for it. I am glad you liked my camels, and I would love to see your cushion. I have a very vague recollection that we actually had a tiny ride on a camel, that may even have been why we were in the coach when I saw the mountains.

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