Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

August Scavenger Photo Hunt.

A photo hunt in which the story behind the pictures is important. This month we had two words for each prompt which sound nearly the same. I didn’t manage all of them.


Ten am on Bank holiday Monday morning, I visited the church in Slingsby whilst Mr E went to the car boot sale.

An hour later at a plant fair at Newburgh Priory. An hour later it still said the same time. Time stood still.


Looking towards the altar in the church. Rather a grand light for a village church.

And in the other direction towards the bell tower and font.

Or was the word Isle?

The Greek isle of Thassos taken in 2016.  For which of course you  need a Ferry

or was that a Fairy

Morgana just had to get in on the act. Really?I had this one in mind.

Did anyone else call these seed heads Fairies when they were a child? I don’t even know what they are the seed heads of, but rather appropriately one appeared in the house.


Not you again , no TEE

Teezal- Taking liberties myself now

Whilst I am outside we have Flower- a late lupin.


Or was that Flour- the windmill we saw last year used for the filming of Jonathan Creek

Hope that was a flour mill.

Finally my choice

Fascinating display of corn dolls at the British Wool Festival.

Linking this post to Kate  for the photo hunt.


Comments on: "August Scavenger Photo Hunt." (42)

  1. I haven’t managed to try this challenge yet. Perhaps I will for September? x

  2. I love the corn dolly display and your fun with the fairy! Great collection.

  3. Lovely photos. I’m especially taken with the display of corn dollies. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a very simple version this summer. We only ever eat corn on the cob at the cottage, so I missed my chance!

    • The display was really intersting as was the lady who made them. We had a wonderful chat, and I took a super picture of her, and whilst she didn’t say I couldn’t post it, she clearly was not keen.

  4. I like your appraoch of tackling both of the 2 word prompts. Well done!
    Thinking abut the light in the church, I wonder when electrcity came to Slingsby. Presumably that light would hold a number of oil lamps and they really wouldn’t have given a lot of light in winter. Much less if they were candles!
    Managed to find the church guide. The whole of the church was rebuilt from the ground in 1867. but it has set me off in another direction.
    “The Corona” (I didn’t know they were called that)
    “The fine two-tiered (originally three) lighting piece was imported from Italy by the family at Sledmere House”.
    So was it originally made for the grand house maybe on the staircase? Sledmere was destroyed by fire in 1911, I wonder if this was this when it was sold?
    It must have been huge if there was another ring of lamps making the original 3 tiers!
    It was later bought by Arthur Brooke for this church, he was Rector here for 46 years.
    The Corona was recently restored by the villagers and re-hung in the nave.
    Sorry, that’s rather a long rambling comment.

    • That is a wonderful comment. Thank you for the research. There was nothing at all about the light in the church, in fact no written information at all, which is really quite unusual. If the light was on a stair case that would explain a great deal, it really did look out of place in this setting.

  5. juliecaisey said:

    Great photos. Love the fairy

    Julie xxx

  6. Clever narration to go with your words. I’m impressed. Love the church tower & how your fairy Morgana is helping out too. Those seeds heads remind me of ones we called o’clocks here in Australia. As you blew onto them you counted 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock etc, till there were no more left & that should have been about the time.(lol). Take care.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Susan. Dandelion clocks are great fun! Please don’t encourage Morgana, she is quite conceited enough!

  7. That’s a great collection of homonyms, very well illustrated!

  8. The corn dolls are lovely, but your knitted fairy is even lovelier..

    • Thank Julie. The corn dolly display was even better in real life, and I had a wonderful picture of the lady who made them, but she didn’t really want publicity, which was a shame as she looked amazing. As for Morgana, she is very full of herself now.

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    What a collection of corners dolls.

  10. Penny Post said:

    Great images with plenty of imagination thrown in. I’m afraid my camera has been somewhat redundant over the last few months the heat left me completely drained of all excess energy.

  11. Loved the way you linked up the pictures, though you could not have done it without Morgana’s help. She is lovely but I bet she is a bit big headed after all this praise. We too called flying seed heads Fairies where we grew up in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa! (Still do when I see them)

    • Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the post, I loved doing it. As for you know who, she is on the naughty step for throwing her weight around! I notice she has even managed to high jack the header.
      How wonderful that you called seed heads fairies too.

  12. lots of lovely photos and its good to see Morgana the fairy getting in on the act. She is beautiful.x

  13. I love the way you’ve linked them together, a great selection of photos, love the time one and aisle and isle. Yes we used to call dandelion clocks fairies – still do! When we were children a friend and I kept teazle heads in a shoe box and pretended they were baby hedgehogs:)

  14. Morgana is adorable! Loved all the photos. I’ve never seen those seeds before but they are very fairy like. That’s quite the display of corn dolls.

  15. Morgana is quite the camera hog, isn’t she?! This is a fun set of prompts and many great photos–I like the teazel/bee one a lot!!

  16. Oooh, clever play on words and good links between the words. I enjoyed reading it all. It is quite hard for me to select a favourite this month, but as our summer departs I fancy being on the ferry, going somewhere warm!

  17. hawthorn-livelovecraft said:

    Excellent! You certainly cracked this lot and with style – gold stars to you!! Made me smile all the way through, thank you for joining in x

  18. Quite a brain twister to fit in all those words. My fairy is coming on. I am waiting till I feel strong to do the face. Your face looks good, especially her beautiful red lips!

    • The lips and eyes are both felt. The instructions in my book are felt, but the author has actually painted the face. No way could I do that.

  19. I see you take tea with the Diva – is she a gossip?

  20. The light in the church aisle looks huge, I hope it was high enough for people not to hit their heads on it 🙂 Love the shot of the bee on the teezal – if you stretch the imagination a bit the flower looks like some kind of weird-looking hedgehog 🙂 🙂

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