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June Books-2018

Only three books to tell you about this month. The new one by Kate Mosse which I had to read as fast as I could as the library had a waiting list of readers who had reserved it. The other two are both by Laurie Lee. Three good books.

Kate Mosse- The Burning Chambers- A simple plot but beautifully done with lots of details. At the heart of the plot is a mysterious woman hell-bent on finding a girl. Why ? There is a love story, and kidnappings, and murders and intrigues. Set in Carcassonne ( and folks if you have never been , stop now and go immediately to France and visit Carcassonne), it is just the most wonderful city. Set also in Toulouse and surrounding countryside in the 1500s at a time of religious unrest between the Catholic faith and the Huguenot (Protestant ) faith.  Lots of skullduggery to enjoy. A good read and the first in a trilogy next one not due till 2020.

Laurie Lee- Cider with Rosie- This is the third time I have read this and was my choice of reading for my 30 Days Wild challenge ( Last year was the hilarious Corfu trilogy by Gerald Durrell). Cider with Rosie is a delightful evocation of village life in 1920s England. Before the days of electricity and motor cars for all, the village is a real community, schools, a Squire, church, an agricultural cycle of life and above all tolerance, acceptance and self-help. We may have gained mod cons but by golly I think we have lost more. There are funny stories and beautiful descriptions of the flora and fauna in the Gloucestershire countryside, a perfect choice for June.

The book I borrowed from the library contains all three books by Laurie Lee, and I have carried on reading.

Laurie Lee- As I walked out one midsummer morning.The second book in Laurie Lee’s autobiography. Laurie leaves home, he walks down to the south coast from Cold Slad , Gloucestershire and ends up in London. The contrast between village life and the Big Smoke could not be greater. After a year or so in London he sets sail for Spain and begins another big walk. Spain in the 1930s is poverty-stricken and desperate. he makes ends meet by busking. If you ever wondered what Malaga was like before the tourists came , this book will open your eyes. He sympathises with the farmers and fishermen and starts to be drawn into the beginning of the civil war, until he is rescued by a British destroyer sent to help all Brits in Spain. He leaves Spain, but then feels he has betrayed something important and heads back again.

We had many a holiday in Spain, admittedly not anywhere near Malaga thank goodness. I went with my parents in the days of Franco, and with Mr E  after Franco died. I found the accounts of Laurie Lee’s experiences really interesting and his descriptions of the landscape so good I could feel the heat of the Sierras coming right out of the book.

Can’t wait to start the final book in the trilogy.

Collins  Complete British wildlife, photoguide. Giving this book a mention because whilst I haven’t studied it from cover to cover it has been my companion throughout June during the month in which I may have gone a little Wild.

Coming up next month, more Laurie Lee.

So what books has everyone been reading? And are there any reference books that have gripped you recently?


Comments on: "June Books-2018" (20)

  1. I love the sound of the first two!

  2. gillyflower said:

    These all sound wonderful. Time at the cottage is coming up, so I think I might stock on up one or two of these! I’ve been reading several novels about witches and herbalists and will be posting about them soon.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I do like the sound of the Laurie Lee books. And it is sometime since i read a Kate Moss book. I would not recommend the book i read this month but i have just started S. Faulks Engleby, bit slow, will let you know how i get on.

    • Oh yes please, I enjoyed he Faulks that I read. I was soo glad Kate Mosse has gone back to Carcassonne , her last book and the short stories I read were too gruemsome for my taste..

  4. I have had trouble finding books to read this month, probably like you I have been focused on wild. I heard about Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and decided to buy it on my kindle. I am so glad I did. I am thoroughly enjoying it at the moment. x

    • Two recomendations for the same book has to be good. I have enjoyed reading Laurie Lee, I think what has come to me most dramatically was the grinding poverty and strog community solidarity in both Spain and England in the 20s and 30s. Life was very good for the well to do and they wanted to hang onto their priveleges. I might have to read Animal Farm again at some point now.

  5. I’ve just read ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman – Eleanor is a rather different kind of main protagonist, but I really warmed to her 🙂

  6. They sound amazing. I have not read many books lately, just the usual crafty magazines. 🙂

  7. ‘only three books’ – you slacker you 😉

  8. Oooh I might look out for that Kate mosse book. I currently reading labyrinth, though I’ve also been reading children’s books like the betsy-tacy series by maud Hart lovelace when I’m going to bed so I can actually relax instead of getting caught up in the horrors of the Host and the inquisition and then not being able to go to sleep😂

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