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Knit and Natter Friday

Have you heard that song, not song- ditty about the shark. My Daughter in law made a video of the children singing it, and it is going round and round in my head…. here’s the original

I am annoyed this week, not about the ditty but the book binding workshop I was going to on Saturday. You’ve guessed it, it has been cancelled, insufficient numbers, grizzle, grizzle, grizzle. Nanacathy goes grizzle grizzle, Nana Cathy grizzle grizzle, it fits so nicely into this tune.

On the plus side I have found an Art’s festival we can go to at Staithes, if it doesn’t actually pour down. DetailsΒ here if you fancy a day at a very pretty seaside location. The lady who is Mad about Wool with her wooly chairs should be there.

We did go to the traction engine rally and the sun shone (25C), blue skies and much happiness. I even spotted a fairy, multi coloured leggings and t-shirt, then I realised she wasn’t a real fairy as she was smoking, that is one way you can always tell an imposter fairy.

Now we have lost the excessive heat I am enjoying being in the garden again. And joy of joy, I was hacking back the under growth round the pond when I spotted that we have actually got a bulrush. It must be five or six years ago that my Dad had a clear up in his pond and gave us some of his surplus rushes, and finally one of them has produced a bulrush. Such a wonderful way to remember my Dad.

Gardens really do go on giving. Talking of giving, just in case you missed my Giveaway in Yarn Along and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, because I do tend to rabbit on at times.

I am giving away this bookmark and if you would like to be in with a chance of winning it all you have to do is leave a comment of a wonderful memory to do with books. People have come up with some fabulous ones too, although I am still reeling a little about the image of a school teacher demonstrating 1960’s disco dancing, string vest and all.You can leave comments till the witching hour on 13 September and I shall make the draw seconds before next week’s Knit and Natter.

Row two of the Eastern Jewels blanket is complete if you ignore the ends to be stitched in still. I love making this and it is getting easier and quicker which in some ways means I have to concentrate more, if that makes sense at all.

And all that needs doing on the jumper for Master T is sew up the seams, add a neck border and buttons. Hopefully all done by Saturday night.

You won’t be able to lose him in a crowd!

So , what plans does everyone have for the weekend? Love to hear from you , after all my ramblings are only half of this post, and your comments are for sure the better half.

Have a great weekend,

Be Happy,





Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (34)

  1. That blanket!!!! Oh, my heavens!!!

  2. Your blanket is simply beautiful. I’m sorry your class was cancelled – how annoying – but I’m glad you had some other crafty things to fill your weekend. I’ve been finishing off a jumper too, and love your rainbow stripy one! X

    • I managed to finish the stripey one, but have been rather tired this weekend. Not sure why. It’s great when you get a finish under the belt though isn’t it.

  3. dezertsuz said:

    I like variety posts! Your knitting is wonderful and I do like the Eastern Jewel rows. Your note on bulrushes prompted me to go read the differences between cattails and bulrushes, because I honestly have never seen a bulrush before, and it looked like a cattail to me. What it said is that they are slow to establish, unlike cattails, because they establish through rhizomes underground and not through seeds in the air. So I learned something from your post! The song was hilarious, and I’ve never heard it. Thanks for sharing that. And imposter fairies! I always wondered how to tell. =)

  4. You do make me laugh with your imposter fairy spotting. Maybe she’s just a bad fairy?
    I’ve been to meet with a group of people I haven’t seen for years today. We had a very tasty lunch in a pub next to the Thames. Lots of chat and some catching up. One has lost six stone, it took me a bit to recognise her!

  5. Wow I love both of your knitting projects- so bright and cheerful!

  6. Your Eastern Jewels blanket is coming on beautifully!

  7. I never knew what a bulrush was! All that time, as a child, hearing about baby Moses in the bulrushes and I didn’t know that it was the same as what we call cattails! I love that you have them there, to remember your dad.

    I’m sorry about the bookbinding–have you looked on the internet to see if there are any online classes or videos? All your other projects are dandy–that Eastern Jewels is beautiful–love the delicate colors in it.

    I’ll be hanging out with my mother today and spending the rest of the weekend getting ready to weave on some Christmas towels!

  8. A bulrush, that’s excellent . I am in Delft with son and daughter Dorris, a quick get together before son goes to university.

  9. Your yarn projects are just gorgeous, all of them! Baby Shark is a camp favorite in these parts, too much fun, especially if the councilor a start to illustrate! I spent this morning lesson planning so I am all ready for next week, hoping that makes for a quiet weekend with lots of thread and yarn! Probably some tomato sauce to make, and we have more grapes to put in the dehydrator for raisins. Fall is definitely on its way.πŸ™‚πŸπŸ‚

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Love your colourful blanket and jumper, they just shout happiness!

  11. I keep trying to get back here to tell you how much I like your Eastern Jewels and the lovely cardigan but I think I have several times. They are both quite stunning. I don’t have little ones around so I never hear children’s songs so that was a new experience for me. Love the bookmark. I think I could make one myself. So I will not wish to win it though you probably know about my love of books. My parents gave me my first owned books for Christmas when I was 12/13? I received 8 of them all nicely wrapped under the tree. What my parents didn’t know was that I had discovered the pre-Christmas hiding place and had already consumed 4 of them before the holiday. My mother suspected but I never admitted to it. It took years before I could by books and keep them. I still borrow though. πŸ˜‰

    • Now that was very naughty indeed. My brother once peeked at our christmas presents, and when we played the guess what we were getiing , he stupidly announced his guess and let’s face it you could never really guess electric blanket! Mum knew he had peeked.
      I love the colours in the blanket and jumper. Love working with bright colours.

  12. I love bullrushes – aren’t they the most intriguing of plants. I used to have some round a pond I made once upon a time, long, long ago in a land far far away…… I saw a fairy godmother not so long ago. I loved her outfit and wanted to have one just like it. Long brown skirt with a lade petticoat peeping out, brown boots, a white blouse wrapped in a woolen shawl and a bowler hat. She was quite mature, small and round ……. Perfection!!

    Loving your Eastern Jewels, the colour combinations are so clever! I’m just finishing the rather ornate border of the red Persian so that I can proudly announce to myself the first Christmas gift is done πŸ™‚ It’s made in reds and greens so is very Christmassy looking. I’m sorry your bookbinding workshop got cancelled – they are so much fun to do. I did two back in the 90’s and think it would be wonderful to resurrect that skill again. Maybe another one might come along some time, don’t give up!

    • I was so disappointed about the course. I really do want to learn how to do it properly so I can make a book of family trivia. Oh well…
      I bet your blanket looks fabulous, I do hope you wil post about it.
      I was so thrilled when I saw the bullrush, we have waited so long for it, and it took me right back to the day Dad gave them to us.

  13. I’m sitting here howling with laughter – the things I watch and listen to πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It’ll be in my head for a while too now!

    The Eastern Jewels blanket is looking really pretty, I hope you show us the finished article when it’s done. I can’t knit or crochet to save my life so I’m a tad envious of those who can, especially when lovely things like this are made πŸ™‚

    • Glad I made you laugh Eunice, t really does stick in your head. I think the blanket is going to be rather gorgeous and I should have it done in time for Winter snuggles. Crochet really is quite easy, get someone to show you.

  14. I finally got that shark song out of my head and you ruined it. Shame on you! πŸ˜‰ I miss the tractor engine show; my family owned one and belonged to our local Steam Engine association until it disbanded due to insurance regulations making it harder to keep the engines. What is that rainbow yarn? I love it!

    • The yarn is James Brett Partytime, the shade is PT1. It’s a chunky yarn so knits up very fast, so is ultra satisfying. Hope I am now forgiven for the sharks.

  15. How lovely to have the Bullrush flowering as a memory of your Dad. Your yarny makes are looking splendid! Love the colourfulness of them both. I also love the idea of Fairy Spotting when out and about – I’m going to have a go. Certainly NO smoking in Fairyland, that would ruin any kind of magic for sure.
    I am on childcare duty most of the weekend, not sure what we will do yet, but it will probably involve a walk and a National Trust property. I have bought myself a weighted hula-hoop (I know – who knew such things existed!) so I will definitely be having a go at that!
    That should keep the grandhchildren howling with laughter! You can have a laff yourself if you go to my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sandra.dorey.

  16. I’m heading to the festival at Staithes this weekend too. Hope you enjoy it πŸ˜€

  17. your Eastern Jewel blanket is looking gorgeous Cathy, and the sweater for Master T is going to be fabulous. I know you were worried about the colours and whether he’d wzear it or not – I’m sure he’ll love it!
    No time for crafting this afternoon as the husband tells me he needs a hand tidying up in the veggie patch. If there’s something I hate more than house-work, it’s gardening!!! Oh well, once it’s done, it’s done, I suppose, and I should be able to enjoy plenty of crafting this weekend, plus another carboot sale on Sunday.

    • Hope you get the gardening done quickly and have lots of crafting time. We have spent two half days fettling Mr E’s cupboards, nightmare! In the process we have unearthed stuff that belongs to our boys. It doesn’t seem to matter how much stuff they collect from us there is always more to be found.
      Anyway tis done, so now I can crack on with the jumper.

  18. That Eastern Jewels blanket is gorgeous, and I find myself quite able to ignore those loose ends while I’m mesmerised by the colours and patterns πŸ™‚ My best book memory is getting to kindy and realising that there was a whole library of books, and I wouldn’t have to wait for the mobile library! I had somehow learned to read before I got to school, and here was a treasure trove I could gobble up. The mobile library was once a fortnight and I was only allowed three books, so it was bliss! And I’ve gobbled books at the same (or faster) rate ever since.

  19. Bless my disco dancing teacher – I remember him explaining the way string vests work to keep you warm even though they’re full of holes. Looking back, I suppose he was probably only in his early to mid twenties but to us kids he would have seemed just another old person.

    My own Eastern Jewels blanket is in Bournemouth with my daughter – I gave it to her for her birthday last month. I miss it and must make another. Yours is coming along nicely and I know what you mean about getting confident with the pattern – you become blasΓ© and make more mistakes than when you’re at the beginning and struggling to come to terms with the design.

    I don’t think the Nancy Mitford is a trilogy – rather ‘The Pursuit of Love’ is considered a ‘companion piece’ although the characters are different. I bought ‘the complete novels anthology (eight books in total) for my Kindle and read them in order and, to be honest, by the time I was near the end, I’d had enough. I was surprised as P.G. Wodehouse makes me laugh and the sort of characters and era are similar. I will give them another try.

    Fairies who smoke get thrown out of fairyland until they give up and then they might be allowed back in again if they promise not to vape.

    • A companion piece, now that’s an intersting idea. I shall go and read the blurb again. I had been thinking of requesting the two other books, but maybe I shall give them a miss and be content with having enjoyed this one, after all there are a lot other books in the world.

      Certainly no vaping in fairy land either! Some people do wear such interesting colour combinations and styles I think fairy spotting is going to become quite a pastime for me. There was even a fairy godmother there resplendent in long brown skirt and bright yellow t-shirt.
      And a fledging fairy with lovely pink hair, but she hadn’t got the clothes thing right.

  20. Love everything – the bulrush, the Eastern Jewel and the rainbow jumper πŸ™‚

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