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Knit and Natter Friday

Good Morning, and if you live in the UK, are you enjoying the sunshine? Anyone would think it was Summer. I have been trying to be up and about doing the necessary chores early on, so that afternoons can be spent semi collapsed with whatever project I fancy. Knitting wise this meant re-doing the seals face and loosening off the running stitches around the neck.

He is still enormous but at least he vaguely resembles a seal. After that I got on with the swan. Lot of trouble getting the wings right. The neck had to be stiffened with a “chenille stem”, I had no idea what that was so thought “Blow it , I’ll use a pipe cleaner same as I always would to stiffen a knitted toy part”. Then I had the good idea to look at the front of the book, the part we all skip about materials , techniques etc. Chenille stems it read (also called pipe cleaners). For goodness sake just call them pipe cleaners! Here she is.

I am quite happy with how she turned out and I think the wings look ok. I still have to sew a couple of beads on the face for eyes. Here’s a real swan for comparison.

I don’t think I did too badly.  Picture taken yesterday at Scarborough Mere.

So then I decided to knit one of the fairies

Imagine little heaps of knitting, which is all there is to show  at the moment. I decided which colour I wanted for the wings, but could I find where I had put it ( you need so little yarn I am using leftovers). There was only one thing for it, a jolly good sort out. Oh Dear!. It transpires I have bought yarn for no less than 15 projects. FIFTEEN. And what am I knitting- one that uses leftovers, so is not included in the 15 ( ditto the swan come to think of it).  Anyway I found the missing half ball so all was well.

Just as well Wimbledon starts next week, maybe knit and watch at the same time.

And while I am on the subject of sport wasn’t that 6:1 score just wonderful . We won’t mention last night.

This week has been quite busy with things of one kind and another. We have a quiet weekend ahead, and a not too busy week. What about you, do you slow down at this time of year? Any super exciting plans or projects. I am working on a little bit of sewing too. And the Nature Journal I started for 30 days wild. Some days my head just seems full, but I do keep making lists and crossing things off. It has helped.

I am off to the library shortly for a little bit of training around mental health awareness. I’ll be back around lunch to catch up with you all, so do please natter away without me. The comments are what make this post. Final bit of cuteness coming up, tell me if your instinct was to say aah.

Thanks, Have a Great Weekend,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (44)

  1. I love the seal, super cute. And the swan turned out beautifully. 🙂 Well done. You are really going with these.
    Stay cool there and enjoy the summer.

  2. I’m late! Catching up on all the fun!
    The seal is adorable! The Swan is amazing! But I’m sensing a theme here- dragons, fairies, Swans, even seals. It feels like a fairy tale developing. Like a magical story needs to be told! Am I right? Do you hear/see it as you create these beautiful creations?

    The Signets are adorable! I never see the babies of the Swans here. :o( I’m just not near the lake often enough, its a mile away.

    We speed up in June and slow down in October. But of course everything is already too fast for me in my old age! :o) 24 hours goes by in a blink.

    I am using up my stash of yarn to make scarves for downtrodden men this fall/winter. The Salvation Army will give them away with the free coats they give. (from the coat program).
    I have a birth son, 38, who is very mentally ill, in and out of prison 16 years. (I love him dearly but of course only support his good efforts, and he cannot visit us. He refuses meds)

    Anyhoo – I digress-
    So as a mom of a son that the world would (rightfully) reject, the Salvation Army serves these men with dignity. I can never repay them for every time they helped my son, when no one else could, not even me. When no one else would, and I couldn’t.
    These men however bad were once small boys.

    • My heart goes out to you Eliz. Keeeep crafting. ❤

    • A wonderful programme from the Salvation Army. I gave all my Dad’s clothes , the bedding etc to the Salvation Army hoping that they could either use them direct or sell them for the people they help. In my working life I helped support people at risk of homelessness for whatever reason, and saw first hand the role of the Salvation Army. Some of the meds do have very unpleasant side effects, so it is a very problem for all. My heart goes out to you and your son, may you both find peace.
      Meantime I hope all is going well for you all in the woods. Do go to your lake if it is only a mile away!
      I wish I could say there was a purpose as you suggested behind my creations. I am a little caught up with my granddaughters imagination, which is very much in the land of make believe ,fairies, princesses, dragons etc. I think I am rather indulging myself though, I only had sons, and to finally have a little girl to craft for is bliss.
      The seal is destined for our nephew/godson’s second daughter, and the swan is for me!
      Fairy will be heading to my granddaughter.
      My choice of what I create probably does say a lot about me…woman with time on her hands maybe going a little dotty in her old age!

      • Not dotty! LOL!! But you know there’s still a little girl in all of us old ladies! Remembering our own fairy tales. :o)
        How wonderful all you’ve done! Anything we can do is needed isn’t it. I think William Booth was amazing and since my dna was 63% British and 7 % Irish/Wales/Scotland. I like to think he is my ancestor! ;o) And yet even William Booth’s sons struggled and were in need of the Salvation Army. None of us are spared of trials.
        Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Your knitting is wonderful (so glad you solved the pipe cleaner mystery), and that is a grand seal! Am eager to see what you’ll make from this next book.
    I’ve frogged back my green crochet hat but almost made it back to the same length; however, haven’t touched the turquoise blanket or knitted scarf. It’s been too hot. Maybe I’ll get more used to summer’s heat and muck in a bit.
    Am displeased with the libraries here (again) as they’ve not a thing by any of the authors you’ve just listed.
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

    • Disappointing that neither of these authors is available to you, they are both very good writers.
      I haven’t touched my crochet blanket in ages. Maybe once we reach September, it will be cooler and I will have caught up with myself and the half done projects.

  4. I think it was more of a squeal than an aw!! LOL. I am now Team England after my Germans lost so dismally!!

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Your seal and swan are lovely. I look foward to seeing the finished fairy.

  6. The swan and seal are wonderful! You got the seal look with the changes you made, and the swan is just perfect. Still wondering about the hair on those fairies, but hat will be a fun little knit to watch. After the deluge of rain a week ago’ we have had some nice sunny days…yesterday was hot (95 degrees) but today is gorgeous, we may hit 80. I’m thinking about spending the afternoon in a lawn chair working on something crafty. My chores for the day are done, and there will be cherries to freeze for Christmas pie and then jam to make this weekend I think. I have been sewing a bunch this week now that I’m back to feeling good…there’s a pair of crop pants that I think are going to be my new favorites. We’ll see once the final seams are done.😊 we will have a slow weekend here, weeding of course and hopefully roof measuring and number crunching. Those sweet little signets…so adorable! Stay cool and enjoy your book!

    • Gosh you have a busy time planned. Not certain I would like to be jam making in 80 degrees. Freezing the cherries for a Christmas sounds ok though. Look forward to hearing more about your crop trousers.

  7. Amused by the idea of a chenille stem I suppose that’s what you get in these smoking averse days!

  8. Very nice! I love that swan, and the fairy will be sweet I am sure! Somehow the seal IS looking more seal-like! Good job.

    I am off to do some outdoor chores this morning while it is still comfortable out there. We are coming into a very hot and humid spell, according to the weather people. This, of course, will be one time they get it right. Yesterday we had 2.5 inches of “scattered showers” or what I would have called torrential rains. So sun is nice but not heat.

  9. claire93 said:

    well done on your successful swan – definitely looks graceful and exactly like a swan should!
    Looking forward to seeing the fairy as it comes along.
    I’m busy sewing at the moment – the hot weather always makes me want to make lots of cool cotton garments . . . if I can get the current project finished soon, there will be a reveal on my blog over the weekend

  10. Oh, those baby swans! SO sweet, and so is your knitted one–I can’t imagine the patience that kind of knitting must take. It’s going to be brutally hot this weekend but maybe that’s good–we’ve been going at breakneck speed, here and at my mother’s place, trying to ready it for sale. The heat will force us to slow down and stay by the AC. And maybe do something relaxing and fun for a change . . . .

    • Now that sounds like a plan, AC and something relaxing. Houses in the UK don’t have AC, we don’t have enough hot weather for it, hence our obsession with weather! I spend ages opening and clsoing curtains and windows to keep the sun out and a breeze passing through.

      • We only have AC in one room, our glassed in porch that gets broiling it the afternoon. But I have loom or two out there and plenty of happy projects and I can look at the lake. Makes a very hot day quite bearable.

  11. Oh – I love the swan! And the seal looks definitely seal like now – or maybe it always did and I just didn’t appreciate it last week …… 😦 Both very cute – someone is going to be very happy to get them! I’m looking forward to seeing your fairies! Since I made that etui doll I’ve become very interested in seeing all these figures being made up, it’s quite addictive isn’t it – and excellent for using up those left overs! I’ve gotten side-tracked again and am now crocheting a scarf. I have no clue why! We had sun today and yesterday and almost warm temps. It was quite exciting 🙂

  12. Definitely aaah! And your swan is very beautiful. You really are talented. Enjoy the rest of your day. X

  13. It’s hot here too now but that is normal for here – or should be, don’t know what happened to Spring this year. I’m glad you are enjoying a good early Summer over there, it seems to be going on for quite a long time too which is unusual for the U.K. Enjoy!
    The swan is great – thank you for the real swan photo for comparison in case we’d forgotten 😉 I think your version stands up to the real thing rather well. In my crochet trophy heads book there is a swan’s head, neck and chest area which looks amazing but quite complex and, I really have to ask myself, out of all the other animals featured in there, does it really seem right to hang a swan’s upper portions on your wall. I’m not sure. I’d never be able to invite the Queen round for tea.
    I love the fairies – what a great way to use up scraps. You could link to Kate’s Scraphappy Day with one of those if you felt so inclined.
    Enjoy your semi-collapsed afternoon – I expect you’ll manage to get another 2 or 3 books under your belt by the end of the day won’t you? 😉

    • I don’t think I would like a swan’s torso gracing my walls either. They did used to eat swans and serve them fully reconstructed feathers and all quite gross.
      I spent ages on those wings, trying to fugurewhich was up, where they went how they laid!
      The fairies are fabulous, but I reckon the construction will take longer than the knitting, but will be great fun. I found some fabulous yarn in a charity shop which will be fabulous.
      It’s hot again today, and I shall cool down with a book or five!!

  14. Aaah! Kewt!

    Semi-collapsed perfectly describes me in the afternoons it was 29 degrees (84.2 in old money!) in the shade at 5pm last night. Loving the early mornings! The swan looks fabulous – you are creating a zoo. Seal looks much better, so cuddly.
    “A bunch of millionaires running around kicking a bag of wind’ (said by someone on the radio) doesn’t appeal to me – glad I no longer have any sport loving men in the house.

    • Side by side they look ridiculous being on a different scale!
      I have already been outside in my pjs topping up the birds water, opening the greenhouse. I love my early morning wanders.
      I still have three boys texting me through games!

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