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Knit and Natter Friday.

‘Fraid so, another Friday has arrived. Bank Holiday weekend for us in the UK. When I was at work that extra day at the weekend made such a difference. Now I hardly notice it, except to feel a little sad that I don’t have my library shift to do on Monday, which I love doing so much. Don’t get me wrong for the few hours I am there it is hard work, with computers, books, photocopying, tourist information and goodness knows what other queries to keep us busy, but gosh I do enjoy those hours.

Been a quiet week here. If you don’t have children the school holidays are quite empty in some ways. Normal life is in suspension. I have been using the cooler weather to catch up with things. Cleaning, sorting, tidying things, necessary and therapeutic in some ways. I assembled all the papers I need for this years self tax assessment, not that I trust myself to complete it, but everything is neatly filed for the accountant to complete it for me, only she is on holiday..

The theatre trip- The 39 Steps- was great. Very funny. The production goes on tour now to Wales.

Mr E had a good follow-up appointment yesterday, all is progressing fine. Such appointments exhaust us both.

I sorted out a book-case. I looked at the old paperbacks I had rescued from Dad’s home, over two years ago and decided it was silly to have them when it meant my own books were on the floor where I could never find them. I actually had to argue with myself that just because he had scribbled his initials on the front page of one with the words Newcastle 1976, didn’t mean it was worth keeping or that my sons would want the battered Alistair Maclean book just for the inscription.. Anyway those books have made it to a carrier bag and one day may get to a charity shop.Β  Meantime I have a wonderful shelf of knitting and craft books. Not all of the knitting and craft books I own, because I have two more shelves full, but at least there are no more on the floor.

But enough natter. Knitting is going well. The fairy, ah the fairy. Quite a going on getting her face right, it was the ears you see. One went beautifully, but the second ear was a disaster, nay a catastrophe. I decided to remove the ear and begin again. Only I had stitched it down so well I had to take scissors to it whilst being careful not to cut her face. Course I then had to make another ear.. All is well. Her hair though I say it myself is rather grand. All she needs is wings then she is done. She is a fairy with sass. Can’t wait to see show her, but she demands that she is not being photoed till she is ready.

I found myself on the way to the hospital yesterday noticing people. Look at that lady with the green hair and the black dress and leggings, she would make a great looking fairy, even down to her black and white trainers. And as for the lady with the red hat, pink dress and red shoes, she was crying out to be a model for a fairy.

Little Miss F’s short-sleeved cardy which looks far too small for her, just needs buttons.

Which means I have made a start on the this jumper for Master T.

The colours are even more vivid in real life.

When you have 17 projects in the pipeline all complete with yarn and pattern, how do you decide which to do first? I decided the best way was to start at the top of a bag of stash and just work down. Love to know how you decide which project to work on and when.

Right that is me done for today. I appear to have reserved no less than three books at the library, which are ready and waiting for collection, in addition to the three IΒ  have already borrowed, so I may be reading rather a lot this weekend. As well as freezing plums. We have a good crop this year.

So, what is everyone up to this weekend? Do join in the natter. Last week was wonderful, we went off in so many directions, I loved it, especially as two of you found you lived in neighbouring states.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (49)

  1. JJ Crafts said:

    Wow 17 projects to choose from. I don’t think I’d have the strength of will to do them in order like you. I’m very much someone who picks things on how I feel or which yarn looks prettiest today haha

  2. Glad Mr E is getting on well. My fairy is in progress – just knitted but not sewn up the body parts. As to choosing which project to do next: I spend a fifth of my time knitting or crochetting in social situations so I always have to choose a project or part of a project that is suitable even if it is not top of the list! Otherwise when I need the item for, season, present? has a part to play. I prefer to have one knitting and one crochet on the go at once and try not to have more than say four in play.I have to keep a list of what I am planning or I’d forget about some of them. Otherwise than all the above it is what I feel in the mood for.

    • That seems like an excellent way to organise projects. I would love to join a knitting group but worrry about being able to chat and concentrate on what I am doing at the same time. Look forward to seeing your fairy. Planning on adding the wings to mine today.

      • With the knitting group you aren’t necessarily talking all the time and you can stop if you need to count or something till a break in the conversation. I find socks good because on small circulars it’s just knit all the time except for toes and heels. Maybe you should find a group, take something straightforward and see how you get on.

  3. I can’t wait to see the fairy either!! :o)

    Wonderful news about Mr E!!

    I love the sweater for Master T!

    A couple years ago I donated my dad’s school books. Hardcovers no one reads now. He was an only child- his mom saved everything. And my kids didn’t want them either.

    No projects. Too busy with licensing for our Group Home for Adults with disabilities. Exhausting rules- policies- new laws without much notice.
    A pile of cut out knit tops for 2 girls next to the sewing machine keep calling my name.

    • Oh my gosh I can just imagine the paperwork involved. Getting my stuff into a file for the accountant was hard enough and I have chickened out of filling in the tax form.

      Got the front of the jumper done last night. Buttons bought this morning. Gradually there is progress.

  4. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I love the way you say you have had a quiet week and then go on to talk about all you have been doing! Can’t wait to see the completed fairy. We too are enjoying plums. Not quite enough to freeze, but it’s one of my favourites to eat straight from the tree!

  5. It is good to get the books sorted out. I bought a very nice book shelf at a thrift shop made of cherry. I got the boxes of books out from under the bed and now I can see them. I feel so much better now. I like the colors of your hat.

  6. Master T’s sweater is looking great. Such even and smooth ribbing!! I am knitting some, sewing some, and making a meal for our neighbor’s who just had a new baby. I finished her newborn hat, but the 6 month sweater still needs sleeves and finishing! And buttons. Eek!

    • You are so prolific Chris, I don’t know how you do it. The best present you could give is a home cooked meal to a new Mum. I bet the hat looks super cute.

  7. I am so happy to hear the good news of Mr. E’s appointment! I can’t wait to see this fairy now, I wonder if the picture in my head is anywhere near the actual? The ear thing, that seems to happen with sleeves too, one is perfect and the other, meh!
    It will be fun to see the final fairy!
    I actually was inspired to think of sewing this morning, which is good news, I’ve been tired and sore, reading a book has been the best I can manage after the chores are done. I did finish the book though, Girl #2 suggested it, a novel about Cicero!
    Today, I hope, we will finish the last of the roof! We are waiting for BHP to come and “down” the power line into the house so that we can work around the connector safely. If they don’t come by 9:30 DH says we won’t have enough to time to get it done, so I hope they get here early! Then of course there are tomatoes, cucumbers, plums and carrots to deal with. The pumpkins are still on the rampage, I’ve given up trying to control them.😳
    Deciding on projects….with the UFO’s last year, I just pulled out the one on top and said to myself, “Deal with this now,” and that got them finished right quick. I should try that with some of my others that are new and just waiting. Happy weekend to you Cathy!😘

    • Good luck with finishing that roof. I hope you have been taking pictures of it as you goo for posterity. Quite an undertaking. No wonder you were too tred for anything but reading. Your garden sounds great. Ours has suffered from the absence of the Head Gardener. At least the plums kept going. And maybe we shall tomatoes soon, if only they would ripen.

  8. claire93 said:

    Friday again already?
    So glad to hear Mr E’s appointment went well. That’s a load of your minds.
    And I’d say, just tackle whatever project you fancy ^^ If your “top of the pile” works for you, then go with it.
    We’re off out to visit SIL and family who have just got back from their hols, to play at “catch up” on all the news.
    My crafting is all a bit frenzied at the moment. Trying to work on my GR SAL project so I have something to show for the next update; began a batch of bibs; have a crocheted bear in progress, and I’ve got a baby quilt to finish. Those are the priorities, but I also have a 3/4 knitted sweater in a bag that’s been waiting almost a year to be picked up again. No motivation there as it probably won’t fit when finished.

    • Oh my gosh so many projects you need to do now. Have a lovely visit to your SIL. Will you be sporting a floaty frock?

      • claire93 said:

        actually weather turned cooler for a few days so frocks were not an option. But temps are creeping back up to high 20s low 30s . . . I’ll get plenty of wear out them yet this season.

  9. You’re so cute–looking for inspirations for fairies in real life! And finding them everywhere! It sounds like you’ve had a fine week, all around. Enjoy your long weekend and be sure to work on that fairy–we’re all waiting to meet her!

  10. I love the bright colours of the jumper, just the sort of thing I would enjoy wearing at any age πŸ™‚ My mum would sometimes knit when I was a kid but not very often and not for long as it gave her a bad headache – when I was 13 she started knitting me a jumper for school, I finally got it when I was in my last year and not long off leaving! πŸ™‚

    • Oh bless your Mum for keeping going with the jumper. Sounds like she was getting migraines from watching her needles. If I knit after lunch the needles mesmerise me and I feel so sleepy!

  11. It’s been months since I had the luxury of being able to do much craft, but from a dim and distant memory: I always choose to do the thing I was enjoying most. Then plod on with the others, when that’s finished!

    • Oh Rachel, I wish I could think of a craft for you to do which won’t hurt, it’s just not fair for you.
      There are some bits of projects that I know I am going to enjoy, but parts of others that I know will be tricksy that I put off doing. Sometimes they are easier than I thought but sometimes much harder . I had thoought the ears would be fine but no they weren’t!

  12. I’m envious of your plums!!!!
    I had loads but nearly all of them have been attacked by a horrid little grub.
    Grubby plums!!!

    Hurray for Mr E! Onwards and upwards!

    Fairy sounds fab, looking forward to seeing her – sounds like you might be making replicas of your local community.
    If you want a good chuckle follow Nudinits on FB:

    Yes I must have about the same amount of projects on the go – I nearly alway have 3 that I do at the same time – they fall into 3 categories “Work”, “Rest” and “Play”.
    Work = projects that need thought to work out the next bit, or to finish off properly.
    Rest = crochet I can carry around and do without thinking whilst doing other things – eg the Cosy Stripe pattern from Attic24
    Play = starting a new complicated pattern, following video tutorials, usually a Crochet Along. I love these the best!!

    I pick up one or the other depending on the situation and my mood.

    Bank Holidays make very little difference to me apart from trying not to drive anywhere as the roads get completely clogged around here.

    Have a happy one! ❀

    • Maggoty grubbity plums, sounds like a right cross patch fairy is at work putting spells on your tree. Some of ours had maggots but the majority are fine. You just have to be careful before you bite into one.

      I can’t tell you how much I love the fairy. Her wings are huge and I think they need blocking which I don’t normally do, and will be difficult to make look nice. Next week she will be done.

      What a good way to divide your projects. I suppose in some ways mine go the same, but by stages. So the fairy wings will be dealt with when I am fully awake and in a good thinking mood. The crochet tiles need concentration too, so they have to be done quite early on, but the ends get left till nearly bedtime when I am tired. Difficult bits of knitting get saved for quality time too, this current project is ideal TV watching material as is the hexie quilt. All so complicated, and it means I work on several things each day, which is why I can go weeks with nothing finsihed and then there are lots at once.

      Thinking I should go and visit the moors and see the heather, but not where we went last year near the bee hives!

      Have a great weekend and I shall go and check your link.

  13. I am slightly shamed to say I have started a new big crochet project… but it’s mainly scraps and random balls from my stash so that’s surely ok?
    Looking forward to seeing the fairy… I’m sure she will be fabulous.

    • If a project is mainly scraps and random balls that is brilliant. That doesn’t count in back list of projects. Such a project is a virtuous use of leftovers.
      I adore my fairy, and she is mainly scraps, even her necklace is from scraps.

      • I’m sorry that I can’t think of an excuse to make a fairy… the only child I have had a request from wants a woodlouse!

        • Strange that you mention woodlice. Little Miss F has developed a passion for ants and woodlice! If you write a pattern for one I shall be severely tempted! And we all know how good I am at keeping away from temptation!

  14. I think if I had that many projects waiting to be started, I’d write the name of each one on slips of paper and get the mister to do a lucky dip. Whatever comes out first is the next one to be started. Keep the bag with the slips ready for when you finish the first job!

  15. Just a quick chat today – I’m off out on a shopping trip with youngest daughter.
    So glad Mr. E. had a good follow up appointment.
    Love that you spotted potential fairy models in the street – if they only knew!
    I’m having the same ear problem as you but with a husky dog.
    Enjoy your reading session but sorry to hear about your freezing plums – perhaps a warm compress might help πŸ˜‰

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