Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Another lovely sunny week here in North Yorkshire. Time for being outside.

A day at the seaside – Scarborough.

Walks by the North York Moors Railway. I explored a new path to me later on, getting in training for the 30 days wild month in June. There is a working quarry close by and a footpath right through it, care is needed to avoid the lorries coming and going, but my gosh it was a different world up there.

Looks like a lunar landscape! I loved how nature finds a foothold the moment man stops.

Knitting has made slow progress. The rather fluffy grey thing is nearing completion, I need to buy some eyes. No-one guessed right btw.

The sleeve on the cardigan for Little Miss F has grown a smidge.

I gave in and bought some more sequins and set to work on the Sawdust Heart. I think I am nearly happy.

Have I got there? The sequins are smaller at the bottom to suggest forgetfulness over time, and bigger where they get to word remember.

I added the words in the middle, because first of all there was a big gap there and second because I want people to link it to the poem that inspired me.

Am I done? What do you think?

This has been a real collaboration with you all, and I am so grateful for all the comments. Thank you.

And so to you? Anyone done anything nice this week? What about for the bank holiday weekend, any plans? Do they involve yarn or fabric? Or adventure?

My big BIG adventure is tomorrow, it will be one off the bucket list but I need good weather. So excited.

And of course knitting….

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (39)

  1. Your heart is just beautiful Kathy! Very creative. Your trips look like they were wonderful too.

  2. I LOVE your heart! I “see” the sunset. So creative the sequins getting smaller as memory fades! I LOVE it! It is very thought provoking and stirs my soul!

    It’s soooooo hot here. I have MS and our air conditioning unit doesn’t cool the whole house. :o( I’m painting furniture and such around the house this weekend. Too hot for out door plans.

    • I am so glad you see the sunset.
      You look after yourself painting furniture in the heat.
      Today Sunday we have sunshine, so maybe I shall go another walk, in some woods where it will be cooler!

  3. The heart is perfect now! Just the right amount of sequins and spaced perfectly. I’m sure I’ll be reading about your big adventure any moment now. Man can decimate a landscape quickly but nature does know how to take it back left to her own devises. Wonderful photos of your walk.

    • Thank you. Sequins placed by eye alone! Measuring anything is not my strong point.
      There were so many plants in the quary trying to get a foot in, including wild strawberries.

  4. claire93 said:

    your heart is gorgeous!
    ha, another guessing game, eh? What is on Cathy’s bucket list . . . hmmm, let me see . . . how about a ride in a hot air balloon? Weather is nice enough for it, and with all talks of parachuting and bungee jumping, you’re obviously not afraid of heights!

    • Nearly right, but I have already crossed off hot air ballooning. I am not terribly brave so parachuting and bungee jumping are a bit too much!
      Thank you for the comment about the heart, I think it’s finished.

  5. The heart looking finished to me, it looks wonderful! Are you hang gliding tomorrow?! This weekend will start with a senior recital, lots of weeding in the cooler parts of the day and, I hope, several hours stitching, sewing and knitting. Tomorrow will be our first very hot day (91), so I may go shopping, just to be in the cool. Oops, I forgot I Have rhubarb to deal with, too!

  6. Your walk looks great! With a steam train! Look forward to hearing about your Big adventure. I’m doing my delayed Christmas for Monday. Spreading out the preparation.

  7. The heart is lovely – and just might be complete!
    So glad you’ve had such a glorious week in N. Yorkshire! We’re in our second day of dryer weather, which makes the heat a bit more tolerable (as long as that breeze keeps up).
    I’m busily working my way through my second 200g ball of yummy yarn and tried to order more yesterday from Wool Warehouse, but they’re temporarily out. So I decided to look around … We have our 3-day Memorial Day weekend beginning this afternoon. It’s supposed to rain. ☔️ But I have plenty to do and hope to get well and truly stuck in!
    Hope your weather continues! xx

    • Thank you re the heart. I hope you source some more yarn, shortly. Hope you get stuck in with all your projects. We have a long weekend too here, with a bank holiday on Monday, not that it makes any difference when you are retired! Have a great time whatever you do..

  8. The heart looks great!!! Enjoy your adventure and can’t wait to hear about it!

  9. What a lovely setting to enjoy being outdoors. We have a busy weekend and then Memorial Day, so hopefully it’s a weekend of fun and family. Hope your adventure is fun!

  10. Oh, my–I hope you’re not jumping off a high place. My toes curl under thinking about it . . .
    I think your heart might be perfect as it is now. I love the subtle detail of the sequins getting smaller.

    • I would like to jump off a high place but am not quite up to it yet, give me a couple of years to get into training!
      Thank you for your comment on the heart. If I still like it this time next week I may declare it finished.

  11. Loving your heart!
    Are you doing a parachute jump??
    Intriguing! I will just have to wait and see. Xx

  12. Cathy…..Adding the text to your heart has definitely finished it. As ‘you’ speak the words the mind automatically finishes the next line. We will remember them!
    The Ode has a special place in all military services on Anzac Day as well as Remembrance Day ….it is also repeated at 6pm each evening in service clubs eg RSL around Australia.

    Enjoy your weekend- we are promised sunshine, not rain. Will we be mowing the grass – well more like ‘gathering up’ all the autumn leaves into the catcher and plonking them on the compost heap. That way they are all chopped up and rot down more easily

    • Thank you for the positive comment on my heart, by golly it has been hard and everyone’s feedback has helped so much.
      Good luck with the leaf gathering!

  13. Love you heart! and the sentiment behind the sequins getting smaller.
    I know – it’s sky-diving isn’t it!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the video on You Tube!

  14. Lovely photos Cathy…😊❤️

  15. I think your heart is beautiful. Weather is looking fine tomorrow so good luck with your big adventure, will you be seeing the world from a different angle??

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