Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Going Wild.

I have decided to take part in Go Wild again this year. As the weather was so marvellous in May, I began a little early , getting in training so to speak. Go Wild encourages us to get outside , enjoy nature and do what we can do to help the environment.

So the bird bath has been washed, a tray of water provided for the birds who prefer shallow containers, and for any passing hedgehog, and I have been walking.

It really does lift my spirits to go for a walk. Over the month of June I will post the best of what I observe. Here’s some pictures of what I have seen recently.

The tree centre left is an Oak tree which the Queen planted in woods near Pickering. The smaller one centre right replaces one planted by Prince Philip which died.

These trees are at the start of a walk that runs alongside the Pickering to Levisham rail track of the North Yorkshire Steam Railway. It passes by an old badger sett, crosses the railway, then a bridge over a stream , and finally takes you through a wood. I went on the walk during the last weekend in May. I was pleasantly surprised that there were still a few

Primroses out and some

violets.ย  I finally found out that these

are called bugles.

During last week I rescued this

bee from our door step, he was sure to get crushed if he stayed there, so I removed him to safety.

Another walk I went last week was to Cawthorne Roman Camps because I was certain that the rhoderdendrums would be out, and they were.

As was the Gorse

The picture I am most pleased with is of the humble dandelion.



Comments on: "Going Wild." (23)

  1. So glad you are participating also. A walk outside does make you feel better. Lovely pictures xx

  2. I love this time of year for the amount of uplifting things that nature has to offer. And yes, that photo of the dandelion is just exquisite. Good luck with the rest of the month’s wild discoveries and endeavours.

  3. Echoing KerryCan (above) – walk on and enjoy absolutely every single thing of beauty! xx

  4. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Lovely. And your little bee looks like a common carder bee.

    • Thank you for identyfing the bee. I forgot to include a picture of a beetle wandering through a wood, which needs an id too. Next time!

  5. I loved seeing all of your nature photos. The flowers are so beautiful. The Dandelion photo is stunning!

  6. Oh my–I love that dandelion photo! All your pictures are lovely to see, though–they represent a lightening of spirits! The “bugles” are called bugleweed here, aka ajuga. It spreads like mad in our garden and is glorious this time of year! Walk on, Cathy!

  7. Dandelions do make good photographs don’t they. Lovely to see all the trees and flowers round your area. I think things must be later further north. I’ve just been out scrubbing more of my paving but even that fresh air and exercise was good and I can go and inspect my flowers!

  8. Beaitiful pictures. Especially the Dandelion clock. Enjoy your Wild times! Xx

  9. Lovely photos – especially the dandelion.
    When we still lived in the U.K. we were in West Sussex and quite close to Leonardslee Gardens which are famous for their rhododendrons.and azaleas. Such beautiful plants.
    I;m glad they lifted you up a little. x

    • I know Leonardslee Gardens, we lived in Horsham and Southwater for a while. With the wallabies. Closed to the public last time I looked, but the rhododendrums and azaleas were wonderful.

  10. Those are wonderful photos, good for you taking some time to enjoy the natural beauty around you! I’m sure the birds are very happy to have clean bath water, for e moment at least.

    • Yes the bird’s water gets dirty very quickly indeed. It certainly does me good to be outside and looking for beauty.

  11. Lovely photos, I like the rhododendron colour and the dandelion shot is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Lovely photos, Cathy, I’m not surprised your spirits are lifted ๐Ÿ™‚

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