Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A Big Adventure!

Or York as you have never seen her.

My birthday was seven months ago, but my birthday gifts have been enjoyed throughout this time. Mr T was responsible for the Ancestry DNA kit which set me off on my family tree research again, then came Mr B’s gift of theatre tickets in Stratford and Mr J gave me a wonderful garden pot, which was finally put in situ at the start of May. It is very big, I can’t lift it at all.

And then came Mr E’s birthday gift.Β  But what ? Well here’s how I spent Saturday.

Having a big adventure by helicopter.

Bye Mr E, and thank you for this birthday present.


and up

to York,Β  that’s the university below

York railway and railway museum

The Minster is really quite small from above,

On zoom

Clifford’s Tower

The race course

the River Ouse

Coming down

Hello again .

Well what a birthday present. What a birthday! Thank you family and thank you for humouring me and reading my post. I almost like getting older.

Ok so back to the washing, ironning, cooking and cleaning. Blow it I have paint and yarn to play with! Where’s my knitting?



Comments on: "A Big Adventure!" (44)

  1. Wow! Amazing present. Good to get to do something totally original and different. Xx

  2. What a great birthday and what great views of York!

  3. That looks awesome. πŸ™‚ I can just imagine the fun you had. It is stunning to see so much and so clear. One definitely have to have a helicopter ride to see it all.

  4. WOW! What fun!!
    The pictures are beautiful! I spent 10 dollars each at postersdotcom for scenic shots of England that were no where near as nice as yours!
    I’m so glad you shared!

  5. How brave of you! Amazing shots; it must have been a wonderful ride.

  6. Wow, what fun! You got some great gifts!

  7. I can’t actually say I envy you–I’m a bit skittish on heights–but it was wonderful for you to have such excitement! And how fun to see your patch of the world from such a different perspective–you’ll never forget that! I like the idea of an extended birthday, with the gifts coming at different times–it keeps reminding you how lucky you are!

  8. Oh wow! What a fantastic gift! Your family are great at picking some brilliant presents, I actually made a few notes there. Glad to hear you had a great time xx

  9. What a fabulous trip – isn’t it wonderful to see a favourite place from the air!! I have no clue how you managed such clear and steady photos – well done on that too!

    • Well thank you, I use my trusty small canon camera, it goes everywhere with me. I took nearly 50 pictures, and these tell the story the best.
      The ride was very smooth.

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wow! What a great birthday present!

  11. That is so amazing!!! Taking a helicopter ride is on my bucket list:)

  12. What fabulous gifts your family got for you. Wonderful photos – so glad you enjoyed it so much. Dust sculptures here too! HaHa!

  13. Oh, W.O.W !!! What a fantastic gift πŸ‘ πŸ‘
    My thanks especially for sharing the River Ouse (finally know how to spell it) and for showing a “minster,” as I always wondered what it encompassed. xx

  14. what a spectacular gift!!! and such great pics!!! When do you EVER find time for domestic stuff?….:)

    • Not sure I understand the phrase domestic stuff, am I meant to do something? I have perfected the art of dust sculptures!
      It was a wonderful gift, well worth the wait.

  15. A helicopter ride eh? I hope you didn’t bother to have your hair done first πŸ™‚
    You’ve really managed to spread out your birthday this year which is what I also like to do apparently – so my Mum used to say. Well, if you’ve got to get another year older you might as well enjoy it.

  16. So much fun! You have one creative family to be sure, and what great photos, WOW!

  17. How fun! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them with us!

  18. What a brilliant present, I’m deeply envious!

  19. What a fantastic birthday present! One lucky girl you are.

    • I think he got bored of asking me what I wanted as a gift and always getting the same one answer! It was a wonderful experience, would love to go again!

  20. claire93 said:

    Your family came up with some original ideas for your birthday!

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