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Knit and Natter Friday

Hurrah, the weather has cooled down, still summer, but nice. With it my energy levels have soared. I mean sky-high. Windows cleaned, drawers sorted, charity bags filled, and knitting mojo back.

Creativity is in overdrive, see what I mean.

I look for something, find it and something else appears, an idea resurfaces, so much choice,  cracking on. Happy again.

How are you? I don’t think I had any real idea how much the weather effected me. All I could do for almost a month was sleep and read. In the end I just went with the flow. Put the knitting away, and sat out the heat. Pleased to say the new wings are being knitted for the fairy, and construction may begin in the next week. The cardigan for Little Miss F has grown a bit, the second tile of the second row is being crocheted for the Eastern Jewels blanket, hexies are being sewn. And as I mentioned ideas are fermenting rather than stagnating.

Pleased to say Mr E is getting better by the day, light gardening is underway, although I expect I shall have to cut the grass this weekend.

We had a wedding anniversary (44 years).. It warranted a day in Scarborough and a meal in an Italian restaurant, which was most acceptable.

I have been jabbed, who knew the over 65s qualified for pneumonia and meningitis inoculations, I have a bruised and slightly stiff arm to prove it.

My eyes have passed their annual  scrutiny. Hurrah, no sign of the glaucoma which both my Gran and Dad had.

A walk has been arranged for September, bit nervous about leading a walk, but there will be coffee and cake in a cafe afterwards, so should go ok, don’t you think?

I have found an old book in a charity shop which is sufficiently battered and boring that I shall be able to cut it up , for a junk journal, and I have found a one day workshop in book binding to take the construction terrors away.

AND I have found someone who offers patchwork classes, to get me over the terrors of cutting fabric.

Some days I think I am a bit of a scaredy cat.

As for today, I am off to York to the British Wool festival, and I want it clearly understood that I shall buy no wool. Not even an ounce. No not even that. I know I have 15 /17/ 20/who knows projects in the pipeline, that is with pattern and yarn to the ready, so I don’t need any more yarn, not even wool. I am merely going to look and enjoy the vibe. Because I need to save my pennies as I am stopping off at Hobbycraft and the Range to pick up some bits and bobs to finish off other things, so definitely no yarn of any description, at all.

Next week looks quite nice and empty for once so lots of chance for Getting On, as my Dad used to say.

So what will you be Getting On with this weekend? Is there anything you won’t be buying? Love to know your plans?

Be back soon, totally empty handed of anything fibrous!

Be happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (34)

  1. dezertsuz said:

    Well, now I am dying to know how much wool you brought home. LOL I’m so glad your weather has broken and it’s cooled down again. Friends in West Sussex were saying it was up to 40 a couple of days! That’s high in any numbers you choose to use. =) Your projects and plans sound terrific!

  2. Am delighted your energy level is back to super-normal! And delighted to hear all the good health news!

  3. Happy Anniversary, and happy crafting!

  4. I’m glad it has cooled down for you at long last! We have many hot days ahead, but that is the norm so we are ready for it. The AC is on this weekend because we are on the roof every day now, cleaning and pulling nails. DH is hoping the first still will go on by midweek, then it should speed up considerably. I was in a funk too, just tired mainly, but have got another mitten started, and did a quilt block for Miss September today, so I’m getting a bit done here and there again. Reading is a good thing. So glad to hear that Mr. E is feeling better!

    • AC must make such a difference, we just don’t have it in our homes in the UK. I found myself longing for car trips with the AC on and visits to the supermarket so I could be near their freezers!
      I am loving the mittens you are making, they look such fun.
      Miss September is sure to like your blocks.

      • SD is really weird that way. We are quite temperate, but the extremes are pretty awful. This week is mid 90’s and we can go all the way up to 100. If it weren’t for the AC, we’d be sleeping in the basement. We try not to use it, but when it’s 85 at bedtime it is just too much.

        I am loving these mittens too, though I’ve barely knit since we started on the roof. I do have another one started finally!

        Can you send me your email, I can’t seem to locate it on your blog. Mine is kidnotes@midco.net. I have your quilt directions ready to send!

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    So busy!! And happy anniversary!

  6. Shirley said:

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Here I’m getting on with knitting a baby shawl. I’m on the last and fourth lace border then 4 lace edgings to do. Daughter’s first baby due November. Last daughter with a first pregnancy. Glad your husband’s health is improving. 🙂

    • You can’t beat the excitement of a new grandchild, the shawl sounds amazing. The lace is hard to keep track of but so very pretty when it is complete. Hope you get lots done this weekend.

  7. I was told about sock wool going cheap today but I didn’t go and look at it (have too much from previous socks) but actually I forgot as it was raining so much when I came past the shops! I am supposed to be going on a walk with people from church on Sunday but the weather looks like it might be wet, so it may get called off. 😦 (Better that being too hot though.) Happy Anniversary! Glad health news is good.

    • That’s a shame that you missed the sock wool sale. Still waiting for rain here, we have the odd couple of minutes then it stops. But so much cooler, just right in fact. Although when I was out today Mr E turned the heating on!!

  8. I hope you enjoy the Wool show! I always tell myself I won’t buy, but then seem to come home with something every time 🤣. I will be getting on with my boat afghan

  9. No fabric buying!! I am saving that for the next weekend when a local shop has a fat quarter sale!! Other than that, just working on projects to get them done.

    • Ooh a fat quarter sale, sounds well worth saving for. Hope you get lots done this weekend, Mind you seem to be a real machine when it comes to sewing and knitting, I have a theory that you don’t actually sleep.

  10. Yippitty do dah Yippitty Day! YaY!!! Weather no longer exhausting and positive health news for both of you – PLUS a Wedding Anniversary – much to celebrate in your household, but not by buying wool/yarn/fibres!!! I hear you. Do I believe you??? Hmmmmm, Well I’m not sure I would be able to resist so I look forward to seeing how robust your will power is. 😉
    Have a wonderful time.
    I am a bit below par today after too much red wine with a friend last night! Oh dear! I thought I’d grown out of that! If energy returns, I will be gardening at the weekend. The weeds are making up for lost time now they’ve had some rain.

    • Oh yes that red wine feeling, it’s when you try walking and you can feel it still sloshing around the old system you have problems. I adovcate lots of water to drink! bet it was fun though.
      Had a super time at the festival, glad I went nice and early. I didn’t buy any kntting wool…..

  11. So glad to hear the heat has subsided! Happy Anniversary! Happy to hear Mr E is improving! Good News cheers the heart doesn’t it! :o)
    I’m back in the Woods for 2 weeks, then home and then back all of September.
    Mostly I’m mending, painting, and maintaining. No creative projects, I think I’m in a bit of a funk.
    Can’t wait to “see” the wool!!

    • Ah thank you, and so glad you have been able to go back to the woods. No knitting yarn purchased, but some other wonderful things and there were sheeps.

  12. I do feel relieved for you that it has cooled a bit – but not too much just yet huh? We are warming up and the hours of daylight are more which is my main delight. I think it is good to take classes, actual and on-line too. It helps get us really going and stops us wasting hours of time. Sorting out materials and tools was the major thing for me – I really had no clue! I found some of my early work today, from 8 years ago (I’m having a clean out in my art room – and that will be my weekends work too) and it was pretty basic, it made me laugh 🙂 It also made me appreciate how far I have come in my journey which is also nice. I’m really pleased to hear the Mr is coming along nicely – that must be a relief for you. Congrats on the anniversary too ❤

  13. Our weather has also cooled quite a bit after we had a massive storm – I don’t know who was more scared, the dogs or me – but I don’t want too much rain or cloud – it’s still only early August after all. Also, my project this weekend was to make another Summer dress – a simple, sleeveless one that you can just pull on and off and isn’t too fitted. I’ve already made two (not posted about yet) and the next one will be in a sort of distressed blue linen. I’m sure we’ll still have some hot days left when I can get some wear out of it.
    I’m so pleased you’ve found yourself a patchwork class – once you’re adept with cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter there’ll be no stopping you.
    Glad to hear Mr. E. is doing well and belated congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
    Let us know if you manage to come away from the festival fibre free – I know I wouldn’t be able to.

    • Well I didn’t buy any knitting wool! It was really good, small and not too crowded, and lots going on.
      Saw there were floods in the South of France and campers being washed away. We actually have a lttile rain right now. Mr E has turned the heating on, for goodness sake it’s not that cold.
      Look forward to seeing your new frocks. You need cool weather for sewing then hot weather to wear your creation.

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