Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Claire very kindly sent me and Mr E some lovely happy mail this week.

This is my mug rug and this

one is for Mr E. Claire is so very kind and we loved our happy mail thank you.

I had another look at my Sawdust heart this week. I am still not sure.

I am happy with the lettering now, it can be read, but what about those sequins. Keep or loose? Thoughts please?

The back I sealed down with a row of sequins too, in homage to the original sawdust hearts which had a lot of sequins on them.

Somehow I have to attach my number to the back too as it is covered up , under the cover.

More information on the Sawdust Hearts project can be found here

After my action packed week last week, things have been quieter this . Some cleaning and gardening has been squeezed in and there has been time for knitting.

I tidied our bedroom this week and tried to put some leftover yarn into my pine chest. Opening said chest I found another bag of yarn with patterns for at least three projects, that’s in addition to two bags lying on the floor and a couple stashed away in the guest room wardrobe. I simply have to find more time in which to knit, so I can tidy, dust and hoover.

The thing I decided was to stick to finishing one project at a time. So, I cast off the asymmetrical Sunday scarf, that with the two line pattern which I may not divulge under any circumstances, the pattern says so.  It reads

” This design is protected by copyright. Reproduction in whole or part is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Nor may the design be knitted and used for monetary gain.” So that is telling me.

It’s two lines long for goodness sake, and I reckon a lot of you could figure it out all by yourselves. It seems a bit OTT to me. Anyway should you be interested it came from the Leeds wool festival and from the stall by this shop, kit details here

Impossible to photo really but super snuggly and I am set for Autumn. It was perfect knitting when I couldn’t concentrate on any other project.

Talking of concentrating, both the crochet tiles blanket and the cardigan I am making for Little Miss F both require thought. So my thinking ran finish one then do the next , so on with the cardigan.  Two fronts and the back done, onto the sleeves, yikes they are both lacy, double yikes after the first 16 rows, pattern reads these 16 rows set the pattern , increase in third and every following fourth row. BUT, I have to figure out all by myself where to put the new bits of lacy pattern into the increases. Oh My.

Which is all very well and good if I can really think. Which after about 5pm I can’t. Cue another knitting project for evening/tv knitting. This one is relatively straight forward but I bet you can’t guess what I am knitting.

Go on , give it a go.

So what are your plans for the weekend. Anyone doing anything exciting? I am saving myself up for a super duper double exciting day on the 26 May. It is so exciting , I am getting goose bumps thinking about it. Not chancing fate by saying what exactly, but oh my.

What are the creative plans? I hope to finish this sleeve, and maybe make a start on the next.

Whatever you do, stay safe and Be Happy,




Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (38)

  1. How about a Bedlington Terrier?

  2. Bit late but I think the three sequins look lovely. As for what you are making – what about a toy sheep? As to the mustn’t tell pattern: as a pattern creator myself, as I understand it, the law only allows copyright for the words and layout of the pattern (as with recipes) not the content as such. Of course people can request things of people who use their patterns and you could respect that but they cannot enforce it.

    • Not a sheep but you are on the right track!
      The pattern is just two lines long and there is nothing unusual about it, so the dire warnings seemed so over the top!

  3. What a fabulous gift, those mug rugs are so cute. The lettering looks perfect on your heart now and I’d definitely keep the sequins, understated is good. I hate it when a pattern expects you to work out the increases and decreases yourself whilst keeping up with the lacework, my brain just isn’t up to it. Hmmm, as for what you’re knitting, some kind of fluffy animal, how about a fluffy bunny?

  4. Lovely mug rugs. I would be afraid to put a tea or coffee mug on them. Too pretty to stain but you may be more delicate than I am with your beverage. I agree with Pauline on the sequins. A few more and then they look intentional. The shawl is beautiful in those blues. Can’t help you solve any knitting problems since I know absolutely nothing about it but the project looks very nice already. As for the weekend, I am going to a writing workshop in an hour for a whole day and then hunt down some fabric to tie into the 6 embroidered houses I’ve finished stitching out on my machine. I will quilt them into a wall hanging. Spending time in the garden as well. Have a wonderful weekend. A whole week of waiting to find out what’s happening on the 26th? I don’t know if I can. ;(

    • The mug rugs are lovely. I shall have to be very careful with them.
      Although I have lots of sequins they are too big, so today I have bought myself some more. Hopefully I can figure out something better.
      The writing workshop sounds such fun. As does the wall hagning. I’ve been in he garden today, always so much that can be done.
      Have a good weekend.

  5. The mug coasters are so cute!! What fun!

    The raised letters on the heart are very tactile! I love them! Yes more sparkles! We can never have too many can we?
    I’m like the ContentedCrafter, I too add things that mean something to me as to why they are there! :o)

    This is now my favorite quote!-
    “I simply have to find more time in which to knit, so I can tidy, dust and hoover.”

    I tend to finish all my crochet before starting new BUT sewing is another matter. I’ll be cutting out items faster than I can sew them! ;o)

    (((HUGS))) to all here.
    I’m off to paint trim in a bedroom and sewing plans are a few simple/fast skirts for me!

    • You are another lady who is always so busy with projects.
      The pipeline for my not yet started is in danger of getting out of hand, and I don’t think I have gone near a put to the back of the cupboard project all year.

  6. A wig was my guess too! Or maybe you are going to knit your own lamb? It would be an easy care pet, and very huggable. I think more sequins on the front, make it very starry.😄 Weekend plans….two performance classes with my students this afternoon, and a visit with Girl #1. I even “coaxed” Max into the tub for a bath. Once the door was shut and I gave him half a treat, he knew there was no escape and jumped in with a little help. Now he is sulking because he can’t go outside or he’ll roll in the mud(thinks he is a great hunting dog 🙄). He had a fit when I got the suitcase out, so I finally packed him one with his dog treats, etc. and he calmed down. I swear, this dog is as bad a a toddler!

    • Your dog does sound very toddler like! Good luck with your classes this weekend. You are always so busy..
      Not a wig.

  7. A furry ball? A Fur Ball? LOL The lace is lovely though.

    • Tha pattern is driving me nuts, I keep loosing concntration and then have too many holes or not enough.
      Not a ball.

  8. Yes, more sparkles, particularly is you find starry ones. Best wishes as you wend your way through all your other projects! Will look forward to seeing them, as always.
    I took the plunge & ordered meself a “real” squidgy package from Wool Warehouse, and it arrived this week. Have been happily hooking ever since!

  9. Are you knitting a cat??? Lol!!! Looks like it would drive me crazy because you can’t see the stitches. Good luck with that!

  10. claire93 said:

    I’m really enjoying the guessing game Cathy. I’ll be popping back later to see if anyone guesses the right answer.

  11. You’re knitting an English sheepdog? Wouldn’t it be easier to get a puppy?? I am very intrigued by that furry mass and by whatever will happen on May 26!

  12. claire93 said:

    I really look forward to Friday coming around because it also means your Knit & Natter Friday post ^^
    Love your sawdust heart, but if you’ve got more sequins, I reckon you should add a few more on the front. Those 3 look a little lonely.
    Your shawl is gorgeous, and Little Miss F’s cardie is going to be fab. despite the headache of working out the lace pattern.
    Very disappointed that Lynn’s guess for the grey fluffy mystery wasn’t spot on . . . maybe it’s a fluffy ferocious but friendly creature for Little Miss F’s fantasy animal menagerie? Or a sheep?

    • Now you are getting closer with your guess.
      I think I shall try more sequins, I reckon if I can find some to look like stars, I may be onto something.
      I am glad you look forward to my Friday posts, I really enjoy my Friday natters.

  13. I love the mug rugs, they are super cute.
    Lots of projects and knitting happening, you are keeping busy. Wow. Have a great weekend working on them. 🙂
    I may be knitting too, it seems we are in for the winter weather now (finally) and I get to hibernate for a bit. Yay.

  14. What lovely gifts from Claire, just the thing to cheer one up – getting squishy happy mail is a special joy nowadays.
    I love the Sawdust Heart, I say keep the sequins. I have made some progress with mine, but must get on with it. So many things to do outside at this time of year. I have running conversations in my head about all the things I could be doing whilst I’m doing other things – I do wish that voice would just shut up!
    Your shawl looks so comforting and snuggly. I could have done with it this morning – it was right chilly here!
    The cardi sounds complicated – good luck!
    Your TV knitting looks like you’ve massacred a Highland Terrier – so maybe it is a bit of toy taxidermy. I am disppointed it is not a chest hair wig for Mr E though. To misquote Sheila’s Hubby “If it’s not worth photographing, it’s not worth making” and I too would have been waiting in eager anticipation for those pics!
    Weekend plans – a take-away Thai meal with friends tonight, I’m off round the farm with Number One son and his boys tomorrow, Sunday will be garden and crochet I expect. The weather looks good.
    On the 26th I’m going to the wedding of a friend – really looking forward to that – very excited to hear what you are doing on that day.
    Happy Days ❤

    • You are closer with your guess than Lynne was for sure! But that would not be hard.
      Your weekend sounds lovely, friends, food, family and time for yourself, what could be better.
      How wonderful to be going to a wedding. But I wouldn’t swap.

      • You are right about the weekend mix – just the way I like it.
        26th ……. A Christening/naming ceremony…… maybe ……. hmmm

  15. It’s a hairy dragon? Or a hairy fairy – no its a wig so you can attend the wedding incognito 🙂 More sequins on the heart I think – three seems a bit sparse……… ? And the shawl is lovely. However I do feel a little sorry for these poor souls who think they can control their content once its been uploaded to the the internet. Remember the days when we used to buy books and share them around amongst our friends? Have a lovely weekend Cathy!

    • Nope, all three wrong, but better guesses than Lynne’s. Three sequins do look platry, I was hoping they might look lights or stars.
      The scarf is crazy, there are only two lines to the pattern, I know someone will take one look and know how to do it.
      I’m all for sharing.
      You have agood weekend too.

      • I found myself thinking of your sequines as I went off to sleep and wondered if you could use them to signify something. Maybe the age of your relative when he died for instance. Sequins can be overlapped if space is an issue. (I say this because I always place items in my work for a reason, but that is not everyone’s preferred method of working) Anyhoo – over to you 🙂

      • I originally tried to write the word remember in sequins, it didn’t matter how hard I tried there just wasn’t space. I am currently wondering about maybe doing a constalation, possibly the plough. I don’t know. Grateful for all susggestions, thank you.

    • So true on the content- I need to print things for my vision. And if I can’t from that source I have to go away and they lose a reader. I don’t misuse their trust- its just for me!

  16. A chest hair wig for Mr. E. to wear on the beach with his Speedos this summer?

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