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Yarn Along- August 2018

The heat has subsided here a little. So I have been able to make a start on the fifth tile of my Eastern Jewels blanket.

Heading on to the round with the double trebles round the posts of the stitches in round eleven, two rounds before. Finally it occurred to me to mark the relevant stitches as I made them rather than afterwards when it was so much harder. Doh! Sometimes I wonder at myself. Love the blanket though.

I was given this marvelous book by Rachel.

Thank you so much. It is set in WW1, is very well written and highly enjoyable. So that is me set up for the week with a book and yarn. Life is good.

Love to know what your yarny project and current read is today. Linking with Ginny  for the first time in ages, here

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  1. That tile is beautiful! I can’t crochet very well, and admire those can do it well (my gram was a master). That book looks interesting too–the title is wonderful.

    • It is a super title and I have just read the part where a character uses the phrase. You know the dust motes you see in early morning sunshine when you wake up- that’s the dust from dreams. I always as a child believed that to be fairy dust.

  2. You are very welcome!

    I forgot to post my YA effort! I’ll add one in the next few days or so.

  3. I love the look of your Eastern Tiles, stitch markers are your friends! I’m on a crochet Safari at the moment – oh my poor brain – I just hope it is helping keeping the little grey cells active.

    Hope all went well at the hospital. ❤

    • Everything went well at the hospital it just took ages by the time we had seen dieticians, speech therapists and MacMillan nurses. And we are back in three weeks to see the oncologist. Then it should calm down a bit. All is good.
      The crochet project you are doing at the moment has to be one of the most complex I have ever seen, more power to your elbow!

      • I’m so very glad to hear all went well – yippee! Yes, that crochet is intense – but I’m so eager to see what the next row looks like I can’t stop – it’s too hot to garden anyway!

  4. dezertsuz said:

    I like YOUR yarny project, but I don’t have one of my own. I’ve just reserved that book in your post, as it sounds just like my kind of story. I’m currently reading a teen book called Countryside: The Book of the Wise by J. T. Cope. It has elements of magic and good vs. evil. The author writes an intriguing story that pulls one in.

    • My gosh that sounds like a good book, I do hope it has a satisfying ending.

      • dezertsuz said:

        Me, too. I know it has a sequel. =) I guess I have a teen mind, because I like to delve into a series and have it go on and on and on. LOL

  5. Those are great colors! And I like projects like that one–where you can have the little thrill of a finish every time you complete one tile! I just read a delightful murder mystery where the protagonists are former American President Obama and VP Biden! I doubt if it would translate to an audience in the UK but it was lots of fun for this Yankee!

    • Well that sounds like a murder mystery with a difference. Don’t suppose the victim was a golf course and hotel owner by any chance?

  6. Hurrah for better weather, suitable for yarny adventures! That book looks interesting, of course!

  7. Cathy that tile is looking really pretty! I’ve started a red and green one now, it has a very Christmassy look to it. I shan’t feature it on my blog as my daughter, who will be the recipient at Christmastime, reads every post. These tiles are quite addictive aren’t they, and now I am fully comfortable with the process I find this blanket is growing so much quicker than the first one 🙂

  8. I read Louis de Bernière’s South American Trilogy which was excellent, but has etched some particularly violent and horrific scenes on my brain which I can never forget despite having read it about 15 years ago.
    At the moment I’m reading a piece of tosh about some female sociopath and her plans to murder somebody – I won’t tell you the title lest somebody takes offence at that description. I’m gripped!
    Yarny goings on include just finishing the border on another stripey crochet blanket, trying to get the features right on a crocheted West Highland Terrier and stroking a yarn cake that I intend to make into a shawl as a gift and, oh yes, thanks to The Contented Crafter, I’ve ordered some hoops to make mandala as wall art – if I can sneak them past Mr. T. that is.
    It was 31 degrees here today and, yes, I crochet only in the evenings and wearing as little as possible.

    • Sometimes a piece of tosh is just what is needed in the heat!
      I look forward to seeing the blanket, but really need to see the highland terrier. Getting faces right can be so tricky. Rupert Bear which I knit ages ago was a total nightmare.
      Mr T will be delighted to have some mandala wall art going on.It’s good for him, you can tell him from me if needed.

    • You don’t let the grass grow under your feet! Hurrah for you. I shall be so excited to see what you do. What size hoops are you going with?

  9. That’s so pretty, Cathy. I can’t wait to see the finished project. Hugs and Love, Tamara

  10. Lovely post, Cathy, and am delighted your weather has moderated itself. I picked up my knitted autumn scarf whilst watching news last night, and realised I’d forgotten ow many stitches I was doing! Luckily, doesn’t appear I’ve dropped any as this yarn would be difficult to spot such a lapse. Am still working the same 4 books from the weekend, but several weekly periodicals have arrived, and I put keeping that pile reqad ahead of novel reading. So both continue, but in fits and starts.
    Rather like my sewing… and knitting… and crochet . . . oh, dear, do we notice a pattern . . . .
    PS/ I just saw a “using Akismet” banner on this post, so Mister is keeping his end up nicely! If he feels so inclined, you might ask him to see if any of your months are higher than Tialys (Lynn) over in France. She had over 4,000 one month. Gobsmacked at that!

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