Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Knit and Natter Friday.

It’s been a nice week. The sun has shone and late Summer is here. On Monday Mr E went to a car boot sale, and whilst he trawled the stalls for cheap bargains (none ), I had a walk round the village. Then we went onto a plant fair at Newburgh Priory

Turns out I had a lot of plants that were on sale already, so I was not tempted to buy. We had coffee and cake , homemade lemon cake,Ā  super delicious, and then a walk round the gardens.

There were some quite lovely views across the fields.

Yesterday we went to the moors for a heather hunt. Too late in the season as the heather was well past its prime. But we were rewarded with a steam train at Grosmont on our way home.

Knitting has gone well this week. I have two finishes. A cardigan for Little Miss F, which I am sure is too small.

I think she will like the buttons.

And Morgana, who is turning out to be a fairy with attitude. I knew it.

She thinks she should feature in every post I do from now till the day she goes to live with Little Miss F.

She quite got the hump when she saw she didn’t make it onto the post about books, after all she said she started life in a book. She is trouble.

I have finished the 7th tile on my crochet blanket. If I can I will crochet tile 8 next week and will have the second row completed to show you.

The jumper for Master T is growing quickly. Not sure he is going to like the colours or the style, but I think a little sister might.

Front done and back nearly done. The colours are even brighter than in this picture.

The weekend looks promising for us with a traction engine rally. I do love traction engines.

Oh and I am off to the Quilt Show in Harrogate shortly. Just to look you understand. Absolutely no shopping. No , none, really, none, nothing, no not even thread, zilch.

So do you have any plans for the weekend? I so look forward to reading all the comments. I shall be back this afternoon, completely empty handed.

Have a great weekend,

Be Happy


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (49)

  1. Ooo, Morgana certainly does look like a spirited sprite, doesn’t she?! You’ll definitely have to keep your eye on her. On Friday, I spent a leisurely afternoon browsing at an antiques market located in an old barn out in the country. When I say “browsing” I mean “spending money”. I had a few items in mind – all of them inexpensive, fortunately – and found what I was looking for. No doubt they’ll make an appearance on my blog sometime soon!

    • OOh I can’t wait to see what you browsed and how you use it. I did some browsing at the quilt show and found some fantastic lace, witha nice big hole up the middle, so I have been making bookmarks using your ideas. Thank you for shraing that idea. Hoping to include them in a Yarn Along post tomorrow.
      As for Morgana, she is one opinionated fairy!

  2. Lol at Morgana, she is adorable. Both sweaters look good, too. I love when you show the scenery and buildings around you, what a pretty part of the world you live in! Good luck not buying anything at the quilt show. šŸ˜ˆ

    We are spending the weekend doing lots of cleaning and odd jobs. Company coming Wednesday!

  3. When I saw Morgana, I immediately thought of Morgan le Fay, of the King Arthur legends–a powerful sorceress, sometimes good, sometimes . . . less so. Your fairy looks like she’s trying to decide which way to go . . . Your week sounds contented and productive.

    • I found her name on a website taht generates fantasy names- I went into the Welsh section of fairies, and the name jumped out to me. Maybe I knew the name Morgan le Fay somewhere at the back of my mind!

  4. Will have to dig a bit to “understand” Morgana, as she wasn’t in my catalogue of childhood stories. However, she looks fantastic! Warning, she might cast a spell over you if she’s around a bit. Then you’ll have to have her mate to fend off withdrawal symptoms. šŸ˜‰
    This is our Bank Holiday weekend (a.k.a. Labor Day) but I’ve not much planned except surviving what little I have to do outside in the extensive heat & humidity. Am trying to get enthused about sewing for cooler weather – sewing for this weather – sewing for ANY weather. But not succeeding too well. Better luck with quietly working on my 3 perennial projects of crochet & knitting (which I actually picked up this past week).
    Hope everyone else is productive and you exceeded your wildest dreams whilst out & about. xx

  5. This weekend is pretty full, I am prepping for lessons which start on Monday…lots of new students, so I will be quite busy! šŸ˜ Sunday DH and I are driving to Huron, I’m going to be inducted into the 4-H Shooting Sports Hall of Fame at the State Fair. My feelings are a little mixed, but I hope to enjoy seeing a lot of people that I used to work with. Morgana is quite the little minx I think; Miss F will have her hands full I bet! The sweaters are wonderful, do hope the one fits! Enjoy your weekend activities!

  6. Morgana seems the right name for a fairy with attitude! The yarn for Master T”s jumper looks like one I have been using for a hat (though I don’t like the way the item is working out so I think undoing is in order). I had planned to go to the show in Newbury you told me about but I tried some Pilates on Wednesday and had a bit of a chronic fatigue relapse and then today I spent an hour or so playing football with my grandsons so wasn’t sure if I was up to it only to find that it was oversubscribed and I might not get in even if I got there. So I think relaxing and F1 will be what I am doing.

    • Pilates looks so relaxing but actually it really does work you. Doing piates cured my back ache. I am sure your grandson loved the football session. My grandson just tells me “Nana, you are Rubbish”! When he was little that was pronounced Wubbish.
      There will always be other years for the wool festival.
      Have a super weekend.

      • Yes that’s what I thought about the wool festival. Since it is so popular, they will probably arrange another sometime. Luckily the football was mostly my ten year old grandson showing how clever he was! I showed how bad at kicking a ball I am, as always!

  7. Oh my! I love that baby sweater with the shell like pattern! *swoon*

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    What a cool fairy! Love her hair!

  9. With a name like Morgana, what do you expect! LOL We are off to camp with our friends group. New venue this time, earlier dates, so not looking forward to the heat! We normally go in late Sept/early Oct!!! But as it’s our Labor Day weekend we get an extra day of fun.

    • I hope you have a wonderful time Chris and the weather is sunny and not too hot. It’s just right here, 21C. Perfect.
      She choose her own name when I found there was a website that generates fantasy names!

  10. My plan for the weekend is to enjoy time with my mom and my final days off before going back to work on Tuesday.

  11. Shirley said:

    Hope you enjoyed the show. Lovely knitting as always. Have a good weekend.

  12. claire93 said:

    a fairy with an attitude! just the perfect fairy for Little Miss F!
    Cardie is adorable, and so is the sweater!
    It’s carboot season here too . . . went to one on Sunday and found a few treasures, and another one lined up for 9th.

  13. Love your feisty fairy! You make me wish for a little girl to make one for. I laugh at your insistence on no shopping – but look forward to hearing how it went. I went out today and came home having spent nothing. I am both terribly impressed with myself and also a little sad that I couldn’t find anything that made me twitch to open my purse.

    • I was terribly good and spent less than Ā£20! I know I just have so many projects in the pipeline, I have to at least try to make the things I already have before dreaming up new projects! That’s sad that there was no temptation for you today.
      A fairy with attitude is quite a handful. I think Little Miss F will be able to put her in her place though.

  14. You are getting very good at NOT buying things – time for a reward I reckon!
    Sounds like you are making good progress all round with your yarny projects.
    Morgana – perfect name for a feisty Fairy – love her – and especially her hair! What will she get up to next?!
    I will be looking after Big Bro and Little Bro whilst the rest of the family is caught up in our local County Show. I will go with the boys on Sunday. I can’t say I enjoy it (huge, noisy and heaving with people) but the boys love it and I will go to see how my daughter’s children (11, 8 and 6) have got on in the competitons they all enter. They have been training their calves for months, so I hope they get some rosettes.
    Happy Weekend!

    • Did you know there is a website that generates fantasy names.I had a fabulous time finding Morgana’s name, she helped of course! She’s sulking today because I wouldn’t take her with me.
      Good Luck your grandchildren. I am sure they and their calves will do very well. I would love these shows so much more if they were less crowded.

      • No! I didin’t know about that website. Must search it out or do you have a link?
        Thanks for the good luck wishes – they are busy clipping and washing the calves today – kids and calves seem very happy about all of it so far!

  15. Completely empty handed sounds rather sad… At least I came home today with two 800m reels of cream cotton for quiltmaking. I always have cream, white, navy and black around the place, and my cream reel was showing bare through the last few strands. Are you sure I can’t persuade you to buy some fabric? I know you have *plenty* of yarn….

    • Agreed empty handed would have been sad. A metre of bondaweb, three fat quarters, two mini flower pots, mini scissors and a bundle of lace. Ā£16, not too excessive especially as I need the bondaweb and know what I am going to do with the fabric. It’s not just stash.

  16. What a lovely week, and so much to do. It looks lovely out and about, the weather seemed just perfect. Hope you enjoyed the quilt show, they are always amazing to visit and see what others get up to.
    Enjoy the weekend. šŸ™‚

  17. Cheap bargains lol

  18. Looking forward to seeing your second row. Are you loving making the tiles or are you finding it a chore? Hopefully the former.
    What a diva Morgana is. You have created a monster but I look forward to her future antics.
    Have a lovely time in Harrogate and good luck with keeping your purse in your bag šŸ˜‰

    • I am loving the crochet tiles, not a chore at all. I just need to do them in hour long stints, any longer and I loose concentration.
      Morgana is full of herself. She is demanding a sister now! And a post all to hereself.
      Harrogate was great . The standard of quilts was incredible, not only the work that had gone into the making of them, but the design work. I shall sort through the huge numbers of pics I took and share the best. Some had even come from France!
      As to the purse , what do you think.?

  19. Wow – that is one feisty fairy.
    Just a quick hello today as I am off for a day in Red Apple Yarn… the boss is going on a paddleboat (The Waverley) trip with her grandson so the shop is all mine for the day. My current WIP is a crochet blanket for Mr Snail… something to make his rented flat in Reading feel more like home, so I need to be quick getting it done… alas it’s not going as fast as I’d hoped.
    Glad to hear Mr E is out and about. I hope he’s feeling ok and not tiring himself.

    • I hope you have a very happy day at the Red Apple Yarn. I have said it many times but the best job I ever had was in a knitting shop. Mr Snail is going to love his blanket for sure. Mr E is on the mend, thank you.

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