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Photo Challenge- Case

Luckily for me there were some rather nice vintage cases at the Traction Engine rally on Sunday.

A rather wonderful trunk .

Cases galore!

Linking this to Wild Daffodil for the monthly meet up.


Comments on: "Photo Challenge- Case" (16)

  1. My mother used to tell me that when they went for a holiday in Minehead when she was a child (lived in South Wales) they sent a trunk on ahead of them with clothes in! You wouldn’t do that now.

  2. That second picture is a study in history, so many stories there!

  3. Aren’t they beautiful? But, I admit, I like my light-weight luggage with the wheels . . .

  4. I love those old leather suitcases, and I had my engineer-grandfather’s for the longest time, covered with old port labels and his name on it in the English and Arabic alphabets (he built bridges in the Persian Gulf in the first quarter of last century). They weigh an absolute ton, though, which I suppose explains the need for porters!

    • Your grandfather’s suitcase sounds wonderful, so many memories. I have my Dad’s small suitcase which he had during the war. he came back from India by sea, and the case has a labelwhich reads Wanted on voyage, it contains no end of memorabilia of his war, mapds, documents, pictures, badges etc. A real treasure.

  5. gillyflower said:

    Oh, I love all those old cases! It makes me want to go on the Grand Tour!

  6. Well spotted! I love that old trunk!! ❤

  7. Fantastic. I love vintage luggage 😀

  8. Brilliant! You hit the jackpot there Cathy!

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