Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Knit and Natter Friday.

The British Wool Festival I went to last week was small but utterly wonderful. Held in the Livestock Auction centre in York,  it was a good venue with lots of car parking spaces and some truly wonderful exhibitors.

Not only was there wool, there were  real live sheep too.

Aren’t they wonderful, and rabbits  too, Angora rabbits to be precise.

I had no idea how soft their fur was, no wonder Angora yarn is so gorgeous.

There were lots and lots of yarn stalls, but I kept clear of them as I did not want to be tempted to buy more yarn. However, there were so many other exhibitors to see I didn’t miss visiting yarn stalls, and plenty of opportunites to talk about wool.

The U3A, they had made twiddlemuffs and you got to choose your favourite and the one with most votes would receive a little prize. Look carefully at the middle row, right had side, the green one- it was a football pitch with a ball etc. So clever. Next door to them.

The Embroiders Guild, and some fabulous work in wool and mixed threads.

I loved this stall

Lone at Mad about Wool (It’s a facebook page , no website) .Lone told me she has three other chairs like this, only different, one was a seaside theme , but I forget the other two. She was knitting while we chatted, I have never seen anyone knit quite so fast.

Isn’t it wonderful?

In addition there was

rug making


spinning,a group called the Ludites and  another – the Vikings, demonstrating historical skills.

soaps, hand creams etc made from wool fat

the Rare Breeds  Association and the St Nicks recycling centre from York, and I am sure things I have forgotten to mention.  Whilst I was extremely good and didn’t buy any wool , there was a little retail therapy going on.

The pink fluff in the box is for a needlefelt fairy, the buttons for book marks and  some little pieces to embroider. All in all a very enjoyable outing.

Meantime my knitting is coming on again. The fairy is under construction

Next stage is a face and some hair, then the wings ,then all done.

The cardigan for Little Miss F is going well. I was shocked how once it cooled down and my brain was fully functional ( for me) the lacy pattern became a doddle. Now half way up the back. It may even be worthy of a picture to share next week.

The second tile on the second row of the Eastern Jewels blanket is done too. Ends still need tidying though.

And that is about it for the weekend.

We have a theatre trip tomorrow- The 39 Steps at Scarborough. I got the tickets as part of Mr E’s birthday, hope he enjoys it.

Other than that, not much happening for the rest of August. I have a place on the bookbinding workshop, but that’s not till September.

So, over to you, do tell us your plans for the weekend, how are you crafting in the heat/ cold/ just right temperatures?

One of my many paid jobs I had was to visit the elderly, stock question to ask was ” what do you know?” meaning tell us the news!

So what do you know? And thanks for dropping by,

Be happy,





Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (98)

  1. Cathy, I found a pretty good tutorial for the rail fence quilt. My only change would be to make 6 1/2 inch blocks. http://www.sewmamasew.com/2014/06/strip-piecing-rail-fence-block-with-amy-smart/
    For 3 rails, cut 2 1/2 inch strips, for 4 rails, cut 2 inches, for 6 rails, cut 1 1/2. The link above shows several different layouts too.

  2. I loved seeing the pictures of the wool show, and this fairy looks like a sweetheart, I love her skirt! I spent Friday and Saturday on the roof, and I have never been so filthy and stinky in my entire life. Our worship pastor came and helped us lift the panels of steel up to the roof with ropes.😳 The first batch were 3.5 feet wide and 25 feet long, they went up on Thursday, then late yesterday they pulled up the 12 for the south side, which were a couple of feet shorter.

    • Kathy are you getting a metal roof? We are wanting one for our place in the woods, the roof is almost 30 yrs old- yikes!

      • Yes, it is steel, and I am very hopeful it will last much longer than our other option, which is rolled asphalt with a 3-7 year lifespan! We got ours from Menards, they custom cut your panels. Our roof is very simple, but extremely flat, and the north side is one section with half the house, a breezeway and the garage. It was a bear getting the 25 foot panels up, but once they were up, it was a piece of cake to lay them out….only nine to cover that first section! Next we did the south side which is much shorter, and one panel had to have three cuts/holes for the pipes sticking up, but once that was done (tin snips) we had the entire surface covered in about an hour. We had to stop for rain, but most of that is screwed down now. We have 12 more panels to lift to the roof, and the ridge cap, then we will put on the trim. (We left space to slide the gutter aprons under and the rake trim goes on over the top of the steel. Sorry, TMI!

        • Not TMI that is fascinating- and Menards! Good to know! I’ll tell my Mr Tom. There’s a Menards in Brainerd. Thank You! I’d love to “see” it when its done? Do you have a blog?

          Cathy hope you don’t mind I asked this here?! :o) We’re taking up your space.

          • Yes, I do have a blog, but the roofing project will not be shown as per DH’s wishes! The folks at Menards were great, we brought in our measurements and they completed the order, including all the stuff we needed for trim. There were two guys with construction experience helping us (we are novices at roofs) and they picked out the trim work that would get us what we needed. My blog is
            Livinginrapidcity.wordpress.com (called Sewing Etc.)

    • Sounds like a very hard job, take care up there.

      • We do have a very flat roof, so once you are up, it is pretty easy to get around safely, and we don’t have an upstairs, so it is not very high either. We are being very careful around the edges, though!

  3. What a wonderful show! I LOVE that chair, and oh! I wish I’d been there to pick up a little wool sheep (figurine) for my mom, who collects them! I’m really looking forward to seeing your finished fairy, Cathy!

    • I must get on with the fairy, next Wednesday shall be the day.
      The show was really good, such variety and so good that it wasn’t all commercial sellers.

  4. What fun! And you made fine choices. 😉

    I am going to be painting shelves tomorrow, and then going to knitting group in the afternoon. It’s all fun!

    • Thank you. Your shelves are going to look great when painted. You have both put in such a lot of work.
      Enjoy W&Ps!

      • I hope you are right! It goes so slowly to do two coats on each shelf, since I have to wait for one side to dry before I can do the other! There are a dozen or so shelves!

  5. The wool show looks like it would have been great to attend! Lots of clever people. Your fairy is looking great and has come along really well!

    • You would have loved the Embroiders Guild stall, I was so thrilled they were there. The two little embroidery kits came from them- two for £5, amazing.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I love the fairy ‘s dress. Can’t wait to see her finished.

    • The eyes are going to be tricky. They are painted onto felt and I keep putting off doing it. But a birthday looms for her receipient so I must get going!

  7. I feel like I got nothing done this week. sigh. I ran out of yarn in the woods making scarves- good thing because its usually too hot to crochet. Crochet is good for home! But I did do some cross stitch stamped embroidery, I love hand stitching it calms my soul. :o) I buy the “stamped” on patterns because my vision is so poor. Or I draw my designs using a light box underneath to trace!

    Your fairy is going to be adorable! And the wool show is so wonderful! I want that chair! I’d ooh and ahh at it every day!

    • Hand stitching is best for the heat I agree. I think that’s why I got going on my hexie quilt again. I love hand sewing too, so relaxing.
      I have even started a very small piece of cross stitch. I can only manage 14 count now, even 16 count and the fabric is too small to see.
      How annoying to have run out of yarn, but at least you have the woods to enjoy.
      I keep eying a chair I have on the landing and wondering if I could figure out how to cover it!

  8. I’m heading out on a girls weekend so only brought a scarf to knit for a friend

  9. Nothing much to share this week other than am knitting/crocheting gradually more and more of my three projects, and staying out of the heat as much as possible. Mostly pulling them out to work on whilst watching a bit of telly, although not much of interest is on. Avoiding “news” – so much of it is just opining to take up air time. (I do feel for the programmes that have to fill their air time with something every night for an hour.) Your show does look quite interesting, particularly the historic bit – in costume, was she? However I would have been much too tempted by the yarns to go empty-handed back to a car park!

    • The heat does stop you from wanting to do anything. I was really surprised and dismayed by the effect it had on me. However when it stopped I felt as if I had benefited from enforced idleness with a big surge of energy. Hopefully you will feel the same thing.
      Yes a couple of the stall holders were in historic costume demonstrating traditional ways of using wool. It made a fascinating extra element to the show.
      Fortunatly the yarn stalls were crowded with people and all I had to do was remind myself of the 17 projects I had at home with yarn and patterns to the ready! I just walked straight past them to avoid temptation. Plenty of other things to tempt me. I only take cash with me so I can stick to my budget too.
      I know that there are two more shows this year I have my eye on going to, one knitting and one quilt.I need to pace myself.

  10. That looks such a nice change from some of the ‘shows’ they have now which often have lots of stands selling stuff with absolutely no relevance to the theme of the show. That chair is so gorgeous I’m off to see if I can spot some of her others.
    I had to look up ‘twiddle muff’. Again, I thought you’d been off to an Ann Summers party but no! – an excellent aid for alzheimers or dementia sufferers with restless hands – what a useful way to use up scraps of wool.

    • I told the U£A ladies what you said last tme. I think they may have just got over the shock!
      It was a good show, all wool related. I forgot the corn dolly lady, who was most intersting to talk too.

  11. Looks like a really interesting show. There seems to be more going on up your way. Your fairy looks pretty. Reminds me I thought of making one.

  12. What d’ya know?

    Sound like an Italian American in Brooklyn!

    Making white rolls from sourdough discard, will be amazed if they rise at all but it’s an experiment using a screenshot I took from who knows where…..

    Going to try some more crochet after a week of rest.

    Met up with Trish of Made by Patch this week,and wonder if your ears were burning Tuesday afternoon?

  13. Oh, fun–all of it. The wool fest looks so interesting, with lots of variety and I do love sheep. Your fairy is coming along beautifully–I *love* her fuzzy skirt. The weather is cooling off here, too–we can almost begin to think “autumn”–it makes me so happy!

  14. claire93 said:

    oooh you’re going to try your hand at needle felting, are you? make sure you don’t stab yourself and get blood on the fairy!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures from the wool festival, that chair is amazing! I love your fairy too, she is beautiful. Happy friday Cathy x

  16. If any of you are on Facebook you might be able see the song my nephew and his mates wrote for me here: https://www.facebook.com/MongolRoger2018/videos/2115149578745102/UzpfSTEyNjExMjM2MTQ6MzA2MDYxMTI5NDk5NDE0OjEwOjA6MTUzNTc4NTE5OTotMzYxMjc5NDg3Nzc2MTc5MjU5MQ/?fref=mentions

    Hope the link works.

    My nieces and nephews all call me Dondi.

  17. I went to Lone’s FB page – she does amazing things! Inspired, I’m wondering about covering a chair in similar fashion for my spare room, but mine would be in crochet as it grows faster. I will be mainly in the garden I think this weekend (and crochet of course).
    The most exciting thing happened yesterday – my nephew (22), who is just completing the Mongol Rally, and his co-drivers wrote a song for me which they have posted on Facebook – wish I could share it on my blog – will ask them if that will be possible. They’ve had nearly 2k views already – not by just me! Ha! But i can’t stop listening to it – it is wonderful – I’m thrilled!
    Have a fab weekend. ❤

    • Well what wonderful news , a song for you, can’t wait to hear it.
      The chair was amazing, yes crochet would be faster I guess, I have never seen anyone knit as fast she did, and talk at the same time!
      I am supposed to be cleaning the oven this morning, I suppose I should make a start!

  18. Good heavens – Friday again! This week has flown by, I haven’t even done last weeks rows for the Coastal Crochet blanket and this weeks rows has just dropped into my mail box. Your wool festival has some delightful things to admire. I love that chair – but I wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting on that happy little chap, I’d be afraid I might squish him! And I am very impressed you managed to keep your promise to yourself not to buy any more yarn. The fairy is coming along nicely too, someone is going to be most happy! I’m on the last three rows of the last 8 Persian Tiles I’m making for my daughter for Christmas. I was worried I might run out of time, but I’m working this blanket like a pro! I hope this week to get all the components done and then I can catch up on the CC blanket and then I can finish my mandala……

    • I know Friday seems to come by so fast. I don’t think the chair would be very comfortable to sit on either, but it looks such fun, and on the Facebook page you can see her other chairs.
      Your daughter is going to love her Persian tiles blanket. I have been thinking I mght try that version afterwards. I am liking having big projects to take my time over as well as the quick ones.
      Have a great weekend.

  19. I couldn’t believe you were going to leave the Festival empty handed, and I’m glad to see I was right 🙂 This weekend, I’ll be spending some quality time sitting outside Miz Lizzie in the middle of a rainforest, hand quilting a hatbox block… Oh, and there’ll be a cuppa and some chocolate bickies…

    • I look upon my purchases as supporting enterprise or local groups, it’s all very altruistic really!
      I love the idea of you sitting in a rain forest hand quilting a hat box. Something rather surreal about that image.
      Hope there is no Hanging Rock close by, just been watching the latest adaptation!
      Have a super break.

      • No indeed, Hanging Rock is quite different countryside! And I retreated from my rainforest setting when the mozzies started to bite 😉

        • It looks awesome!!

          • It’s really peaceful falling asleep to the gentle whoosh of waves. No big surf here, we’re behind the Reef.

          • It is lovely; we’re lucky to have all this if not exactly on the doorstep, then wthin half a day’s travel.

            • Just the whole area shown in an aerial view,(from googling) of the surrounding area, which looks like miles, is just amazing!! :o)

            • Almost any beachside country in Australia is going to be gorgeous; outside the major cities, they’re mostly fairly deserted, huge and beautiful. We were lucky to be staying on a spot right next to the beach. Right now, though, we’re staying in a rainforest site in Atherton, on the Tablelands. The dawn birdsong has to be heard to be believed.

        • That’s good that you are nowhere near that Hanging Rock. Birdsong and ocean sounds wonderful. The mozzies don’t, and can you swim or are there crocs there?

    • That sounds like bliss Kate!

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