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Knit and Natter Friday.

How is everyone this week? Schools have gone back and if you are a retired person, our clubs and activities have got going again too. Sometimes August can feel a bit of a non month if you know what I mean. Maybe it’s just me.

So I was having a little bit of telephone chat with Little Miss F at the weekend and we were talking about all sorts of important things, birthdays, parties, unicorns, princesses, as you do with some one who is nearly five. I asked her about school because she has gone to BIG school now and is reception class. She told me she had two teachers , and about playtime andย  school dinners, the important things in life. She is having a Unicorn and Princess birthday party in her own home this year. I asked if everyone had to dress up as Princesses , all ready with a witticism about what her brother would say if he had to be a Princess. But no, dress code is unicorn. At this point I miss heard her and thought she told me that her Mum was also making her a unicorn cushion. I mean really what was I thinking. Of course Little Miss F said costume not cushion. I bet you can see just where this is heading. “Nanny, you can make me the cushion”.

Now what can I do? I have a reputation to live up to. After all she did once say to her teacher ” My Nana can make anything”.

It also turns out that Mum doesn’t think she will be making a unicorn costume. I shall do my best. With the cushion.

Meantime I have finished knitting the jumper for her big brother.

I have knitted the body etc for another fairy, she just needs construction. I have half crocheted the next tile for the Eastern Jewels blanket, and started a cardigan ( please not pretty colours , bells and whistles) for Baby J- says his Dad, it is black with white flecks, but if I can think how to add a bell I shall.

No way would Mr J like Baby J in something that looks like the jumper for Master T, whose Mum and Dad have learned the wisdom of bright colours in a playground of children.

But mostly this week I have been having enormous fun with scraps of fabric, ready for Scrap Happy day tomorrow.

Now for an announcement.

Drum roll- the winner of the bookmark was Rainbow Junkie Corner. Please email me your address, and I will pop it in the post for you.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of crafty things to do and see. Love to hear about them.

Be Happy,





Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (41)

  1. Bookmark arrived and it is even better than I imagined. It is beautiful and has a lovely tactile quality that will make it a pleasure to handle as I take it in and out of my current book So glad I won. Thank You! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Don’t you just love conversations with little people, they always make you smile.

  3. One of my married daughters likes muted non traditional baby colors. She and her and hubby like a decorating theme that would well suit a 5 yr old not a baby! I made her some curtains and I did not enjoy it at all! I thought the pattern/colors of the fabric were too mature! LOL!
    I too feel little creativity when restricted!

    The sweater is beautiful! I’d let any of my boys wear it! Yes! bright colors for active children are the best!

    Oh my you’ve already started on the unicorn cushion plans!! You are living up to your reputation with Miss F!! Wonderful! Grandmas are super heroes!
    Since I’ve raised 2 Granddaughters since their births, (now 15 and 16) I am quite the super star in their eyes! :o) My youngest birthson now 14 thinks they are nuts- ha! ha! I’m just old Mom to him! Poor kid he knows too much about old people!

    • I think you are a truly wonderful and inspiring Mum and Grandma. I bet they all simply adore you.
      I have the fabrics all assembled now for the unicorn, but it will have to wait a while, next week is rather busy.

  4. Each to their own taste I suppose and I think it’s good Mr. J has told you what they like because at least whatever you make will get worn and not put away in a cupboard.
    This weekend my Zumba class re-starts – I am expecting to be breathless and sweaty after the first ten minutes as I’ve done almost no exercise for the whole of the Summer and will surely pay for it tomorrow.

    • Good luck with the zumba. I should really start to swim again, couldn’t face it in the school holidays.
      Mr J was the same with Master H , not wanting him in pretty baby clothes, I manage to get away with new born baby blue size and then after that it has to be big boy colours. And they have to be machine washable too.

  5. It behooves one to be careful where one sits in a home with unicorn cushions! How wonderful to have her know her nana can make anything!

  6. What about bell buttons? Are there such things?And Gosh! I won. never expected too but that is great. I love bookmarks. Will email you my address. I have made one foot and a tiny bit of a leg for another fairy. Look forward to seeing yours. And the unicorn cushion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bell buttons sound wonderful, if there are indeed such things. I gave everyone a number and pulled them at random, and up you came. Congratulations.
      Making fairies is such fun. I do so want to make a better face. I am wondering about the possibility of making a stencil through which to paint them. I shall experiment.

  7. What a cheery post – complete with unicorns and a rainbow! Playing with scraps sounds like lots of fun. I can’t wait to get to my scraps one of these days and starting a new quilt, but I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline to start/ finish first. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  8. Love to hear your phone conversation with little Miss F!

  9. Have fun with the unicorn cushion! I am ready for the weekend! It seems like this week has been busy, but really it hasn’t. I have actually been able to work on all my projects! The garden is slowing down, pots of tomatoes only every 2 or 3 days now, so they are winding down. We got apples last night, so will fill the dehydrator today, and then we’ll see what’s left over. I think we are running low on applesauce, so probably that and some frozen for baking. Love the jumper! As soon as Mr. J is searching for Baby J in a sea of children, he will probably loosen up on his color ideas!

    • Good to hear that although you have been busy all your projects have progressed. Some weeks are like that. I find I have done bits of everthing but as they are all on going nothing seems to have been accomplished.
      I like the thought that Mr J will come round to colours, but I suspect it’s a reaction to everything I had him wear! His big brother loved bright colours, so that may explain their different attitudes.

  10. Oh my! No bells or whistles!!! LOL Cute jumper, and Nana, you CAN make a unicorn cushion!!

  11. I love, love, love that bright-striped jumper. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with making a unicorn cushion. Is it meant to be a cushion in the shape of a unicorn or a cushion for a unicorn?

    I don’t really understand wanting to dress a baby or young child in black and white or muted colours, kids need to be spontaneous and bright colours really help that.

    I’m having kittens at the moment having realised that I’m getting an allergic reaction to the fibres that come off my acrylic yarns… and I bought a whole lot of them last year. I’m really sad about it as there are some really nice colours, but I now need to find someone (or several someones) who’d like to have them, as I’m asthmatic and can’t really risk using them anymore. Do you know anyone? I’d rather not give them to a charity shop as I give so much to them normally. I’m in mid-Wales.

    • What a shame about your yarn. I would suggest donating it to a WI or even a care home .
      No I don’t understand what my son has against baby coloured clothes, but there is no point in making something they will never use.
      The cushion will be pink with a pink unicorn on the front. I have found a pattern in a book I have.

      • That’s an idea – a care home – thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’ll post a photo of the unicorn cushion when you’ve made it.

        • Try stopping me posting the cushion. I know the ladies in our local care home like to knit for charity, and I know welcome yarn donations.

  12. If Miss F’s Mum isn’t making the unicorn costume, I wonder who is . . . ? HA! I’ll be fascinated to see how it comes out, Cathy, and to see the matching cushion. You do get yourself into fixes!

  13. funny how Mummy and Daddy J only want very neutral colours (if you can call b&w colours) for Baby J whereas the other parents allow you to go rainbow mad with Miss F and Master T.
    I can understand, in a way, but I don’t think I’d be very inspired to craft if I had limitations set ^^
    I’ve been busy finishing off a few gifts for Baby Viking, and letting rip with colour. We’ll be visiting in person very soon, so I wanted to have everything ready to take in hand-luggage rather than having to post.
    Good luck with the unicorn cushion . . . I’m wondering whether you might be called up to make the unicorn costume too?.

    • I bet you can’t wait for the Baby Viking cuddles. They are tiny for such a short period of time. Baby J is already pulling himself up and rattling the stair gates.
      I am keeping very quiet on the whole unicorn costume front!
      I may not go the whole hog with the skelton pattern Kate suggested but I do know the yarn shop has skull like buttons!

  14. I reckon the Snail of Happiness’ dancing skeleton pattern would be perfect for young Baby J’s jumper… Or do you think that’s too macabre? I’d love a dancing skeleton jumper myself…

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