Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Once again linking with Kate  for Scrap Happy Day.

I think I have finally made my scrap happy hexie quilt long enough and wide enough to start thinking about borders.

King size bed, I had to close the curtains for the picture as the sun was shining onto it. Long enough?

Wide enough?

I reckon so. My plan is to make a border of blue hexies to go right round it.  I had to buy some fabric for this.

The lighter blue is a scrap as you can see, although there is a lot of it. The darker blue and yellow/ blue I bought. I have no idea how much I will need, so I bought them locally in Scarborough from rolls with a lot of fabric on them in case I need more. I really like the yellow/blue one, hope I have some left over…

The border will mostly be the darker blue with random highlights of the other two to give it a lift. The plan then is to back it onto a sheet. Winging this a bit. it’s a first for me, all hints, tips and comments really welcome.

There were some made up hexies left over. So I made  a bag decoration.

And a pin cushion.

Both of which may be gifts. The bag was bought from Hobbycraft otherwise everything else is scraps. I really like the bag, I may make more…

Now to go and see what others have made. Last month had a totally fantastic variety of scrap happiness I thought.


Comments on: "Scrap Happy Day- August 2018" (47)

  1. […] by Cathy’s big, beautiful hexie quilt top in progress she showed us recently, I ferretted around in my workroom and unearthed my box of hexies started a few years […]

  2. This sounds like the sort of project that when people ask me “how long did it take?”, I say “no time at all” because it was done when doing other things like watching TV or travelling or … or …. or…..
    I love having portable projects like that on the go. The ‘work’ often comes in the finishing off, but by then you are eager to see it finished and it still doesn’t seem like work.
    It is beautiful!

    • It’s not really portable, but you can do a little here and there, and then it is no time at all! It just lives in the corner of a chair and I pick it up do a bit then fold it up again. The end is now in sight even if I need a telescope to see it.

  3. What is your fabric shop you use in Scarborough? We are heading to the North Yorkshire Moors for our holiday so will be close! Did you hand sew all those little beauties? It’s lovely 😊

    • It is simply called The Sewing Centre, they have a fantastic selection of fabric. There is also a good fabric shop in York, and some in Harrogate. Have a wonderful holiday, I love living here.
      Yes I stitched every one of the hexies, and all the fabric tells a story, from things I have made or memories of lovely women who passed on their scraps.

  4. I love this quilt!! I am making one as well and have struggled with how to add a border. It will be fun to see how you do yours. I love the idea of putting the extra hexis on a bag and making a pin cushion – very creative!

    • Thank you, and good luck with your quilt. I got my idea after I saw a couple done this way at the Whitby Quilt Show I blogged about last month. I have made a start now and i think it is going to work. I plan on getting a couple of sheets, I think I may dye them first. I have a few more spare hexies and I reckon I might make more bags.

  5. Joanne S said:

    I love the look of a hexie quilt, but those little buggers intimidate me. 🙂 Like everyone else has said, you can tell you put a lot of effort and work into your top. And a king-size, too!

    • Thank you very much inded. It doesn’t seem much work because I did it slowly in fits and starts, and it has been so full of memories, which I lived with each hexie.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    It looks like a lot of work.

  7. Wow!!! That quilt is really growing! There is so much work in it. The bag and pincushion are cute too. Great use of scraps.

  8. gillyflower said:

    Such a cheerful quilt, and what a great idea turning those scraps into something else useful – and cute! You are very talented. 🙂

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see it finished! And the bag and pin cushion are adorable!!

  10. Wow that quilt is looking beautiful!!! The pincushion and bag are also lovely:)

  11. wow – that is lovely! And your border fabrics are going to make it simply stunning. Good job!

  12. Wow! what a lot of work. And wonderful to look at all the different bits of fabric and remember where they came from. Something to treasure.

    • Thank you, looking back it doesn’t seem much work as I did it over a couple of years, I guess I forget. Or maybe it’s what is meant by a labour of love, in that it doesn’t feel like labour?

  13. What a gorgeous quilt this will be, and great uses for your leftovers so they aren’t just sitting around!

  14. I think you are ready for the borders when you are ready for them! The piece will be lovely.

  15. Oh, my! That’s a lot of hexies! Have you counted? The idea for the border sounds perfect–it’ll give a nice visual edge to all the exuberant colors in the body of the quilt. And that pin cushion–so cute!

    • I am not certain I would know how to count them all, there are a lot. I was surprised how big it had got when I laid it on the bed.
      Certainly bright and cheerful!
      Thank you, I love the pin cushion too.

  16. My word, you have been busy! This is a really gorgeous piece of work, and I love the idea of bordering it in blue. An amazing big hexie quilt is such an heirloom, and you’ve created a real masterpiece there. And all from scraps 🙂

    • Kate from you this is a wonderful compliment. Thank you. I can see an end in sight now, maybe next year I will be there.

      • There’s no hurry, is there? Enjoy the process, and we’ll enjoy it with you. Projects like this are perfect for ScrapHappy, and you’ll have material for months and months to come 🙂

  17. What a lot of work and what a great use of scraps. That is going to be one amazing quilt when it’s done.
    And I do like the decorated bag as a way of using a few of the left-overs.

  18. claire93 said:

    I keep meaning to make more hexies, they’re a lovely way to use up scraps!
    Love the little bag.

  19. I’m terribly impressed with all your hexies Cathy – that is an awful lot of work! Can’t wait to see the finished project either, your binding fabric is very pretty. Good luck with putting it altogether!

    • Because I have been doing it in fits and starts it hasn’t seemed that much work but logically I know it must be. I had a big hold up last year when I needed to create more scraps! Been a labour of love recalling what I used all the fabric for or who donated it to me from their rag bag.

  20. Cathy – this is lovely. Whenever I see a hexie project I always feel inspired to get my little box of hexies out and do something with them. Then I remember I don’t have nearly enough yet and put them away again ‘for another time’. The blue and yellow fabric is particularly gorgeous. Will you be using a batting? Will you be quilting it by hand or machine or not at all? If you’re using a sheet as a backing, and you are going to be quilting it (especially by hand), make sure it won’t be too difficult to get your needle through all the layers as sheets can sometimes cause difficulties in this regard.

    • Thank you Lyne for your help. My idea is to have two sheets and no batting. First sheet to be the background for the hexies. I may even do some dyeing. Second sheet to cover the backing. It’s to be more of a cover than a quilt. I have thought about a little bit of quilting having seen that you can just add a stitch here and there to secure it down. I have also wondered about tying it down with the odd button or even fabric flower. Certainly winging it.

  21. I do love your patchwork pin cushion – and it takes me back! My great-grandmother used to make pin cushions like that – in fact, she did lots of hexie patchworking. I think they’ve all perished and long gone now, but I’m remembering her with affection – a wonderful needlewoman.

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