Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A big thank you everyone for helping me through my minor melt down last week. I calmed down, wrote the lists as advised, prioritized some things, did some of them, crossed them off the list, had a major tidy up, and felt a great deal better. List making and crossing off has continued all week-long and I am feeling more like more normal self!

First of all I have finished the cardigan for Little Miss F.

All the buttons are different.

And here it is with the dress I bought to go with it from M&S.

That has to be a pretty dreadful picture, sorry, and it’s too late to retake it as I posted it yesterday morning! Which leaves me with the grey fluffy thing to finish next, if only I hadn’t side tracked myself again with a tiny kingfisher to cross stitch. Meantime…

I went to Lockton Artist’s Open Studios,

Above the tea rooms is a small flat to rent called the Loft, for two people. It’s rather nice, but for the duration of the Open Studios it was being used by a couple of artists to show case their work. Claire de Witte was one of these artists. Sadly she is in the middle of upgrading her website or I would give you a link. This link is the one she has on the Lockton Artists website. Anyway she is a ceramic with a wonderful imagination. In the land of eider-down as children fall asleep a teacup army comes with good dreams and another with nightmares and while the children are asleep the armies battle it out. Claire has created two fleets of teacup boats and they are wonderful. I very nearly bought one….

Mr E and I took a bus to Whitby on Tuesday, the most scenic bus route in Britain, if you recall.  I shall probably share the pictures I took (a lot) in a future post. When we arrived in Whitby, we went to the Bridge Cafe for a coffee, and just look at the wall paper.

Junk Journals! Is that not sign? Serendipity and all that?

Today is going to be good too. I have an outing with one of my family history groups, we are taking the bus to York for a guided tour of the Bar Convent in York.

Not quite sure about the rest of the weekend. Sure it will have time for crafting and walking.

What about you? Anything exciting for the weekend?

Thank you again,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (30)

  1. What a sweet sweater. Love all the different stitches and the buttons are adorable. Love that wallpaper! Soft and subtle colors and full of romantic looking journals. I used to write in journals like those. So sweet.

  2. […] Nana Cathy, pretty sure I have left you some and Haekelmonster, I definitely left you some. Jill, maybe you too?? There maybe more of you, I can’t remember now!!!! […]

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I bet Little Ms F was thrilled with her package! How lovely.

  4. lovely cardigan, and such cute buttons! Very nice finish! I am glad you are feeling a bit more in control of your world. Lists are wonderful things. Great wall paper! And I love that building with the loft in it. So pretty.

    This weekend will be a bit different. Instead of going to my knitting/spinning group on Saturday, a friend and I are going to visit a local-ish garden/nursery, and then popping into some antique and junk shops between here and there. I believe there will be lunch and ice cream involved as well. I will try to take loads of photos to share.

  5. claire93 said:

    that’s a lovely cheerful cardie, Cathy, and sure to meet with little Miss F’s approval. Especially the buttons!
    I was planning on making a start on some quilting (trying to get a birthday pressie finished and posted to the UK in time for 21st June) but, as you saw on my blog, mud got in the way. Not to worry, birthday person will understand if birthday pressie arrives late.

    • I did see all your mud, and sincerely hope it hasn’t had a repeat performance. Floods are just dreadful. Hope you get some quilting time this weekend.

  6. Glad to know that you are feeling calmer now. Love the buttons on the cardigan and great to see that you have a dress to match.

    • Thank you. My DIL loves my creations but would always prefer white as they go with everything, she says some colours are hard to match up. I knew this cardigan would be limited in things to go with it, so I was totally thrilled when I found this dress, which matches all colours.

  7. That is such a cute cardigan! It looks so playful and happy.
    Your other outings sound like a lot of fun and I look forward to more photos!

  8. I had a sort of meltdown morning myself on Thursday, so thank God it was the day for my Tai Chi class. I went in feeling tired, stressed, grumpy, in pain and unwell, and came out still tired and in pain, but sort of peaceful and able to cope again. I’m glad to have taken this hour for myself every week come what may, and if the chance arises to do another on another day, I’ll jump at it. I’m glad you’ve found your own ‘mental tai chi’ and are feeling more settled and with direction. I hope your walk takes you past things that make you happy and enrich the experience xxx

    • Sorry to hear of your aches and pains. Strangely someone recommended Tai Chi to me at lunch today. Said it was worth doing. Not something I have given much thought too. Glad it has helped you a lot.
      I was surprised how putting stuff away and simplifying things really helped me. Mental over load….

  9. I missed your melt-down last week – probably because I had big plans, which all fell through and so Friday was greatly disrupted, although ended up with me and Mr Snail going out for a lovely lunch, so all was ok in the end.
    Anyway, you’ve clearly had a lovely creative week and the cardigan is a triumph.
    After much consideration it looks like we might get a new friend for Sam, so there may be a visit to see a possible companion today. It may be a disaster, since the dog we’ll be going to see is very different to Max, but perhaps it will work, who knows? Other than that, tomorrow I am going to go and do some knitting in public at our LYS, it being WWKIP day, apparently. Actually, I might be crocheting in public, I’m not sure yet. I will also be doing a rain dance each evening because the garden is parched and the water butts are getting depleted. I will then be doing a sun dance every morning, because whilst the garden likes the rain, I don’t want it during the day!

    • I am glad your plans that were spoilt at least led to a good lunch. Fingers crossed for the new companion.
      I forgot it was knitting in public day tomorrow.. Maybe I will take my knitting somewhere nice.
      Although we have had grey days due to sea fog we haven’t had much rain either. I do need to spend some time in the garden. The weeds have gone amok.

  10. I must have missed something – but glad to hear you are doing better! Lovely cardie, lovely dress I’m sure your granddaughter will be in love with both! I quite like the different colour buttons too – I’m sure it’s very trendy – and if it isn’t it soon will be!

  11. Lovely post, full of variety as usual – cute cardi, the buttons make it even more special.
    I think I might have to take that bus ride when I visit your neck of the woods!
    So glad to know things have settled for you enough to feel calmer – I’m impressed with all your strategies working out so well.
    This weekend I have a fair bit of child-care lined up (lucky me!) and I hope to get into my neglected garden if time and energy allow – the weeds are racing ahead of me at an alarming rate – I comfort myself that an untidy garden is good for wildlife.
    On Sunday afternoon I am visiting an Open Garden with my walking buddy – looking forward to that.
    Have fun!

    • Currently in the garden I am cultivating lots and lots of wildlife areas. Or I can’t do everything!

      You will love the bus to Whitby.

      I was amazed last week how writing everything down created order in my mind, and once I had set priorities I could put a lot of stuff away which I wouldn’t be needing, and just clearing it up, gave greater peace of mind. The I put everything I might need into order too, and I felt so much better.

      How lovely to have the children, can they do weeding? Enjoy the open gardens, hope the weather holds. We are beset with sea mist every day which takes quite a while to burn through.

      • The children weeding …. hmmmm ..????…. NO!!!!!!!!
        If I had just one of them, then yes, that could work out well, but more than one and I would fear for precious plants being rammed into the weed bucket.

  12. I’m so glad you’re feeling more yourself and that you have some lovely things to look forward to this weekend.
    I have my usual ‘flinging myself about’ class followed by a slower ‘untwisting the limbs’ sort of class to remedy the damage I probably do with the first one. Then, I’m going to attempt to make a pair of jeans. The sun is out today – hoorah – and, if it doesn’t end in a thunderstorm, that will be something of a rarity so far this Spring.
    What a lovely outfit you have there for Little Miss F. Those little buttons go perfectly with the rest of the pretty cardigan.
    Enjoy your trip to York – a beautiful place so I’m sure you will.

    • Oh my that sounds energetic, flinging your self and untangling yourself. I take it you are learning circus skills!

      Good luck with the jeans, that sounds super complicated. Hurrah for M&S I say, supliers of jeans to yours truly.

      I do feel more myself. I had no idea trying to craft within an obstacle course could be so hard.

  13. I’m sure Little Miss F will keep that cardie for her own daughter one day 🙂

    • Now there’s a thought. Just hope she likes it. The colours seem quite popular this year, which is a happy coincidence. Bit like buying flamingo fabric last year.

      • I heard about the coming of the flamingos from a British customer 3 years ago, but they never arrived here! We’ve gone straight to geometrics 😦

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