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Knit and Natter Friday!

So yesterday was the first day of Spring according to the met office. Well really!

Not Spring here, look at these poor catkins, do they look like it’s Spring?

And poor Lion.

He’s got snow paws.

It’s been a tough week in more ways than one. And we are not through it yet.

Heigho, that’s life, thank goodness for tea and yarn I say.

I am still knitting the navy blue cardigan for Baby J. More interestingly I have taken delivery of

my sawdust heart

that I mentioned last week and

a big squishy bag of yarn for the Eastern Jewels blanket which I absolutely must not start till the navy blue cardigan is done and dusted.

So are we all planning to stay indoors and craft this weekend? I am!

Before I go I forgot to put in the link for The Ginx Wooly Linx party yesterday, here it is

One more snowy picture – the castle

Stay warm and Be Happy


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (39)

  1. Hope the snow is melting now x

  2. Did you manage to resist that big bag of squishy yarn??? πŸ˜‰

  3. Tea and yarn therapy – there should be a prescription for that! Sorry to hear it hasn’t been the best week, but good times are imminent now that you have Eastern Jewels to look forward to hooking up!

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week. Yep, at least there’s tea and yarn therapy to help. Really looking forward to seeing your finished sawdust heart. Thanks for the ginx link. At least it’s warming up pretty quickly now.

  5. Stay warm this weekend. Prayers and hugs still coming your way, with hope that next week is better all around. That yarn bag will spur you on to complete Baby J’s jumper quickly, no doubt. I have recitals this weekend…a dozen K-2 grade kids coming this morning to run through…..the high schoolers have mostly been, but it has been grand central station all week. Barely a stitch of anything else done!

  6. We’ve been hearing about your bad weather, even here in the US! I hope it’s over and done with by now. On the other hand, perfectly good excuse to stay inside and play with fabric and yarn? That’s not a bad thing!

  7. Definitely a stay indoors and craft weekend! Not sure we got as much as you, but still a good amount. Have fun with your heart, can’t wait to see your creation

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Snow here too. Keep safe and warm.

  9. claire93 said:

    Was it really the first day of Spring yesterday? I didn’t think it was until 21st March.
    Ooooh so your sawdust heart kit has arrived, that’s splendid news! Have you been thinking about how you’re going to decorate it yet?

    • The Met offfice says it is and they must be right! Muppets!
      I have done lots of thinking on the heart but no decsions. I think I shall make a cover for it, maybe crazy patchowrk then add pins with beads and sequins.

  10. Just cold here in “Minnie-soh-tah” (Finnish accent ;o) Our last snow fall a week ago, 12″ of snow will be gone soon. But we’ll surely get a dumping in April just as a last hurrah! Jack Frost never lets go easily!

    Is it Friday already??

    Well since I’ve decided to use up my stash before I die. (Lord willing ;o) I have turned my fleece fabric remnants (from making 20 sweatshirts) into 30 pairs of socks for the 4 teenagers. I thought I’d allowed growing room in them for the 14 yr old son, BUT it seems his feet have now grown bigger than his fathers???!!! Yikes! Good thing fleece stretches! This weekend I will add the ribbing on the tops of the socks, and then use tube fabric paint ( drawing 2 lines) across the feet bottoms so they don’t ice skate on the wood floors!

    Hurrah! All fleece used up from my fabric stash! And no future purchases of fleece anticipated, I’m fleeced out!

    I’m sorry to hear about your week. (((HUG))) Sending thoughts and prayers.

  11. Shirley said:

    Enjoy your weekend of knitting and staying warm. What a lovely bag of wool for your next project. Which pattern did you choose for the navy baby cardigan? Best wishes

  12. Stay warm, it’s been really horrid here.

  13. Sorry you had a bad week. Here, we are feeling blue… we were supposed to be going to Manchester today and celebrating my niece’s 30th birthday tomorrow with afternoon tea and a trip to the theatre. Alas, despite the lack of snow here and in Manchester, the same is not true for the intervening roads. It’s impossible, it appears, to leave Wales today! On top of that the road to the kennels is so icy we can’t get there with the dogs anyway. As a result I have wasted much of this morning being really unsettled and glum. So, now I’m going to snuggle in front of the fire and dismantle the edging of a long-unfinished crochet cardigan and see if I can work out a better way to finish it than the vague suggestions in the pattern. Also last night I cast on the first of a pair of Nordic socks, so I might do some work on those too. Bavarian crochet did I hear you say? I have no idea what you mean….!!!!!

    • You do know what I mean about Bavarian Crochet, I read it you know on a most reliable blog so it must be true, and I can nag ask Bekki re the Christmas jumper.
      I am so sorry you have had to cancel your trip, we don’t expect such dire weather in March. Those roads across Wales will be lethal. Stay in and enjoy those socks.

  14. That wool does look tempting, now be a good girl and finish the other stuff first πŸ™‚ Sounds as if you’re going to be snowed in, so there should be time to work on it!

    • I want it finished in the next two weeks and posted off. Baby J is a big baby, currently moving onto solids, he needs to get some wear out of it!

  15. I’m sorry to hear about you week β€πŸ’›πŸ’œ
    Yarny goodness arriving from Wool Warehouse is a treat and a delight. You know how I’m having an acrylic stashbuster of a year…? Well it’s back firing as I’m falling for Stylecraft Special dk all over again! The colours are so wonderful. I haven’t bought any though… and as the year is flying by, I might just make it through.
    πŸ’πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΌ πŸŒΈπŸŒ»πŸŒ·πŸŒΊπŸžπŸ˜—

  16. There was a spoonful of snow around Gatwick and loads of flights cancelled – miraculously Mr. T managed to escape this morning and so will be home for the weekend – need to go shopping for food now!
    Your yarn looks so tempting in its drawstring bag – just looking at it will be a big incentive to finish the navy cardie I’m sure. I was making one of the octagons from Eastern Jewels yesterday and, despite being on the 9th one now, I kept making mistake(like using the wrong size crochet hook!) and frogging it back until I realised it was time to put it to one side and go back to it later which I did, and it was fine.
    Have a good weekend – there’s no better excuse than that snow to curl up with your knitting and your books.

    • Mr T was very lucky to take off, may he have a safe journey and you have a lovely weekend. I hope to make some good progress on the cardy this afternoon!

  17. Looks like we have similar amounts of snow here. Woke up to twice as deep as yesterday. Look forward to seeing the Jewels blanket as you make it. Very beautiful but a lot of work!

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