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Knit and Natter Friday!

Hi, sorry there was no nattering last week. Usual story- very busy indeed. Trips out, walks, hospital appointments (Mr E), gardening, talks on family history, local history and psychology, to say nothing of messing around with glue, getting side tracked with cross stitch and some sewing.

Time to draw breathe a little. Our best trip out was to Fountains Abbey.

This time we also made sure to visit Fountains Hall

It now houses a display about the Settlers’ Society, which was formed in the 1930s as a training camp for boys to teach them employable skills, not what Mr E said which was      ” cheap labour “.

There has been some knitting, not a lot , but I can now reveal that the grey and very cuddly thing was not as Lynne so wickedly suggested a chest hair wig but was in fact the most cuddly and ludicrously big


I am not sure it even looks like a seal, but I checked and rechecked that  I had followed the pattern correctly, it is huge, and cuddly. Not quite sure he is suitable for the newborn babe I was going to give him to. I may need to rethink that one.

As it is Go Wild month this June in the UK I decided to knit something from the book I received at Christmas.

I am knitting a swan which is considerably smaller than the seal. Imagine a pile of white indeterminate shapes if you will which is what it looks like at the moment. I may even complete this by next week if I don’t distract myself with a hundred other things.

Thought you might like to see my last cardigan with dress on Little Miss F ( picture by her Mum)

A tad big !! Her comment was that her Nana was good at dress buying! I shall bathe in that compliment at least.

So what is everyone up to this weekend, you know we love to read all about plans. I have another big adventure lined up for tomorrow. I need good weather again! So excited. And if weather holds and I survive the big adventure I have a walk planned for Sunday which should be good.

Thanks for coming by, have a great weekend,

Be Happy,







Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (40)

  1. The cardi and dress are perfect together. She looks very much like E doesn’t she?

  2. claire93 said:

    Hi Cathy,
    sounds like you’ve been busy as usual and I’m having a good chuckle at your over-sized seal (who is exceedingly cute, by the way) and Little Miss F looking like she has plenty of room to grow in the cardie. Maybe it’s the angle her Mum took the photo from?

    • I think it’s just too big! And she didn’t want to take it off to put on her ballet clothes. I have reworked the seals face this morning and he looks a bit better I reckon. Although he was giving me reproachful looks for sticking a needle into him. I kissed him better afterwards.

  3. Little Miss F looks so lovely in that dress and cardigan. Should last her quite a while. Fountains Abbey another place I want to go one day! And I think you are right about the seal’s neck. Seals don’t have a lot of neck. Shame pattern wasn’t more explicit but you can change it, as you say.

    • I have spent quite a long time looking at pictures of seals now and I have slackened the stitching arond the neck. I think I shall now add another row to define the head more. It was a single sheet pattern which I reckon tried to economise too much with instructions to fit it onto one side of A4 paper.

  4. The seal is adorable as is the dress and sweater!

  5. I really, really want to go to Fountains Abbey someday . . . The seal cracks me up–I think it would be very satisfying to hug it. And the little one is so adorable in her new clothes–she’ll grow into them, and then out of them, before you blink! You’re a good nana.

  6. You really don’t sit still much do you?! I must have missed the previous post where the seal was introduced, but he does look very cuddly indeed! I hoe you have your lovely weather for your next trip!

  7. A seal?! Well then! But the baby won’t care, he’ll just cuddle up with it and call it some interesting name Eeba…..Miss F looks cute in her new outfit, and she will grow into it. at that age there’s usually issue about what the season is, if they like it they wear it.😊 I have still not got over my disease so have spent this week very idle. I did feel productive this morning, but I think once I start the bread machine with the pizza dough I will take a nap or lay down for a spell. We had 4 inches of rain this week ( normal for the year is 16 😳) so I believe in addition to the virus I may have grown webbed feet! Tomorrow I need to see what’s what in the garden. We had hail about 30 minutes ago, maybe cherry sized, but not for very long. Hugs and prayers to you and Mr. E!

    • Thank you for your prayers, very much appreciated. I hope you feel much better very soon too.
      I think I may have a bash at reworking the neck and head. I followed the instructions carefully, I shall loosen the stitches around the neck and add another row around where I think the head should have more definition.

      • Good plan, although just releasing the gathers round the neck might do it.

      • I think I Really am on the mend now. Not a great night, but better, and this morning I was able to get by without ibuprofen for the first time in a week. My ears and glands are still iffy, but no longer hurt so I’m looking forward to a better weekend!
        I think you’ve got baby seal corrected there, but it’s still a soft full baby pillow as is!😄

  8. I too have been absent/busy. A few hospital trips with our Group Home gal, and moving all 14 of us to the woods for a month!

    Your history is always fascinating! Thank You!

    The seal is adorable!! So cuddly soft! And when I saw the book “Knitting Birds” I thought- what can’t you knit?? LOL!!

    I’m in the woods with my sewing bag. Cut 3 pair pants for me. And hope to make a few skirts. :o) When I’m not chief cook/bottlewasher.

    Miss F is absolutely adorable in the sweater and dress. How precious of her to compliment you on your dress buying! You are a good dress shopper!
    I think you only have sons? All 9 of my girls had never appreciated my dress buying! ;o) My boys of course never complained about their clothing- but girls!!

    You and Mr E continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUG)))

    • I hope your summer in the wood is truly wonderful, you certainly deserve a good time. Thank you for your prayers, so appreciated. Have a great weekend.

  9. Love the pic of Little Miss F – so cute in her colourful outfit.
    That ‘seal’ looks the size of baby, or maybe even a toddler! Snuggly though.
    Master R (8) has been off school with a virus this week and he has been with me quite a lot, mainly drawing imaginary aliens – one of them looks remarkably like your seal. My weekend consists of child care tonight and Saturday – much needed peaceful day Sunday.

    • It is the size of a small toddler. I should have realised how big it would be from the quantity of yarn required.
      Sorry to hear about Master R. I am sure his alien drawing escapades will have aided recovery. Good luck with the Gran duties, and enjoy Sunday.

  10. Oooh more intrigue! Love the seal. Very cute. And your granddaughter looks lovely in her new frock and cardi. Xx

  11. I think you should knit that seal some long floppy ears and call him The Tired Bunny… For a seal, his head is a tad on the ginormous side! But he’s very nice and fluffy, and if the weather’s cold enough, even Lynn might be grateful for a decorative chest wig! Have a good week, Cathy xx

    • It’s a ridiculously big head, made worse by the instructions to sew a line of running stitches and pull the neck in, maybe that’s where I went wrong, maybe it needs less pulling in? Not remotely like a seal.But very cuddly! Not certain the floppy ears would help.

      • Perhaps not, but at least you’d then be moderately sure what kind of animal it was… And I think you may be right about the neck!

  12. Little Miss F. looks a treat and ‘she’ll grow into it’ as they say 😉

    As for the seal, I see no reason it could not be employed as a chest wig even now. Maybe a chest and tummy wig now it has grown – the flippers might present a problem though.

  13. Well, it might be a baby white seal….. And as was previously said, a big soft cuddly toy is just a wonderful thing for any child to have. The cardie may be a tad big but it sure looks pretty, as does the dress. Your weekend sounds to be very busy, have fun! Mine is going to be quiet. It’s mid winter here, below freezing and I am snuggling in with yarn and hook, but also paint and canvas may get a look in too. Plus I have several good books to read!

    • That is the perfect way to spend a winter’s weekend. I would like sunshine and now wind at all, a nice calm Saturday. The rest of my time will probably be spent with paper and glue.

  14. Haha! I love that seal 🙂 But as one who lives on the north-east coast and sees them regularly, I can assure you it does not look like the seals we see 🙂 That said, it is gorgeous and cuddly – and what more does one want from a lovingly-knit soft toy?! 🙂

  15. Your granddaughter looks so sweet in her attire ❤
    Lovely post Cathy xxxxx

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