Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Knit and Natter Friday.

So last weekend the garden was full of snow and a pheasant came to visit.

Then on Sunday it rained overnight and the snow was all gone on Monday. So I treated myself to some daffs.

Then yesterday it did this.

More than a little tired of snow now. Spring ,please. It has gone again today and the sun is shining. Is it Spring? How do the frogs know not to wake up yet, last year they arrived in February, I’ve not seenΒ  a leg or heard one croak yet.

I have been tucked up indoors , and doing family history research. I am amazed at how an entire afternoon can vanish and just how excited I get if I find something new. You won’t believe how excited one person can get at the thought of two death certificates on their way and a nice kind man who says he will help me find an unmarked grave in Leeds, he has a map.

I didn’t succumb to my squishy parcel. Instead I have knitted a bit on the navy cardigan which now looks like this.

Just the buttonhole band and the collar to knit, then sew it up, choose buttons. Now there is another ridiculous thing I get excited about – choosing buttons. Then the squishy bag of yarn shall be mine, another thing to get ridiculously excited about.

Which makes me wonder , what things does everyone else get rather over excited about?

Plans for your weekend, any interesting things occurring, or a lovely quiet weekend?

I shall be happy if I can just go outside for a few minutes without freezing the matronly bits!

Have a great weekend whatever you do, please join in the natter in the post, it really is the best bit.

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (42)

  1. Every week I have been buying daffs to bring a little Spring to my home on these cold snowy days you can’t beat them. I get excited about fabric shopping and a new book !

  2. Getting excited about a new make is definitely the case for me too; those beginning parts: cracking open a new band off a ball of yarn, chaining or casing on and getting to grips with the pattern or unfamiliar stitches.

  3. Never a squidgy parcel over my way as everything must be boxed – such a waste… Woke up today after a nightmare that all shipping of cloth, patterns, & yarn was subjected to high tariff. TRULY nightmarish. 😒

    • hope you don’t mind me commenting :o) I spit out my coffee reading that! Too funny! ROTFLOL!

      • Delighted you found it funny & hope your keyboard or whatever didn’t get damaged! Lol! I immediately decided to purchase a Canadian pattern I’d been debating for almost a year. And there’s Wool Warehouse I’ve been wanting to try out. Better get the dosh together before anything else comes along… πŸ˜‰

    • A truly horrible nighmtare against which we all have stashes

  4. That cardigan is so cute and there’s the double excitement for you of finishing it and being able to make a start on the Eastern Jewels πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    This weekend I’ll be attempting to finish a pair of trousers I’ve made for myself. The making was fairly easy – the fitting adjustments will be, I suspect, more difficult. I am also fed up with looking at our faded wooden front door so I bought a pot of wood varnish yesterday and we’ll be sanding, filling and varnishing today. I say ‘we’ but I might slope off after the obligatory half hour to get him started and leave him to it πŸ˜‰

    • Yes I know that half hour, when you get going ineffectively so Alpha male takes over and hopefully doesn’t see the ploy!
      I once made a pair of trousers at evening class they were the most comfortable pair I ever had, but the pattern needed a lot of adjustment by the teacher!
      saw your Eastern Jewels blanket progress , it looks so lovely, I can’t wait to get going. I have decided that it being Mothers day tomorrow, that shall be my treat to myself.

  5. The weather has been crazy hasn’t it? Your cardigan looks lovely, and well done for not opening your squishy parcel! I have more sorting to do, and a bit of RSN work this weekend. Enough to keep me out of trouble!

    • Sounds like you have a pleasant weekend in store. I got the buttonhole band done last night and have started the collar. That shall be my priority today! Enjoy your stitching.

  6. We had snow too. Thankfully it’s all gone again. I get excited when I see the little birds in the garden looking for nesting sites and when the resident great tit calls all day long to find a mate. Spring is on its way. Your cardigan is really coming along and looking great. This weekend I’ll be playing with my new old sewing machine πŸ™‚

    • Yesterday I realised we only have to wait two more weeks and we putthe clocks forward, then it must be Spring. I was outside yesterday having a tidy up supervised by two blackbirds. I hope your great tit finds a mate soon.

  7. We had 12″ snow Monday. About 6″ left.

    I get excited about fabric and threads! I love new fabric, washing it. I love old fabric! I love my fabric stash- pulling a piece out caressing it, putting it back hoping to figure out soon- what will I make with it!

    The stash used to be for storing my just in case I might need this fabric. (after all it was on sale!) Now it’s for using up!

    The fabric stash memories are precious – I’m making my youngest daughter (age 10) knit dresses with knit fabric left over from my 42 year old daughter! (when she was 8) That was just when knits took off for home sewing here in the US!
    So yes, I get it! I get way overly excited about my sewing! And I could go on and on.

    • What a lovely link the fabric makes between your girls. I need to turn my attention to the fabric stash and make things! I have enough plans, just not enough action.

  8. Spring must be coming to you soon – there is a definite autumnal nip in the air down here! I get excited over all kinds of things – just a big kid really despite the matronly bits! I’ve spent the last three months in a state of wild excitement and now it is all over and I am back home, the last guest delivered to her plane this morning and life can return to its usual stately pace… there might even be some crochet in my future!!

  9. We got lots of snow yesterday, and I got to stay home – that was so exciting! I did loads of spinning and knitting and of course some shoveling (that last bit not exciting!) and generally relaxed. Even worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Not sure what this weekend will bring, because the weather is supposed to be spotty, but I do plan to try to get to my knitting group on Saturday. No squishy packages coming that I know of, but I am OK with that, I have loads of fiber to fiddle with already. πŸ™‚

  10. Yarn, fabric, buttons, blog comments, bacon aioli mayo, and life in general. My weekend consists of boarding a cruise liner for a trip to the Bahamas!!! Can. Not. Wait!

    • Oh my now that is worth getting excited about. Have a simply wonderful time, and I have you all have some very smart passport covers.

  11. Finding leads on your family history does sound well worth getting excited over. I’m sure I get excited over a lot of things, but apart from wool related stuff, I can’t think what else right know. That cardigan is looking fabulous. We still have some snow despite lots of rain and much warmer temperatures. The drift in front of the gate to moor is still blocking access to cars. Not that i want to go up there in my car πŸ™‚

    • I went up on the moors this afternoon. There are some piles of snow which are melting fast now. Please let it be Spring.

  12. Ah, this weekend. It will be pretty quiet I think. Maybe a visit to the second hand store or out shopping for some new shoes. I am thinking that this morning I will run downtown and see how all the kids did in the orchestra chair placements. It is All City Orchestra weekend here for grades 4-8, so nearly 1000 string players doing two concerts. Brings back great memories when the girls were little. πŸ˜„ I am working my list from earlier this week, and all the chores on it are done, so today will be quilt blocks and maybe planting peas, if the soil has thawed. Genealogy is fun. I discovered that the owner of our LYS is probably related to my husband yesterday! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Now new shoes is another thing I get excited about. I don’t care what sort of shoes they are its just the thrill of looking at my feet and seeing new shoes.
      Lovely memories of your girls.

      • Happy day, I found a pair of leather loafers at the thrift store for $12.00! They look brand new, and are exactly what I was looking for.

  13. The weather haa been crazy hasn’t it. Yesterday morning I woke to a white world. Today I think we are in double figures. The sun is actually a little bit warm. πŸ™‚
    I did do some of my family tree a few years ago. I should get back to it really. Nothing to exciting turned up. I was hoping for gentry. I got alot of farmers, miners….and a bigamist! I love finding old family names. My fave was my bigmist great great grandfather Parker Prudham. It does get quite adictive. Enjoy. X

    • I had an hour in the garden before lunch without a coat. Incredible.
      How exciting a bigamist! I think we all unearth the odd skeleton, if only an illegitimate birth or two, and those that “had” to get married. The sad parts are the lost babies.

  14. I’m just like you and get excited when the mail brings more yarn for weaving! Those colors! The other thing that totally excites me is when I get an unexpected “free” day, when plans fall through and I can just stay home and do my own thing . . . ahhhhhh! Have fun with your squishy bag of yarn!

    • Oh yes I know that feeling well, especially nice when they happen the day after you did lots of cleaning so you don’t feel you should be doing chores.
      I think I may open it on Sunday!

  15. Oh I do understand the excitement that comes with researching family history! I haven’t pursued it for several years now but it was intriguing, fulfilling and helped me so much in many ways. I came up with a couple of mysteries that I do not know the answers to.
    Lovely cardigan ❀ Resisting opening your yarny package is such a good idea πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒΌ

    • I joined Ancestry last year and did a DNA test. I got confirmation of two people I knew about and someone new. All exciting. It’s a new site to me so I am finding new things all the time, including Welsh roots.

      • Ooh, that is exciting. I’d love to have a DNA test. My maternal grandmother was Welsh and it was a great joy to go over to Wales and walk around where she grew up. I grew up in NZ and Nana died before I returned to the UK. She often spoke of Wales and where she grew up, so to experience the environment she lived in was rather amazing to me.

  16. I too get excited by much the same things Cathy – perhaps that happens when one has matronly bits! Ha!Ha! You always make me chuckle!!
    Right now I am exicted because my lovely daughter is taking me out to lunch today as an early Mother’s Day treat – it feels a bit like my birthday! We are going here, which does exactly what it says: http://feedthesoul.co.uk/#gallery
    Stay safe and cosy.
    PS. I admire your ability to resist opening the squishy package! You’re a stronger woman than me Gunga Din. πŸ˜‰

    • Once that parcel is opened the navy cardigan wouldn’t have a look in and the rate the baby is growing is alarming.
      Have a simply wonderful meal and feed that soul.

  17. I’m feeling a bit happier than I was last Friday – I have rearranged our trip to Manchester and although it won’t involve afternoon tea and the ballet, it should be fun. I also means that we can deliver a dresser to my niece and we couldn’t have done that last weekend with an extra passenger in the car. Plus my sister is coming to stay tonight so we will get to spend time with her to make up for not seeing her last weekend too. The only thing is, I now have to clear out the dresser draws… who knows what I might find.
    What is getting me excited currently is the prospect of a parcel from The Little Grey Sheep. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s worth a look: https://www.thelittlegreysheep.co.uk/
    We are having a bit of a sad week because one of our Knit Night ladies died on Tuesday. It was not unexpected, but happened much more quickly than anticipated and we hadn’t had time to visit. We are planning to go out for a drink to celebrate her life, but Knit Night was a bit sad yesterday.

    • A mixed week for you. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It is always a shock, even when expected.
      How lovely to be able to see your sister and to have rearranged your trip to Manchester. I know you will find lots of other things to do there instead.
      Good luck with the dresser clearance. I thought I would hunt for my Easter decorations today. Not where I thought they would be, there’s yarn there instead. Whoops.
      And a parcel coming. Lovely lovely parcels. I shall check out the little Grey sheep forthwith.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend (((HUG))) I lost 2 very close friends last year unexpectedly. So hard.

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