Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Linking with Kate for this months photo scavenger hunt


This stunning plant was for sale at Fountains Abbey.

Begins with G- and if there is one G I like it is ( Ok so I really like Gin, but that’s not it) Gates

Field Gates

Kissing Gate

My favourite- completely overgrown and redundant gate

Lilac-Now had I thought about this much sooner I would have taken a picture of our lilac coloured lilac. But I didn’t , so here instead is the wisteria my Dad gave us.

Begins with T ( not tonic) but Timber

Tree felling at Fountains Abbey

and a stack of tree trunks turned into logs- home to lots of insects I hope.

Silver- I opted for silver colour and a galvanised water trough

because I liked it. And so onto my own choice

Rosy clouds .

Hope you enjoyed the hunt.


Comments on: "June Photo Scavenger Hunt." (37)

  1. What a lovely selection, but the last one is stunning with those rosy clouds. I also came up with our old wisteria, which I loved. I think you must be in an area that I know quite well, although I live in Oz. The gate photos are something too. Take care.

  2. Some great interpretations! I like the G&T theme too 😉

  3. hawthorn-livelovecraft said:

    I love the running gag of the GnT running through – tickled me 🙂 those rosy clouds are so pretty and I love gates – especially the ones that have melded into the hedgerows – thank you for joining in x

    • Glad you enjoyed the gin, such a nice drink. It was how I wrote the list and then memorised it that made me think of Gin and tonic. Gates can be very attractive. I have fun with your challenge each month so , thank you.

  4. Ooh I like your gate photos. There is one near us that is a collection of wood things but it can’t really be called a gate, more a pile of rubbish! My favourite are the rosy clouds.

  5. Thank you for sharing, they are all such great photos but I do like all the gates.

  6. Great photos, but why are they called kissing gates?

    • Ok, now look at the gate. A couple go for a walk. First person goes through the gate, pushes the gate forwards to get half way through, then pushes it behind them to get through the second part, then turns and kisses the person to come through next!

  7. john scurr said:

    Love your gates, I remember driving up the back road from Ellerburn to Dalby when my mother was putting up local council election posters in the 1970’s. You would need a 4 wheel drive vehicle now and the key to some of the gates. Galvanised steel for silver, very clever. Hawthorn keeps telling us to think laterally and I never can!

    • Thank you John and I love the memory you have of the road to Dalby from Ellerburn. As you come from Thornton to Ellerburn there is a very big notice which reads ” No through road to Dalby , SATNAV ERROR!”
      You would indeed need a four by four and be something to do with the Forestry Commission.
      I love having a short list to concentrate on over a whole month, every walk and outing has that list whizzing round my mind, and then I spot something like a spot of tree felling or a galvanised water trough and I have my picture.

  8. Some people never thought of gin?? What’s up with that? –it came to my mind right away! 😉 This was a fun scavenger hunt–I especially like the gates. I have an old photo of my husband and me kissing at a kissing gate in Cornwall!

  9. Haha never thought of Gin. Yes!! The yellow flower is beautiful – a ray of sunshine – and the gates are lovely. But my favourite is your wisteria – I’ve been trying to grow one for a few years now without a lot of success – the smell is divine.

    • I am afraid to say the first thing that came in my headwhen I read G&T was gin and tonic. My Dad used to make the most amazingly strong ones!
      I love the wisteria. We had one when we moved but one very wet winter it completey rotted at the stem, so Dad got us this one. We researched what to do and the answer was it needed one ginormous hole.

  10. juliecaisey said:

    Great pictures. Love the different gates


  11. I love the rosey clouds and the pretty flower from Fountains Abbey. 🙂 x

  12. A great selection of gates you chose for G.

  13. The gates are wonderful, as are those lovely clouds!

  14. Penny Post said:

    Great selection. I visited Fountains Abbey last week on my way home from the cricket at Durham. I was very good and revisited buying a rose but did come out with a bitter lemon scented geranium as I figured I’d never see it in one of mu local garden centres.

  15. I love the first photo, that flower is stunning 🙂

  16. Barbara said:

    Me too , but never thought of Gin. I do love your gates pictures, I wonder where they lead.

    • The first one was on a walk I took between Ellerburn and Dalby, the secong on a walk at Thornton Dale, the thrid was a gate into a field I passed on the same walk. The moment I saw G&T , I thought of gin and tonic!

  17. Rosy clouds…what a gorgeous description.

  18. Great photos – love G for gates and the rosy clouds:)

  19. You derserve a nice long cold G and T after all those great pictures!

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