Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A change is as good as a rest as they say, so here we are for a Saturday natter. The Repair cafe was well attended last week. We couldn’t help but I dropped off the crochet blanket for the raffle. Fifteen people brought along repairs and 19 things were fixed and saved from landfill. Hurrah.

The raffle was drawn on Sunday and the blanket was delivered to the winner. I was emailed this news.

“We’ve just delivered it and she was completely over the moon. I haven’t seen that much pleasure on anyone’s face for a long time. When we left she gave us a bag of Rington’s Butter Toffees to give to you as a thank-you! I will hang on to them until we next meet.”
Now isn’t that just nice and all from leftover yarn.
Don’t appear to have a picture minus ends, but there were no ends, hang on a mo
That’s better, no ends and a border.
Crafting is hereditary, well we knew that. Little Miss F won a first prize for her Easter craft at school.
Her’s is the sheep, the chick is her brothers. ( Photo by her Mum)
And crafting is catching. Thrilled to hear after several crafty type gifts to Ms G from me , she is taking dress making classes.
As for me, a bit of crochet, and a bit of knitting,
The back of the cardigan for Miss F, it seems enormous to me but then she is growing up.
My son and family arrived yesterday . We have some nice outings lined up, if only it stops raining. Not to fret, Little Miss F arrived with a knitting project for me, more on that next week.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
Be Happy,

Comments on: "Knit and Natter Saturday!" (40)

  1. Very interested about your repair cafe, sounds very intriguing…

    • We started back in September. Basically a group of volunteers who can fix things help people fix things thatwould otherwise have been scrapped. So things that people would normally just chuck because they can’t afford the cost of repair or no-one will fix it. So it includes basic sewing , tears, buttons, holes etc,computer repairs, hoover repairs, hi-fi, all sorts of things. The idea started in Holland.

  2. When you didn’t natter on Friday, I got a little worried! Glad to see you here and to hear the news about the blanket! It really did turn out so well. And I love that the little one has caught the crafting bug!

  3. It’s lovely that your blanket is obviously going to be loved and used. Enjoy the toffees, Happy Easter 🙂

  4. So lovely that your blanket was won by somebody who appreciates it and who sends toffees.
    I like the way the sheep appears to be looking sideways at the chick who is winking at her with his wonky eye 🙂
    Fingers crossed for no snow there (or here) this weekend. Well, actually, we did have a flurry yesterday afternoon but it didn’t settle.

  5. We got 7″ snow last night. Half has melted. :o) Of course we historically get snow as late as June in Minnesota and as early as September.
    Happy Easter! What a wonderful woman to win it! I hope Mr E is doing well. Miss F’s sweater is stunning! I’m envious!

    • 7 inches of snow, golly gosh. Do stay warm. I take Mr E into hospital tomorrow afternoon. Of course the weather forecast says snow for then ! I am glad my blanket went to someone who really liked it. Have a Happy Easter Elizabeth,

  6. Somehow I have ended up cooking buns at 10:30 at night, so they are ready for tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how I got my timing so off, but they just didn’t want to rise. Still they will be lovely with coffee tomorrow. I’m not a fan of traditional hot cross buns, so mine are chocolate orange and I will put orange icing on them in the morning. And that’s Easter for me – festival of buns!
    Having completed my very complex Nordic sock knitting earlier in the week I’m making a very easy jumper – knitted in the round from the top down… no seams, all knits, no purls and some gorgeous wool. Mind you, it’s 4-ply, so it’s not a very quick knit.
    So glad your raffle blanket went to an appreciative home… and that the repair café (despite your absence) is going well.

  7. tonymarkp said:

    I love everything I see here, but that cardigan is most definitely original and perhaps now I have an inspiration to use up some scrap yarn!

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Happy Easter Cathy, have lovely time with your family. It sounds like your blanket has gone to a good home:-) love the sheep and chick!

    • Thank you. We went to a museum today and in the education room she sat down promptly and was creating a paper collage of tree and Easter bunny. Master T has been helping Grandad 3D print an Asterix figure. Don’t know who was happier Grandson or Grandad.

  9. Happy Easter! It sounds like you will have a wonderful time.
    What a lovely email to have received about your blanket! It’s wonderful it has gone to a loving home and will be used.
    And crafting is definitely hereditary! Both my grandmothers knitted and sewed, as does my mother, as do my sister and I (well I embroider and she sews, but whatever – it’s close!). Interestingly, I don’t think any of my cousins do, so it must have come from my Mum’s side rather than my Dad’s side.
    And they are two seriously cute little animals 🙂

    • I am busy knitting away because if I go fast enough she can help with the next step.
      It has made me happy that the blanket has gone to someone who was pleased to receive it.

  10. The response to your lovely blanket touches my heart! How often we forget that a random act of kindness like that can be what gives others hope and is a balm to their souls. Miss F seems to be my kind of girl…I recall many such interesting projects at my house when the girls were young. I think her cardi will be fabulous, and how wonderful that she arrived with plans for her Nana! I’m so glad you can have all the family with you for a bit, hoping that the weather sorts out on the sunny side for all of you! Easter blessings to you, Mr. E and your family. He is risen!!

    • Thank you Kathy, I love your comment. Yes it was marvellous to be told of the winners reaction. Thank you for the Easter blessings.

  11. Happy Easter! I hope it’s not too cold and miserable for you.

  12. What a lovely comment about you raffled blanket – such a pleasure to make other people happy and, as you say, all from scraps. Love both your grandchildren’s Easter art 🙂 Loving the cardigan back – it does look big, but better too big than too small.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family – hope the rain holds off xx

    • It was such a lovely comment, it quite made my day. it’s 17 inches long, no decreases for sleeves, so I guess that’s about right.

  13. Lovely to read all your knitting and family news as ever – so pleased to hear the blanket went to such a happy home, and congrats to that little Miss F! Have a lovely Easter – fingers crossed for this horrible weather stopping long enough for us all to get outside for a bit 🙂

  14. claire93 said:

    who wouldn’t have a big smile on their face after winning a gorgeous hand-crocheted blanket???
    So pleased to see crafting is in the genes and safely transmitted to the younger generation.
    And very intrigued with the new cardie for Little Miss F. Not only a lovely colour combination, but I see different textures too.
    Hope you have a lovely family Easter.

    • Yes colours and textures and lacy patterns. At least no cables! Just heard my sister in law is coming two days after my son goes! Be nice to see her again.

      • claire93 said:

        yes it’ll be lovely to have more visitors, although means you’ll have to get beds stripped, sheets washed and back on again quickly for your SIL. And the kettle on too, because no doubt you’ll be drinking endless cups of tea and coffee!

  15. Lovely post. Happy weekend and happy Easter to you 🙂

  16. Shirley said:

    And a Happy Easter to you and your family 🙂

  17. What a lovely response to your blanket! Do you like toffees?
    How wonderful to be passing on your crafty skills, love those Easter animals.
    Have a lovely time with your family – even though it is SO wet – loads of water on the roads around here and my garage is all splishy sploshy like Mr Jeremy Fisher’s back passage!!

    • It was the best response I could have hoped for. I like toffees as long as I remember that chewing them pulls out my crowns! A splishy sploshy garage does not sound good news.

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