Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Ellerburn Nature Reserve.

The Sun shone on Sunday and I almost thought it was Spring. After a stint in the garden and a visit to the tip with the garden clippings I took myself on a walk round the Ellerburn Nature Reserve. Warning, here be bones.

I can’t resist a blue sky through bare branches shot.

Ominous cloud which took itself off, I am pleased to say.

Rather small rabbit which stayed put long enough for a picture.

Strange sort of whirly bird. And thenย  -bones.

Rabbit, Pheasant?

Any ideas anyone? You were warned. I did think about taking them home, then thought maybe that is not my best idea ever.




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  1. The spring really is coming and going this year. Glad you made most of a fine day. I’d have left the bones – not sure why though, just wouldn’t have thought of picking them up.

  2. I almost think it really is spring–we’re getting small signs, too! I’d’ve left the bones right where they were–ashes to ashes . . . .

  3. I would not venture a guess on the bones, however it was probably wise to leave them there. The skies were beautiful, and the rabbit super cute. Glad you enjoyed the walk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I forgot to say – love your blue sky through branches picture – I can’t resist those either – you can never have too many of those.

  5. Perhaps you have stumbled across the ancient remains of what some forensic archaeologists have termed the ‘Yorkshire Yak’, believing it to have become extinct over 25 million years ago. As yaks go, it was a small animal in those days, only evolving into the big chaps they are today on the Indian subcontinent in the late Paleolithic era. I’d go back and get those bones, if I were you!

  6. They looked clean – I would probably have taken them home, wanted to draw them or paint them or something, not had the time, forgotten all about them instead and thrown them away at some distant tidy-up time.
    I shall be looking out for old men playing accordions if I ever come across a rabbit skull from now on.
    Looks like a lovely place for a walk.

    • Well I was wondering if Lynne could be right and it was an elf or a pixie or a lepracaun? Not certain how to spell that last word. I was trying to think what Mr E would say if I turned up with them. I think he’s got enough with my feathers, conkers and heather adorning the kitchen window cill.

  7. Rabbit, I think because the very front incisors are what rabbits have, assuming these are about 2 inches? Otherwise we may be talking mutant monster rabbit, or the dreaded jackolope, but since there are no antlers it must be a mutant monster rabbit. ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. I’d have brought them home. Delicate, beautiful and fascinating, and quite clean and innocuous once the ants had finished cleaning them up…

  9. I took bones home once. Apparently they belonged to a dolphin ๐Ÿฌ

  10. What an awesome day!

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Lovely walk. I am one of those people who would bring home bones! Definitely mammal, and yes likely rabbit.

    • I reckon you would know, so I take this as the difinitive thought. Rabbits they are. Not quite certain what iw ould do with the bones, but I was nearly tempted.

  12. I can see Lynn’s accordion player – Lol!! My vote, without knowing a thing about bones really – is for a rabbit or some kind of rodent. I think I see teeth too and birds don’t have any as already noted and besides bird bones are really delicate……… I think it is good you left them there – somehow I feel it is better to let the bones of nature lie where they are.

    • I was a bit too squeemish to pick them up, but there was something rather fascinating about them. I am thinking rabbit now.

  13. Looks like a rabbit with the side teeth set back and the two front goofy ones. maybe the crows or a bird of prey feasted on it.

  14. Oooh no idea about bones but I have seen that some nature bloggers take them home and put them on their nature finds tables. We have a small deer skull with antlers above our fire place. Looks a peaceful place to visit

  15. claire93 said:

    I really hope it’s not a little old man playing an accordรฉon lol.
    A bit difficult to tell really as it’s upside down, but since I can see teeth, I’d say more likely a rabbit than a pheasant since birds don’t have teeth.

    • Now that’s what I like someone with a brain on the job of identifying the bones! There are a lot of rabbit holes in the hillock nearby.

  16. The bottom bones in the first bony picture looks like a little old man playing an accordion. Although I’m pretty sure it’s not ๐Ÿ™‚

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