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Knit and Natter Friday.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Easter.I have been very lucky as my son and family have been holidaying here this week and lending us much-needed moral support. I am pleased to tell you that Mr E had a major operation on Tuesday and is now recovering as per schedule. He will be in hospital for a while longer and I shall be zipping down for visiting also for a while longer. The relief I feel is enormous, light at the end of the tunnel and all that. Thank goodness for family, friends, blogs and yarn.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts.

However,it was Easter and there were things to be done.

Belinda the dragon duly made herself a nest on top of a blanket and Easter eggs.

Little Miss F was taken under her wing immediately.

Not quite certain why Little Miss F needed the kitchen stool or why my Easter rag doll was in a star wars thingy but there we are. And the duster was there as something else that was required.

The dragon is now called Sparkly.

There was an Easter egg hunt in the garden between rain showers cloud bursts.

We even squeezed in a trip to Whitby and I finally got to eat a meal at the famous Magpie Cafe.

It was a very good fish and chips too. The children’s activity packs were well worth opting for too, and the grandchildren were kept occupied during the wait for food.

To things yarny- I managed to complete the back of the cardigan I was knitting, but Master T had apparently won an enormous basket of Easter goodies at school. Little Miss F decided I was just the person to make this unicorn which was included.

So of course I set to work. The body is done, and Little Miss F stuffed it. I had hoped to finish it before they went home, but sometimes even knitting is too much.

Mrs T also returned these four , now too small.

That fabric is too nice she said, and she didn’t know any little girls to pass them onto, maybe I could make them into something else… what? Or maybe I could put them in the airing cupboard to marvel that I ever made them in the first place. Ideas anyone.

I have my sister-in-law coming to stay on Sunday for a few days. I have to clear the guest bedroom of all the yarn, fabric, threads  etc etc that I had arranged to my satisfaction on the bed! That’s this morning gone for sure.

I shall be glad of her company.

I am glad of your company, thank you for stopping by. I may not have been reading as many blogs as usual or throwing in my tuppence worth, but I am still here and I will be around from time to time and dipping into your blogs.

Thank you, and do stay for a bit of a chat.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (46)

  1. Wishing Mr E a speedy recovery! (and ooh I love Whitby!) x

  2. I’m so glad to hear hubby is recovering well. How wonderful to have had your son and now your sister stay. What an absolute blessing!

  3. Pleased to hear that Mr E is recovering according to plan – operations are never pleasant. How about using pieces from all the dresses to make a patchwork skirt that she can wear again? She’s still young enough to enjoy the themed fabrics, isn’t she?

  4. That dragon is amazing!

  5. Glad to read E has had his op, hope his recovery is smooth and fast.
    I’ve had a sock knitting session with Patch, yesterday, it was really good and I am keen to carry on.

  6. I’m late visiting Cathy, but sending best wishes to you both. I hope your hubby can be home soon – it’s never easy to get well in a hospital. Pauline xo

  7. Pleased to hear Mr E is recuperating well. Your Easter egg hunt brought back memories of the egg hunts I used to do for all the kids on our estate, together with roll an egg down our (steep) drive and egg & spoon race round the block! If you like the idea of the dresses going to Africa I know a lady who helps at an orphanage in Malawi, it’s a charity based in Harrogate, I’ve made little dresses for her to take over.

  8. I’m pleased to hear Mr E is over the op and will be home soon. An easy idea for the dresses could be to stitch along the hems, add little clothes hangers and you have laundry peg bags 🙂

  9. Glad Mr E’s op went off okay. I am sure your visits will help him as he recovers. Lovely to see all the photographs of the grandchildren. If I had made the dresses I would want to pass them on to another child as they look in such good condition. Do your children not know of someone who would appreciate them?

  10. Glad he is doing well!

    Your Easter looks wonderful, what fun.

    As for the dresses, do any moms cone into your repair shop events? Maybe they could use them. They are adorable dresses!

    Glad Sparkly is so loved and to bejoined by a unicorn brother!

  11. Thanking the Lord for Mr. E’s successful operation! What excellent news for you all. Your grands are so adorable, and of course you are the perfect person to handle corn construction! Sorry you have to clean off the bed, but at least it’s for a happy reason! Be safe on the roads as you travel back and forth.
    We had MORE snow this am….😡. 4 inches! It does motivate me to do some rows on my mittens, though I haven’t done much this week compared to some, that book captured my attention!

  12. So glad to hear that Mr E is on the mend! :o)

    I just finished ripping apart about 6 pretty store bought dresses that my youngest daughter (age 10) no longer fits into. In that case I used the “skirt” of the dress to attach to 6 new bodices I made from a very simple larger pattern. The skirts have less gather due to the larger size bodice but still look nice. They are shorter, but she wears leggings. I made a size 14 bodice and should have made a 12- LOL! So now a bit big. So I guess what I “see” with your pretty dresses is the possibility of making one cute dress in Miss F’s size using the pretty fabric from all of the dresses! There are so many simple dress/tunic patterns that could be adapted.
    Anyhoo I think that’s what I’d do. ;o)
    Happy Friday!

  13. Can’t she sleep on the floor? LOL! How cute, the unicorn will be a sweet stuffie to love.

  14. claire93 said:

    so pleased to hear Mr E’s op is now behind him!
    Little Miss F looks completely wrapped up in her fantasy world, and the duster & stollf obviously played a very important role in the game.
    Like some of the other ladies, I think it would be a shame to cut those dresses up unless you’re going to branch out into patchwork, in which case, go for it!

    • Thank you. My daughter in law has sent me some lovely pictures of the dragon, so there mabe another picture next week.
      I am glad the op is done and dusted, now we wait and see.
      Best of luck with your op too.

      • claire93 said:

        I like how Little Miss F brought the unicorn pattern for you to do too . . . do you think she worries you’ll ever run out of crafting ideas?

      • I think she was concerned I waste too much time knitting things for her cousin or brother!

  15. Well, nobody wants you to cut up those dresses but I have seen patchwork quilts made of special clothing and love when someone can point to specific scraps and say, “this is the dress Miss F wore to her first day of school, this is the shirt Master T wore to play ball”–it’s like a fabric journal! You had a wonderful Easter in spite of your worries and have such great news about your husband! Make sure he takes it easy and does everything the doctors tell him to do, to speed recovery!

    • Thank you. I knew he was returning to form when I found he had drawn a picture for staff on how to improve a hospital bed with the use of a wooden plank!
      I kept the fabric scraps from these dresses and they are in the hexie quilt I started.. note to self, finish said quilt.

      • HaHa! I love that Mr E is redesigning hospital beds –
        “If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, ”
        Well he seems to have that covered!

  16. The smocks look like a future Christmas tree skirt for the original owner, to me. Patchwork stitch them together and set aside until they are older.

  17. I hope Mr E continues on the road to recovery and is home soon – hospital visiting is so draining and sucks up so much time. Anyway, everyone heals better at home where the food is good and it’s peaceful at night!
    I love those little dresses – I don’t think I could bear to convert them into anything, I would have to find another little girl to pass them on to.
    I am currently trying to motivate myself to tidy up my work space, which has got very cluttered and messy. Trouble is, I’d rather actually be doing something creative, so I keep putting it off. I did avoid adding to the clutter a little this week by patching and mending Mr Snail’s gardening jeans as soon as a rip developed… once things enter the mending pile it can take a long time before they emerge, so at least that was one job that was sorted immediately.
    I’ve just been reading about Pauline’s card creations and it reminds me that I need to make a stash of greetings cards again… I have hardly any in stock and I have several ideas that I want to put into practice.
    Now, if we could just have a few more hours in the day…

    • Thank you for your good wishes. I could certainly do with more hours in the day. You are right about visiting sucking up time. 7 1/2 hours yesterday door to door, with a flying visit to Sainsburys for food and petrol. It will be a while before he is home, so I am trying to find ways to turn the trips to Leeds into an opportunity.
      Well done on another mend. I do love seeing your mends. Our clothes seem to go on for ever, I long for a good mend.
      I too could do with some more cards. As it happens I just happened to buy a new book on greeting cards whilst I was in Whitby this week.

  18. My first thought was peg bag too. Well, actually, my first thought was they are too nice to cut up or anything. Surely a small girl will present herself at some stage if you could just hang on to them for a bit.
    I am pleased to hear that things are going to plan for Mr. E. – it must be such a relief for you and your family. I hope his treatment continues to go well and that it won’t be too long before he’s home with you again. xx

  19. So glad Mr E is on the mend. Fingers crossed for a complete recovery. Those little sundresses would be great for some small child somewhere: I wish I knew of a charity that’s collected clothes for children in need. It would be a shame to take them apart, they’re so cute!

    • I hesitate to send them to a chairty shop because they might just send them for rags, being home made by a Nana who is a bit of a novice!
      Early days for Mr E, he is doing well post op, the success of it will take time to be evaluated. A day at a time. Thank you Kate.

      • I was thinking more of orphanages in South America or Africa, I know they take clothes, but you’d need to find someone who’s collecting. It would be too sad if they were dismantled…

  20. So glad to hear all is going as it should for Mr E. Big hugs from Dorset! You can’t argue with what a Sparkly Dragona and a Little Miss F need to work their magic can you! My Little Miss M and Master R were building dragon nests on the beach yesterday – it all got very involved.
    When that Unicorn and Sparkly get together who knows what will happen.
    Re the adorable sun dresses I expect a project will present itself for the fabric, but one thought I had was turning them upside down, seam across just above the shoulder fastenings, add a handle and you have a bag – could be a drawstring bag – could put one inside the other for a lined bag.
    Oh another thought – right way up, seam across the bottom, coat-hanger at the top = peg bag.
    Wishing you and Mister E all the very best. More hugs!!!!! ❤ ❤

    • Peg bag, there is an idea. Not certain I could do that to the flower fairies. I might just keep that one. Will email you tonight. Thanks for the good wishes.

      • Oh no – you couldn’t have upside down fairies could you! I hope you find a little girl somewhere who would like them – all my lot are 5 and older otherwise I’d definitely make you an offer! 😉

  21. Shirley said:

    Good news to hear your husband has had his operation. Sending best wishes to him and you all.

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