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Walk and Natter

It’s been a really busy week. Fun, but exhausting. My tablet computer broke, mid typing , I have been bereft! I have my normal laptop, this one which I use for writing on and emails and shopping, but the tablet is my device for reading your blogs, so if by any chance you actually noticed I wasn’t around every post the moment it appeared that’s why. It’s been a mini detox in some ways, because it is an effort to climb the stairs, switch on this computer, log on, and wait while it configures it’s umpteen updates, so I have tended to only come on-line once a day.

Mr E discovered that the tablet was still in guarantee, so I went on theΒ  relevant website to investigate what I could do, and up popped one of those live chat boxes. Hi my name is Dale can I help you? I rather like those chat boxes, the person or algorithm on the end is usually so polite, no teeth sucking and don’t you even know that, at my somewhat basic questions. Anyway after a nice exchange with Dale he gave me a phone number to call. The chap on the other end was equally lovely when I called. He said take it back to the shop and we will exchange it.

Which would have been simply marvellous, only they don’t make them any more. I had to settle for a refund. And now I have to select a new tablet…

Anyway the busy bit- psychology group to attend, family history group, a visit to the hospital for Mr E- all is going well, and AND I led my first walk. When no-one but me and the person I had given a lift failed to materialise at the bridge I had specified as the meeting point, it occurred to me that maybe they had gone to the foot bridge rather than the road bridge.Which they had. After this hiatus we finally set off and had a jolly nice walk and an even a nice cup of coffee, if only a very large coach party had not preceded us to the cafe by five minutes. Fortunately there was a garden, it wasn’t raining or windy and we got two tables together so all’s well.

Did I mention the wind before- it has blown down the wisteria on the front of the house. Could have been worse, could have been a tree.

I also had to plan the walk for next month so it could go in the newsletter, and I thought maybe you would like to come with me and check ou walk number two while we chat a bit.

Down the lane a little way.

Maybe you came by here for the knitting. Problem on the knitting front. The jacket I am making for Baby J’s birthday which was black with white flecks, is enormous. Quick consultation with his Dad Mr J and we agree I make a blue one for his birthday. Five minutes later Baby J’s Mum Mrs M has asked if it could be pale grey. Pale grey? Seems an odd choice to me but I am now awaiting a delivery of some yarn called Cloudy Grey. Meantime I finished the back of the black with white flecks jacket.

We have now gone down the road, up a hill and down again and are crossing this rather nice two-way bridge.

I have come from the gate and turned right and we are walking alongside a beck. You could also cross straight in front of the handgate across another stream.

The second knitted fairy is still in bits awaiting construction. But I have been very busy on the crochet front.

We’ve crossed back over the beck to start a nice gentle climb up.

Crochet- yes I have now completed another tile in the Eastern jewels blanket, which means just six more to go and one square too. Lots of ends to sew in still, I think they are multiplying when I put the blanket away at night.

Goodness this poppy is a bit late and I rather like these what ever they are calleds.

Now Kate has some very nice blogging friends and together they make some wonderful quilts to raffle to raise funds to fund research into breast cancer in Australia. I have extremely limited experience in the patchwork quilting front and may well have bitten off more than I can chew when I said I would love to try to make a block. So far I have borrowed a book from the library, I have found a doable design online,Lynne has made it here for the self same quilt, but as mine can’t possibly look like this it won’t be obviously the same block I hope, and yesterday I went shopping and got some rather nice fabric. The plan is to warm myself up patchwork applique wise by making the unicorn cushion next week when life is not so busy and then to have a bash at making my block.

I do love a nice stack of hay bales. We are nearly at the end of the walk, just the school playing field to cross and down the lane to the church.

I loved the way the light caught this budliea.

I did make a birthday card for Little Miss F, it has a fairy on it , and it’s somewhere about.

Tomorrow is the Repair Cafe. It will be our first time there this year as Mr E has not felt up to it. I am taking a tea pot lid for fixing, and maybe Mr E will take his soldering iron just in case.

We’re back by the car, and oh what a suprise there is a tearoom.

So a lot later than usual, it’s over to you for some natter. Love to know the weekend plans.

Take care,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Walk and Natter" (30)

  1. What lovely photos – I am rather jealous! Sitting at home this morning the view is buildings, streets, town …. I want seaside or countryside! As for the pale grey choice for the baby jumper – not quite my taste to knit for babies either, but it’s popular at the moment. A trick a friend does is to make a neutral blanket (eg. grey) for an expected newborn then add a blue or pink ribbon discretely on one corner when the boy/girl is born, or to offer the mum/dad a choice of button colour if the new knit is grey – one of my favourite ones of hers was actually charcoal grey with red buttons.

  2. For some reason I was not getting notifications of your posts, and I did not see this one so I’m scampering hard to catch up! Quite puffed actually – lovely walk – or jog in my case.
    Grey is definitely ‘on trend’ for house decorations and baby clothes – is the next generation trying to camouflage their babies so they don’t mess up the ‘look’!!

    My daughter is painting her bedroom in her new house grey …… i try to sound positive!

  3. Sounds like a fun walk. Glad your other walkers turned up. Good luck with the tablet hunting. I love my laptop and feel bereft when it’s not working!

    • I was glad when I was united with my walkers. I did specify road bridge, but I learned from the experience! Mr E has lent me a tablet now, and although it is bigger than the last one and doesn’t sit so comfortably on my knee, the battery life is better by miles.

  4. Had time to read this before it was published on Friday. πŸ™‚ Since then been working on pattern and should have been going for a walk this afternoon but I think the weather may have scuppered that. Your walk looks great. Ours was less rural.

  5. I think gray for babies is a trend–I wove a baby blanket two years ago and the colors requested were gray and coral. Not colors I’d’ve picked but, as you say, it’s best to please the mom. You do a good job of walking and chatting at the same time! And being busy, too–I get tired thinking about all you’ve been doing! As for me, I finalized the selling of my mom’s house yesterday so I believe I earned the weekend off!

  6. What a lovely walk!! You live in a beautiful area!
    My daughter and husband like grey for babies as well. I have seen a few crib bedding sets in grey too. I don’t care for it myself. I thought it was ugly when a few years back they made baby girl infants outfits in brown and pink!!?

    • I don’t get the grey bit ether, I am a lover of prime colours for babies which they can see! But better to make something Mum will actually use.

  7. Lovely walk Cathy, I usually read your post before heading off to bed on Friday night so I’m glad to hear all is well and you have simply been super busy. Good luck with replacing the tablet. I don’t have one but think it would be good to change that πŸ™‚

    • Mr E has loaned me another tablet, providing he can have it back if he needs it. Means I can drop by for chats again, hurrah.
      Hope you slept well and have had a good Saturday.

  8. What a lovely chatty walk we just had! Thanks for dragging me out of the house!
    Have fun at the repair cafe. πŸ˜‰

  9. Lovely walk, Cathy, thanks for taking us along, and oh my, you have had a busy week! Girl #2 and I walked Max together this am, it was nice to work with her and Max, as always is entertaining. We have only one road out of our neighborhood, and Mr. Max has declared himself bored with our only exit. So much so, that many a morning, he refuses to go past the driveway! I have solved? the problem by allowing him to get in the car and drive down the boring street to the park he loves. We then walk the figure eight, of which half is “new”. The only problem now is the cheeky squirrel that sits in the oak tree tormenting him as he passes by!

  10. Hi Cathy I did notice you had gone quiet. Glad to see your still being a busy bee. Good luck with the repair cafe. X

  11. Maybe the pale grey is to go with a particular outfit…? That was a lovely walk, and I’m sure your quilt block will be just fine, do relax and enjoy yourself when you’re making it. Oh, and PS, Ovarian Cancer, not Breast Cancer, which is why it’s teal, not pink πŸ˜‰

    • I knew that it was Ovarian cancer really, Doh! I was very tired yesterday, too much going on in one week. I am really looking forward to making the block. It is interesting to see Lynne’s and to look carefully at how she did it. I was very pleased to find a fat quarter pack with lots of teal fabric in it which will be just perfect, and I do have a few scraps. I always tend to panic a bit at the start of something new.

  12. Such a lovely ramble with you Cathy 😊

  13. A very busy time you’ve been having – I barely had time to look at the scenery during our walk.
    Are you excited about the soon to be finished Eastern Jewels? Those ends are a mare but it’s worth it in the end.
    I am amused by yours and Mr. J’s clashing sartorial tastes. Grey eh? Have you seen the film ‘Boss Baby’? Maybe they have corporate dreams for him and are making sure he gets the clothes right from the get go.

    • Mr E said the Eastern Jewels blanket looked very pretty when I was sewing in the ends. I am now trying to sew in a few at a time.
      I was surprised by the choice of grey for Baby J, but I noticed yesterday as I perused the baby clothes isle in Morrisons that there is a lot of grey about this year, so mayve I will be bang on trend.

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