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Going Wild.

I have decided to take part in Go Wild again this year. As the weather was so marvellous in May, I began a little early , getting in training so to speak. Go Wild encourages us to get outside , enjoy nature and do what we can do to help the environment.

So the bird bath has been washed, a tray of water provided for the birds who prefer shallow containers, and for any passing hedgehog, and I have been walking.

It really does lift my spirits to go for a walk. Over the month of June I will post the best of what I observe. Here’s some pictures of what I have seen recently.

The tree centre left is an Oak tree which the Queen planted in woods near Pickering. The smaller one centre right replaces one planted by Prince Philip which died.

These trees are at the start of a walk that runs alongside the Pickering to Levisham rail track of the North Yorkshire Steam Railway. It passes by an old badger sett, crosses the railway, then a bridge over a stream , and finally takes you through a wood. I went on the walk during the last weekend in May. I was pleasantly surprised that there were still a few

Primroses out and some

violets.  I finally found out that these

are called bugles.

During last week I rescued this

bee from our door step, he was sure to get crushed if he stayed there, so I removed him to safety.

Another walk I went last week was to Cawthorne Roman Camps because I was certain that the rhoderdendrums would be out, and they were.

As was the Gorse

The picture I am most pleased with is of the humble dandelion.



Knit and Natter Friday!

Do you ever try to do too much at once and feel as if your head is in a spin? I don’t know which way is up at the moment. Trying so hard to focus on one thing, then I go off at a complete tangent several times, aagh! How do I stop myself from creative melt down. So many questions too, so I go on-line , and then get side-tracked by You tube.

Can someone please tell me what is Gesso and what is Mod Podge, and when do I use them? I have looked on-line, but everyone and every thing seems to know what is what already, and I don’t.

I have fished out all my craft supplies and fabric and paper, inks, paints, it’s all over the floor and bits of things are drying everywhere. I can’t move.

And it’s June, which means it’s time for Go Wild. ( month in which you try to do something nature related or go outside, for 15 minutes a day). I wrote down everything I thought of doing, going to, making and realised I would still be at it 12 months later.

Trying to slow down, I am commited to nothing, I just want to do everything, now.

I even have nature themed knitting projects to do, but first I really absolutely want to finish this cardigan for Little Miss F. I have even found the perfect dress from M&S to go with it,and Summer is nearly upon us.

Only the front bands to do, sew up the seams, embroider some flowers ,buy and stitch on some buttons. The flowers are at least vaguely nature related, I suppose.

The problem is I have been reminded of my own mortality this year. I’ve just deleted the sentences that followed. Let’s just say we are not out of the woods re Mr E yet, just when we thought we were. Decisions,implications and fears rush round my head chasing the paper and the yarn thoughts.


One thing at a time. Today. Shall I go shopping and buy a christening present and then go a walk, or shall I visit a tiny castle and a nature reserve on my way home?

Tell me does anyone else get in a complete muddle with what they want to do, and how do you calm yourself down?

Tomorrow a nearby village is having Open Studios, and I really want to go there, quite a nice churchyard too, and a cafe.

Sunday, Scampston Hall has a plant sale. Monday is library day. We think we might use out bus passes to go to Whitby next week too..

After all it is the most scenic bus route in Britain. –officially!

Do check out the video in the link above and look out for the Hole of Horcum

and Goathland

and know that I only give you the best of Britain on my blog!

Feeling calmer already just having a natter with you all. Thank you for reading.

Love to know your weekend plans, and how do you stop yourself from getting a r ight old dither?

Be Happy,



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