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Knit and Natter Friday

This is a no knit Knit and Natter, but there is some patchwork going on.

We went to the Repair cafe last week, and so glad we did as the 100th repair was made on the cafe’s one year anniversary.

Photo by June Emerson, mender is Stuart Hobbs. The lady you brought in the 100th repair was awarded the pumpkin. The wheels were fixed but she was referred on to have it repainted.

Mr E was inspired to bring home a broken table. It had to come home as it needed hours to set the glue and clamping. It has gone from this

to this

I gave it a good polish with the bee’s wax polish. We returned it to its owner yesterday, and she was very pleased. She took us down her garden to pick apples. I have two big bags full to freeze.

Another busy week- the library, a trip to Scarborough, gardening, planning of walks. I love being retired, the days just whizz by.

Kate wrote about a project she has become involved with here called Days for girls, highlighting the problems girls have attending school when they have no sanitary protection. The project involves making environmental friendly sanitary towels thus enabling girls to go to school. They are made pretty so the girls don’t mind washing them.

My Mother used to tell me horror stories of the rags she had as a girl and how her older brother would tease her when they were hung out to dry. ” B’s got her period!” Brothers hey. I was lucky as a girl and had access to sanitary towels and the only reason I missed school during my period was when I had crippling tummy ache and need my bed and a hot water bottle.

Anyway it set me thinking and I recalled hearing that girls in the UK miss school because they have no sanitary towels which is quite appalling in our country, and really upset me. So I set about googling the issue which brought me up against the problems homeless women face and those who flee domestic violence. I cannot imagine how horrible it must be to be on the streets and having a period. So next time I go to the supermarket I shall be buying sanitary towels and tampoons and donating them to the food bank.

I did see a project which sells franchises to women in Africa so they can make their own sanitary towels and sell them. I wish I could be certain they weren’t a rip off. Maybe I should stop worrying about whether charities miss appropriate funds and just hope for the best. Such mixed feelings on the subject.

Pain relief at such times too, concerns me….

Moving on. I have made the unicorn cushion and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The unicorn was fun to make.

But for me she was the easy part, I can do embroidery and applique. It was the bit I did next which made me so happy. After umpteen years of wanting and being too scared to making a log cabin cushion, I have.

It took two books and five hours, but I did it.

And the back.

And all from stash. The only thing I had to buy was the cushion pad.

Oddly for me, there has been no knitting this week. But all the ends have been stitched into the Eastern Jewels blanket, three evenings that took. I have now embarked on the 12th tile.

The fairy is under construction she just needs a face and her ears doing- the tricky bit.

I have  a quiet weekend ahead- maybe some gardening and walking and some knitting.

So what are you up too this weekend? Something nice I hope,

Look forward to hearing from you,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (36)

  1. I’m late to the party this week because on Friday I was travelling and then yesterday I was at Yarndale. Today is going to be a lazy day. I’m staying with one of my oldest friends (we met in our first week at university) and we just chatter and chatter. I’m going back home tomorrow.
    How lovely to see some of the things that come to your repair café – that toy truck must be so well-loved! And what a transformation of the table.
    I hadn’t see Kate’s post, although I knew about the Days for Girls project. It’s difficult to know what best to do, but I think that the answer is to do something… which is always the case really.
    No knitting here this week either – but some lovely yarn ready to be used.

    • I bet Yarndale was good. I often think of going but it’s quite a journey from here and I worry about traffic,car parking and crowds. I am no good with crowds and being bustled along, it’s why I tend to go early on day one of any exhibition!
      The whole issue of sanitary protection has occupied my mind quite a lot, especially the thought of women who are homeless.
      I expect you had a truly wonderful time with your college friend. I love how easy it is to reconnect with people one has known for years.

  2. dezertsuz said:

    What a fun post to read. I think if you give something with real intent and sincerity, it doesn’t matter what happens at the other end. We hope it will be used appropriately, but if we have made the effort, and tried to chose something that is honest, then it’s really out of our hands and into God’s. He can make all things work for the good of those who love him. =)

    Your unicorn pillow is adorable! Great colors in the log cabin, too. I’m so glad you went for it! That repaired table is amazing! And I love your fairy queen in the header. =)

  3. Your log cabin border looks perfect.

    I watched an episode of Repair Cafe this week, it made me think of yours! And here you are at one year already.

  4. So much I want to respond to in this post Cathy – but no time this morning – I’m attending a rather strange movement and dance workshop this weekend and today we are hugging rocks on the beach or something – this might be a bit too weird – even for me!
    See you later!

    • Nothing wrong with hugging a rock! Enjoy.

      • I did enjoy the rock hugging! Lovely sunny day on the beach. So glad you were able to return to the Repair Cafe, how satisfying to see that mended table – well done Mr E! I’m sure you watch The Repair Shop on BBC2 – one of the best programmes on TV! I’m all for makig reusable sanitary pads and joined a FB group on the subject, imagining that I might get a group of friends together to make some for ditribution. Hasn’t happened yet but one day ….
        Cute Unicorn cushion – you did a great job!
        Sounds like you are getting on well with the Eastern Jewels blanket – so many ends in my Karoo too – urgh! But they are fine to do in front of the TV aren’t they.

  5. The table fix is beautiful! The pillow is so sweet! And how wonderful that your future daughter-in-law will have you to make something special for her! My mother-in-law never made our family anything. They never got over Mr Tom marrying me. Thank You for the Days for girls idea! I had no idea either, altho I did think that people donated those items to them. Never thought about if they had a trash bin, or prefered washable. When we first married (1976) I used rags. My Mom had told me as a child that my Grandma used rags living in the North Woods. So it was good to know when we couldn’t afford them, (I had no idea you could make them) and I used rags. Good thing I worked at home! :o) Doing Calligraphy writing names on certificates for companies (5 cents each!) And ironing that people dropped off.

    Its snowing and sleeting here in the North Woods! Tonight’s low temp will be -4.4 C !!
    I go home till next summer, mid next week, so the weekend is packing up. :o( Melancholy.

    • No, I can’t believe you have snow already, and that sounds cold. My MIL did not make much for my family which is odd as she made all the clothes for her own children. Maybe she ran out of oomph. The only thing I recall is a beautiful hand knitted blanket. And a bib. I was rather disappointed that she didn’t spend more time with me when I was a new Mum. She didn’t work and only lived five miles away, but I don’t think she ever came to see me without my FIL at the weekend when Mr E was home. Some MILs are odd.

  6. Beautiful unicorn cushion and the table looks fab.

  7. That’s a wonderful cushion, in every way. Formula one on the radio for me this weekend. Been crochetting and wanted to knit my jumper while listening to a recording of second practice but my wrists hurt. Decided even sewing the fairy would me a bad idea. 😦

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Great repair work on the table! And I love barter as a means of payment. Also love your unicorn cushion. Good point about sanitary towels. I think your idea of putting them in food banks is excellent and i may have to borrow it!

  9. There is a movement growing momentum here and in some other parts of the world that necessities for menstruation are government funded. Every woman should have easy access to what is needed, no matter her circumstances. Some of us tend to think that if men menstruated an awful lot of things would be different in the world. Currently there are some charities that work with homeless women who provide free monthly kits along with (free) new underwear and good clean (free) second hand clothing and shoes. It was something I had never thought about until a friend of mine started volunteering in an NGO that works with homeless women. Jeez, it’s challenging enough being a menstruating woman every month and carrying on with life without being homeless and penniless as well!

    I think the pads and wipes in the food banks is an excellent idea – again something I have never thought of doing. Thanks for that Cathy! Have a good weekend.

    • I like the idea of adding in wipes , I recall using nappy wipes myself on camping holidays, they made a huge difference to my morale. I can’t believe I never even thought about it before, and considering my job involved working with people who had been homeless it should have. I am grateful that Kate drew attention to the issue.

  10. Look at that fabulous unicorn with its lovely log cabin frame!🎉🏅 I too was inspired by Kate’s post. My church has done has made those in the past, and sent them through our hospital in Africa, and I am going to see about setting up a work day. Such a small thing for us, and it can make such a difference.

    • A work day sounds such a good idea, which is what Kate went too. I am still feeling for anyone who hasn’t got the where withal for decent provision at that time of the month.

  11. A magical unicorn – as unicorns should be and well done on your log cabin which sets it off very well.
    Like Claire – I’m trying to crochet in Summer heat which is a very silly thing to do. I’ll probably retreat to my sewing room tomorrow (after Zumba & Pilates lessons of course) to finish off the F2F blocks for next month’s recipient. Plus, I might cut out a skirt if my daughter remembers to send my pattern over with Mr. Tialys tonight – she’s forgotten for the last three weeks and I’ve got the fabric washed and ready to go.
    I’m re-reading ‘The LIttle Stranger’ by one of my favourite authors, Sarah Waters. I read it some years ago but believe it’s now been made into a series for T.V. and I wanted to read it again before watching it.

  12. You cover such a range of topics here! I love your blog posts. The repair work is fantastic, as is the Days for Girls project. And that unicorn is beautiful.

  13. “a quiet weekend ahead”???? That’s not like you!
    I’m so impressed with the table you and Mr E fixed up, I love seeing that kind of restoration. Unicorn is fabulous, just fabulous.
    x Jill

    • Still be plenty of things to do, even though I classify it as quiet! We were pleased with how the table turned out and it was just not Mr E needed. Mr B’s fiancée is dropping hints that she might like a unicorn cushion too.

  14. Great post, Cathy, and thanks for the link back to the Days for Girls piece. Lovely cushion, and well done on plucking up the nerve to tackle a log cabin!

    • You gave me a lot of things to think about with your post on Days for Girls. I recall being told by some teacher or other that girls in Africa just went out in the jungle for a day and the heat made it all over very quickly, or they were pregnant and so did not get periods. The idea that school was missed because of lack of sanitary towels didn’t seem to enter into her head.
      The account I read of a homeless woman just spending a whole day sat on a public convenience toilet and having to use paper towels to try to clean herself, really upset me, as much for my own lack of thought as much as anything. Felt a bit Marie Antoinette like.

      I am thrilled with my log cabin, I was absolutely shattered afterwards- nine hours sleep required.

  15. What are you going to make with all the apples? The table looks great. That repair cafe is such a fantastic idea!
    I never thought about donating sanitary products to the food bank. They are definitely needed though I am sure.
    Very sweet unicorn cushion. X

    • I’ll stew the cookers and put them in the freezer. Most of them are eaters, and I just sampled one, they are delicious, crisp and sweet. I see some homemade muesli coming on.

  16. your unicorn cushion is fabulous! Little Miss F is going to be thrilled to bits!
    Congrats to the Repair Café for its one year anniversary, and 100th repair job – that’s a great mile stone!

    Weather is still very summery here,, about 27°C today, but I’m busy crocheting a winter baby hat with ear flaps ^^

    • That must feel surreal to be crocheting a woolly hat in that heat. 13C here today but yesterday was warm enough for no coat! But we have blue skies and the sun is shining.
      I am rather pleased with the cushion, so thank you

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