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Knit and Natter Friday

Thank goodness it has cooled down- sorry to have been such a grouch last week. Part of the problem was knowing I was going to be spending a very very very very long time in a hot car, over a hot weekend, on hot motorways. It was very HOT. But very worthwhile because on Sunday

Baby J was christened, here with his Godfather Mr B.

Back with Dad (Mr J) and Mum (Mrs M). Finally when this happened

All my grumps vanished (at least till Monday when I had to drive back again in a hot car on a hot day on hot motorways.)

It was a lovely service. The vicar heard that Baby J’s favourite song was the Wheels on the Bus so she arranged for the choir to sing it just for him. Apparently they thought it a great idea and sang with gusto.

Tomorrow I want to write about my scrap happy journal I kept during the June month of Go Wild. I have realised that I never showed you the little bit of cross stitch that also happened as part of my crafty June activities for Go Wild.

I love taking part in the Go Wild month. Making sure I spend at least 15 minutes each day outside and trying to do something positive for nature. I think the most useful things I have done are keeping the birds and hedgehogs well supplied with water, and letting parts of the garden just do what they will, can’t believe the odd plants that attract birds when you let them just go to seed. I can do untidy gardening all day long. I planted some wildflowers but the only things I think that have come up are poppies. I like poppies thank goodness. It’s a great excuse not to do weeding too!

I tried several new walks, I went on the puffin cruise, visited a bird hide and waterfowl lake. Saw too many dead things- the deer and the mole. Happily I went a walk on Wednesday and saw a live deer. I was also thrilled to see a lizard. I can’t believe that I did not know that we had lizards in the UK. I looked it up in my trusty book, and it was a common lizard. Common? Well not that common.

Not certain about next year, it can get a bit much to think oh I must do this or that today. However, I did draw up a very long list of ideas of things to do- some were never going to happen- there just isn’t any heather out yet, and you can’t watch whales till September. So I shall keep plugging away at the list right through the year.

But what about Knitting. Well quite. What about knitting? Least said.

Crochet then? I spent a very long time yesterday waiting for a phone call about our boiler which failed a carbon monoxide test during its annual service first thing in the morning. It’s under warranty so the manufacturers will fix it, and I had to wait for their call. Five hours.So I used the time to crochet. I have now completed the second tile on my tiles blanket. Hopefully I will do some more this coming week, enough to make it worth my while to show you some progress.

Plans for the weekend? Today I am going to Whitby for a quilt exhibition. Tomorrow I shall be waiting for the boiler man to come and fix the boiler. Thank goodness we have an electric shower.

Love to know your plans for the weekend. How did you cope in the hot weather? I have been watching Wimbledon a little. Didn’t the English football team do well to reach the semi finals? Croatia were the better team and deserved their place in the finals.

Right, time to get going for that exhibition. I must not buy fabric, I must not buy fabric, must not buy fabric, not buy fabric, not

buy fabric


Be Happy, stay cool,




Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (35)

  1. Would you like some of my little Crosstitch pictures? You could turn them into something for your journal or frame them for one of your grandchildren. For me the pleasure is in doing them and I just don’t know what to do with them afterwards, consequently they are still sitting around here years after I’ve done them.

  2. Reading this at 2am as I canโ€™t sleep due to the heat!!! Lovely post to distract me xxx

  3. It looked well worth the hot trip – oh this weather is driving us all a little batty isn’t it?!

  4. What a beautiful baby! And you are a beautiful Nana. I could just reach in and hug you both- LOL! Grumpy? Goodness no, no one can always be cheerful, but I can’t picture you grumpy.

    You work so fast on your projects it amazes me! Lovely cross stitch. I no longer see well enough for that. :o) 2 pieces of fabric! Wow! Such restraint!

    Carbon monoxide frightens me. Hope its resolved soon.
    Mr E will have to adjust, I have had great experience learning to adjust, and I hated every minute of it!

    This weekend I’m packing to go home from my time in the woods. I leave Wed. Bittersweet, but I’ll be back off and on till Oct 1.

    • You will be sad to leave the woods I know, but good to be returning through the summer. How quick that time has gone.
      I think I work quite slowly! A tendency to have be a Dolly Daydreamer.
      I can get grumpy, especially when hot or when people natter at me when I am trying to concentrate. I get over grumps quite quickly really!
      I would love a hug from you,lovely to be told I am beautiful, thank you, no-one tells me that.
      Have a good weekend.

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    How wonderful that the choir sang wheels on the bus. Your cross stiches are lovely.

  6. Gosh you have been busy! makes me feel quite lazy. Sorry to hear about the boiler though – always a pain when they go wrong.

  7. My goodness Baby J will soon be Toddler J, the time goes by quickly! What a great service! Hope you have more seasonable temps now, our latest heat wave is done,Mae are back to the normal 30 degree days with a decent cool off at night. Have such a lovely time at the quilt exhibition, hope the fabric is not too tempting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You are right Baby J will soon be Toddler J, he’s a big lad! The quilt show was very good indeed, and I found that after reading so many quilting blogs I have actually absorbed quite a lot and knew what I was looking at. I only bought two pieces of fabric.

  8. That is so cool that the choir sang that song and very nice that you got to be there!

  9. claire93 said:

    lovely cross stitched cards, and the Christening sounds like it was fun! Can’t believe what a big lad Baby J is!

  10. What a sweet, squirmy boy–he looks like he’s trying to avoid having the water put on him! The christening sounds perfect–fun and done with humanity and humor–I guess it made the awful car trip more than worthwhile. Your small cross stitch pieces are so sweet and it sounds like your wild month has been very successful . . . Now, can you be as successful at not buying fabric?? Only time will tell!

  11. Ahhh, the miserable heat!!! A hot car on a hot road is the worst, but what a reward at the end. I love that they sang the wheels on the bus!

    Your garden sounds lovely! I have been trying to get poppies to grow here, to no avail. Please take photos of yours so I can enjoy seeing some!

    Do not buy fabric. Donโ€™t even look at it.

  12. Love that pic of you with your grand baby! I understand the grumps in the kind of heat you guys have been living with. Not the usual for the UK!! I also love that the vicar got the choir to sing ‘the wheels on the bus’ that would have been so fun! I’m looking forward to seeing your tiles. Stay cool!

    • He is adorable and much happy in just his nappy and not his very smart sailor suit. He had the cutest white shoes on his feet too, which apparently he did not give his permission for !
      The vicar could not have be nicer, the christening part of the service was all about Baby J. Very personal. I fogot to mention she even gave him a bus! And then the choir sang.

  13. Proud Nana with that gorgeous boy! What a wonderful occasion.
    Your cross stitch pictures are delightful, I particularly like the cheeky giraffe! it has a wonderful expression.
    I do ‘wild gardening’ too – creating a wildlife haven is the way to go!
    I am not a football fan, I was glued to the Thai Cave Rescue and got completely caught up in the story of all those amazing divers who rescued them. I am distracting myself with Good News stories as the rest of the nonsense that appears in our media is becoming toe-curlingly embarassing!
    A nice quiet weekend here after a busy week helping my daughter with her house and children – I expect I will be gardening and crocheting in equal measure.
    Looking forward to hearing about the Quilt Exhibition.

    • I followed that story cloesly too. Mr J was a football coach for Master H’s football team and I could so easily empathise with them. I feel sorry for the boys but that poor coach, he is only 25.
      And yes the news is dreadful these days, so sensational, just the facts and not the spin please.
      Having let “weeds”/wildflowers stay in the garden and seed I have been amazed how many more bees and birds have appeared. However, from next week Mr E may take more of an interest in what has been going on out there, which is a good thing, but ohoh I’m in trouble!

      • Gosh yes, I see why you could identify with the Coach – he managed to keep them all safe and apparently taught them to meditate to keep them calm and conserve energy – still, he must be feeling awful, perhaps his Buddhist philosophy will help – I hope so. I alos hope Mr E does not turn into Mr Grumpy when he sees what you have (not) been doing in the garden! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I love the idea of a choir singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ – I bet they had great fun.
    I am also a fan of untidy gardening – the fact that it’s good for the insects and birds is the best excuse in the world for not overdoing the weeding etc.
    I hope you are keeping cooler now and the grumps are gone.
    Enjoy the exhibition – I bet you buy some fabric

  15. Aw, bless! I hope your boiler got fixed and is safe again. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to need one, it’s been many, many years since I lived in a house that needed heating, and solar takes care of the hot water. I don’t suppose you’d enjoy the climate here: it’s the middle of winter and it was 26ยฐC today. All the doors and windows open and cool enough not to need the air conditioning ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 26C is bordering on too hot for me. It was 30C according to my car on Saturday and it was nose to tail for two plus hours round London!
      Boiler man coming tomorrow, fingers crossed for running hot water then.

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