Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

OH MY. That’s it, I have nothing else to say , the quilts were all am az ing!

I should add that this is hand embroidered too- the flowers and the fruit

In all I took pictures of over 60 quilts that caught my eye. There were entries from all over including abroad.

There were some more homely ones too , can I call them that?  They looked more achievable, but these blew my mind.

Hope you enjoyed them.

Comments on: "The Great Northern Quilt Show 2018" (26)

  1. What a great joy it was look at all these. Very wonderful. Have You ever seen Finnish quilts and patchworks?

    One example:

    Quilt show 2

    Have a good day!

  2. So much fun to look through these! Thank you for sharing such marvelous inspiration!

  3. Stunning. Thank you for sharing all these beauties with us. 😉

  4. These are so beautiful! My favourites are #5 (mandalas), plus the hare and leaves. When I clicked on the mandala one (I guess that’s what they’re supposed to be), and zoomed in, I could see that the quilter used shimmery metallic threads in places. How gorgeous that must be!

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wow. Love the one with the owl details and the hares particularly!

  6. How could they even judge them???? Each one is a unique work of art!!! If I was a quilter I would be losing my mind over which design style to try!!! So many ideas!! Thank You- I loved this!

  7. What an amazing array of creativity and skill. I can’t choose a favourite they are all so wonderful but of course the one that changes from red to green corner to corner caught my eye!

  8. What amazing variety of styles and colors and techniques! I think I like the first one best–all those traditional patchwork patterns but made so unusual with the monochromatic colors. Looks like a great excursion!

  9. It looks as if there was a very high standard of creativity and construction to inspire you. It makes me wish I was closer to places where they have shows like this instead of a thousand kilometres away….

  10. Penny Post said:

    Some beautiful quilts there. Loved the rabbits.

  11. I am just in awe of people who can embark on these huge pieces of work! Thank you so much for sharing them 🙂

  12. I liked everything here – but that red/yellow/green rainbowish flowery one with all the blue ribbons – that is spectacular! Are the blue ribbons first prize? I do love to see quilts in the round, they are deliciously tactile even though you aren’t supposed to touch them…… 🙂

    • Some of the blue were first prize and some highly commended. I didn’t get how they worked out each one. I think the one you mean got the best best top notch overall winner, and well deserved it was too.

  13. Oh my goodness, these are amazing. The rabbits (or are they hares?) are my favourites and love the forth bridges too. Thanks so much for sharing these. x

  14. Sounds like you have been well and truly inspired 🙂
    I like the quilt with the hares and the yellow, green and pink one with huge flowerheads – probably because I can’t imagine ever being able to make something like that.

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