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Yarn Along!

Sometimes it is easier to just give into a fairy, and let her have her moment of glory, again. Her name is Morgana. I found a wonderful website here that generates fantasy names, and I just kept going till I found the perfect one for a rather pushy fairy.

I followed the pattern from this book , Knitted Fairies by Fiona McDonald, for the Rainbow Dream Fairy. Now there are two ingenious things about these fairies. You get them to sit up, by shoving a roll of cardboard up their bodies and into the head, and you add wire to the outside of the wings so they keep a shape. I don’t want to give away the authors secrets completely, so you will need to read the book to see what you do exactly, and although it doesn’t tell you I used the same method for the wire in the wings as you do for the card in the body.

The author actually paints the faces onto her fairies and I have to say they are stunning. However, for ordinary mortals like me there are instructions for making eyes and lips from felt, they are just not as satisfactory, although of course I might get better with the next fairy.

The other brilliant thing is that all the fairies in the book have the same basic body so you can mix and match the clothes and the wings. She was actually easier to knit and construct than I thought, and was great fun. Once you have found the yarn for the hair, the rest just follows. I got this from a charity shop.

In fact Morgana came almost completely from stash. I bought yarn for the wings as I had nothing suitable, the rest I had. The lace I dyed myself years and years and years ago, it was just perfect for her. It is long enough to go right down her back. You can’t really see the necklace I made. I think I got the beads from Christmas crackers or something of that ilk. There were three lots of three beads on wire which had clearly been wrapped round something. So I unstrung them and made a necklace. the skirt is fastened with a popper and the wings are sewn on, but could be attached with a popper too ( sorry snap fastener), only I didn’t have another one. I have bought some since.

The biggest problem I had was with the second ear, which went really and truly very badly wrong, and I had to cut it off when I finally admitted to myself that it really would not do.

Anyway there she is, Morgana, now I am just going to park her up here

for some flying practice whilst I get on with the rest of this post.

Oh dear she looks a bit sad, makes a change from stroppy.

Gillyflower blogged about some fabulous book marks she had made, and I just couldn’t resist making some myself.

The charms sit at the top of the bookmark on a loop.

I wondered if

maybe someone would like to have this bookmark, and would like to enter a little giveaway. All you have to do is tell me in the comments of a wonderful memory you have to do with books. It can be any memory at all, as long as it is decent. To get you thinking, this is my wonderful memory.

Many years ago, there was handsome young man. He had two older brothers , and they had both done rather well for themselves in their history A level course work. One had written of Billy the kid, the legend, the films, the books and he had got a very good grade indeed. The other brother had written of the Great Escape, he had done such thorough research, he had gone to the record office at Kew to look at original documents. He had got a very good grade too.

But the handsome youngest son was in despair. He worried and he fretted, what was he going to do, how could he get a good grade? He thought and he thought and he thought. He consulted a wise woman, a very wise woman indeed.

She said “We must make a journey , a hazardous journey ( you try the A64 and you will know what I mean), we must leave early in the morning so we do not encounter the CROWDS. We must travel to York”

“Oh yes” agreed the young hero, let us go the ancient city of York. “But why?” he asked the wise woman (believe me she was very very wise indeed).”

Together they faced the hazard of the A64. Boldly they entered York, and paid the fee demanded by the York City Council for leaving their beloved new Citroen C3( it was a becoming shade of Tuscan blue). They traversed those narrow streets and entered the comforting world of the Book shop. They settled on the floor and perused the erudite tomes on the Prohibition years in America. They read and looked and swapped volumes, until at last they had the magnificent books that contained the information that the hero had thought he would never never find.

Dear reader, I was that wise woman, and my son did indeed get a very good grade for his A level history project.  We had such a good time, sat on that floor surrounded by books, one of my many happy memories with my boys.

Now that was probably a bit over the top , but you get the drift.

The giveaway will remain open till the witching hour on the 13th of September , with the winner announced in Knit and Natter on the 14th. Good luck.

Quickly now, because the flying practice is not going well, and I need to go to the rescue. Here is the current book I am reading.

Which is actually quite funny, and the colourful bit of knitting is the second sleeve on Master T’s jumper.

Right that is quite enough from me. I am linking to Ginny for Yarn Along  and Ginny for the Woolly Linx Party



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  1. Wow you have been very busy. Morgana is very lovely. I really like the picture of her perched in a tree. Fairies can be a handful. The lacy bookmarks are great too. I am sometimes quite bad, and turn over the corner of a page. Always feel guilty about this. Thanks for joining in the party this month.

  2. […] I saw Cathy had posted about making bookmarks on her blog and admired them, saying I’d have to make my own at some point. A few days later I received […]

  3. This was such a lovely read. I loved the comments as well. I didn’t have access to books all that much as a child but when I did, I was in love with them in either language I spoke. I also have such a collection of bookmarks and may even at one time had one similar. They are just beautiful as is your Morgana. I’ve loved books my entire life and was so happy when I could finally afford to have a collection of my own. The ability to read is my most treasured gift.

  4. […] Recently though ‘nanacathy’ alerted me to the fact that the book is meant as a number of suggestions and even the author does not expect you to make fairys exactly like hers. There are a couple of pictures of nanacathy’s fairy HERE. […]

  5. I love the bookmarks, and the little charms on each one is just perfect. 🙂

  6. gillyflower said:

    Thank you, Cathy, for your lovely reference to my bookmarks and the link to my post about them. I absolutely LOVE yours! I like the way you adapted the design and added your own embellishments – the little buttons are a cute touch. Good luck everyone with the giveaway!

    • No thank you for the idea. The tails just seemed to need anchoring in mine and I found these tiny buttons in my button jar in a little packet, no doubt left over from something.

  7. When I was at primary school we had a trendy young teacher called Mr. Gadd and, at the end of term, he liked to run a couple of little competitions for his class. The first one was a dancing competition but, as we were only about nine years old, he had to show us some moves in case we weren’t allowed to stay up for Top of the Pops. I’ll never forget him throwing shapes in the classroom, in his white shirt with string vest beneath, doing a sort of swimming motion and the’ two fingers moving sideways across the eye’ move resurrected in Pulp Fiction both of which I faithfully copied and won first prize – a copy of one of Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series. Then he did a pop quiz – he was a child of the 60s – and I won that too but he only gave me sweets for that as he said giving me another book wouldn’t be fair to the others so I was a bit disappointed as I knew I’d get through that book as quick as a flash. Plus I felt obliged to share the sweets. Sometimes life’s just not fair.

    I thought I’d join in but don’t worry about entering me for a bookmark – they are too lovely and I would get it mucky.
    I bought all Nancy Mitford’s books in one volume on Kindle after being told how funny they were but, sadly, I wasn’t keen. Perhaps I wasn’t in the right mood. Maybe I’ll try again one day.

    • I hadn’t realised Love in a Cold Climate was part of a triology, somehow only this one gets a mention, which makes you wonder about the novels on either side of it. This is very slow going, the characters are developed much slower than they would be in modern fiction, and mostly through dialogue and then events. You have to get over the bit of rascism too which is of its time. The humour is quite gentle but ridiculous in places.

      I love the memory of your teacher strutting his stuff in classroom. The Secret seven books were shorter than the good old Famous Five. He should just have given you sweets and made no mention of a book.

  8. You are being very productive these days, making such a variety of pretty things! And look how well you’ve gotten the book discussion going, too! One of my memories re: books is from when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. Our teacher was reading to us from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, Farmer Boy. Her husband, the farmer boy, grew up near here. The teacher stopped reading on Friday at a point here I was dying to know what happened next! Then I realized I didn’t have to wait for Monday and the teacher . . . I could read it myself. The world opened up . . .

    • I have loved seeing these comments. People have shared such lovely memories, including the joy of being read to at school and home. It shows just how important it is to read to children. I am so glad you realised you didn’t have to wait for Monday morning.

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I love your story, and you have obviously instilled a love of history to your children, which is so important. Your fairy is such a character! As for books and memories, there are so many, wouldn’t know which to choose!

  10. I am very fond of your Morgana – did you know that once I wanted to changed my name to hers? It was a long, long time ago……….. I also love your book marks, though I have no need of any more really. Still , here’s my story. I was born loving books, though I have no memory of learning to read. My mother was such a woman who disapproved of her children doing anything else other than helping her around the house and we had no books of our own. My first day of school is lost to memory except for the moment I spied the display shelf of books – you know one of those ones where the books lean back on a small ledge, cover facing forward. I can still see and smell all those books, the array of colourful pictures and the sheer magic of that wonderful world waiting to be opened. I know I stood there a long time, looking and stroking, but not daring to open any. The teacher came and said I could choose one, any one and when I was finished I could put it back and choose another. I could read them all!! I remember the joy of that moment and the first book I chose. ‘Orlando the Marmalade Cat goes on Holiday’. I never forgot the kindness of that teacher either.

  11. Oh Cathy, too many memories!!!! Here is one that comes to mind. I remember the day our encyclopedias arrived (a huge financial sacrifice I realized much later). I was in kindergarten, and spent the first day lost in A. I was determined to “read” every single page. It was a whole new world! Love the stripes and colors on that sweater, and Morgana makes me smile every time she shows up!

    • That must have been a momentous day, and full of happy memories for you. I love the thought of little Kathy reading her way through an encyclopedia. Thank you for sharing this as it has reminded me of the set we had as children and which my son has now.

  12. Wow Cathy! Those bookmarks are so professional looking. I admit that I zoomed in to have a closer look thinking they look like ones you’d see in a posh gift shop! You could sell them on Etsy or similar I am sure.
    Will look up the pattern for making one of my own.

    Ps: very wise woman indeed

    • Thank you very much for the compliment which must really go to Gillyflower for coming up with the idea in the first place.
      A very wise woman, oh yes.

  13. I would like to enter so hear is my best book memory of when I was little and I would sit on my father’s lap while he read to me from Palgrave’s Golden Treasury. Things like ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ by Keats and ‘The War Song of Dinas Vawr’ by Peacock. I especially remember how it starts, even now. “The mountain sheep are sweeter But the valley sheep are fatter; we therefore deemed it meeter to carry off the latter.” It still makes me smile. But lots of the poems were sadder like Porphyria’s Lover’ by Browning where Porphyria ends up getting strangled with her own hair or ‘The Garden of Proserpine” by Swinburne. I especially remember the penultimate verse. “From too much love of living, From hope and fear set free, We thank with brief thanksgiving Whatever Gods may be That no life lives for ever: That dead men rise up never: That even the weariest river Winds somewhere safe to sea.” The way my father read it made it sound comforting.

    • Oh yes may the rivers wind to the sea. What super poems and what a truly wonderful memory of your Dad. I love this so much, thank you for sharing.

  14. would love to join in the giveaway Cathy!
    My memory would have to be: our local mobile library van, when I was a child. It only came once a week and parked for 3 hours outside the local church. I would go along every week to return my big pile of books and borrow some more. They built a proper library in town when I was a teenager, which was open several times a week, but it wasn’t half as much fun as rummaging around in the mobile library on a Saturday morning.

    • Oh yes, I can imagine the thrill on a Saturday morning with the mobile library coming. I get a bit like that now when we do our weekend shop and I just pop into the library…..Nothing beats having that big bag of books to gloat over when you get home, such excitiment. Mobile libraries have their own distinct smell too I found.Thank you for sharing this memory, it’s lovely.

  15. Your fairy is lovely, as are your bookmarks! My memory is of rollerskating around the ‘big’ secondary school library at the weekends (my parents worked at the school), choosing books that they didn’t have in my primary school library. Magic.

    • That must have been a big library if you could roller skate round it making you choices and great fun. My friend’s Dad was an English teacher and I was so jealous when she got to help him set up the new school library building, I dropped so many hints, but to no avail. Thank you for sharing this rather exciting memory.

  16. Joyce in Kansas said:

    Love the fairy! It looks like it took a lot of patience and I’m not sure I’d have that for this type of project at the moment. Maybe later.

    My favorite memory having to do with books will not hold a candle to yours. I remember taking my book and heading into the field and up the old apple tree where I settled down for an afternoon’s read with breaks to see who was passing on the road. Bliss. I don’t know if my mother even knew where I was. Funny I don’t remember ever telling her where I was going when I set out on my wanders to the creek, the east or west pasture. As for me I always knew where my sons SAID they were going. They did end up there most of the time I guess.

    • I bet reading a book in an old apple tree was simply marvellous. Oh to be young enough to climb the apple tree and to read. We were lucky to live in safer times when our parents could trust that we could wander off and be safe. My sons usually said where they were going, and for sure I know they were a little economical with the truth! Thank you so much for sharing your super memory.

  17. Love the fairy, and your memory. My memory was sitting on a blanket under a tree with my siblings(we didn’t have air conditioning and lived in SE Texas) reading Nancy Drew to the younger siblings. Now as a grandmother I love reading to the granddaughters. I have to admit I sometimes change the words a little to make it funny, not scary. They pick the books and this Granddaughter loves Lions and Tigers. Don’t want to tell a 3 yr old about eating other animals and people. She will learn that later.

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