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Knit and Natter Friday.

Good Morning everyone. If this is your first visit or your umpteenth you are most welcome, and please join in with the natter in the comments. The Natter is the best bit.

Do you follow the Olympics, they are not my bag at all, but congratulations to all medalists, including the UKs one and only!

Thank you everyone for your really helpful comments yesterday. I have decided to make four motifs and then crochet them together, but first I will make one and weigh it and check there is enough yarn, thus avoiding yarn chicken.

So I went yarn shopping at the weekend and bought some yarn .

I am going to make the pattern with the mock pcokets, in navy. I shall go to town with the buttons. I think it meets the request from my son for Baby J!

Nice simple pattern which gives a lovely texture. I am enjoying making this, despite the colour.

So what is everyone up to at the weekend? Today I am off to the family history group, and if memory serves me correctly the snowdrops in the village we go too are rather spectacular. Hope that Mr E will be up for an outing in the next couple of weeks to see some snowdrops.

I heard on the news today that cleaning sprays are bad for you! Hurrah, does that mean no more cleaning? No?

Next questions, should I order the Eastern Jewels blanket kit which seems to be back in stock? Do I need another project?And should I enroll on a willow weaving day workshop? Decisions, decisions.

Are you thinking about new projects, maybe something for Easter? What are your plans for the weekend?

Love to hear from you.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (46)

  1. Well, we do have sprays for the cleaner to use, but I personally use white vinegar when I’m cleaning in between – it works wonders on a clogged shower head. I’m looking forward to watching someone else’s Eastern Jewels progress. You’ll love every minute of making it – just be disciplined about weaving all the ends in at the end of each octagon otherwise it will be too daunting a task left ‘til the end.

  2. Oh I’m sorry I have a lot to catch up on! That is a really lovely colour and will please young master very well I’m sure!

  3. Lovely pattern. Why’s everyone picking on blue this week? It’s a lovely colour. You’re really cracking on with it too. The snowdrops seem to be having a really good year everywhere this year, ours are gorgeous. Definitely go for the willow weaving workshop. I really enjoyed it and made a wonderful reindeer at mine, even though i had no idea what i was doing.

  4. I don’t really like the idea of doing what everyone is doing so I wouldn’t bite on the Eastern Jewels project–do something only you can do, that’s what I say! I’ve been watching LOTS of Olympic figure skating and doing lots of quilting as I watch.

  5. I love the sound of the willow weaving day Cathy you will have to do that one.

  6. I’m into some more repetitive sewing. Just completed 10 sweatshirts for 4 bigger kds. Now finishing up (ribbing on neck/arms/waist) of 11 more for 5 smaller boys! Very boring but much needed! I used fleece I had saved 10 years now. The remnants of the fleece will make the 4 teens lovely socks- and that will be more repetitive sewing! LOL!
    I love the stitch on the sweater. It’s going to look so nice! And I’m so glad to hear Mr E is up and about!

  7. No more cleaning, brilliant! Mind you I ditched the iron years ago. The only thing that gets pressed these days is patchwork 🙂

  8. Do some things that are new and make you feel that fizzy thrill of excitement. I think you need to make sure you’re looking after you too, if that’s willow weaving and a new crochet project then go for it. Good to hear Mr E is faffing, if you feel rubbish you don’t want to play at all.

    • Wise word Rachel, thank you. We have both spent a happy half hour changing ring tones so we can tell the difference and so Mr E can hear his!

      • It’s so true …the best ones you really like you just cannot hear when out and about! I’ve plumped for the classic (American) ringtone and the problem is that everyone else seems to as well – it’s loud – so I’m forever diving into my bag and it’s not mine ringing.

  9. If you want the blanket, buy the kit! If you want to weave, take the class. It’s time to enjoy your life!!

  10. Love the little woolly denim-jacket-style jumper for a lucky small person 🙂

  11. Good that you found something to make your dark baby jumper interesting.

  12. My weekend is going to have some knitting as it feels like I haven’t done any all month!

  13. It seems to me that everyone wants you to do this Eastern Jewel blanket, so if you love it, might as well go for it! I am hoping to get caught up on my Baltimore stars blocks before Sunday, am on the current appliqué block, with 6 rosebud pieces and a dozen leaves to go. It is looking hopeful. I am also trying to record the full Mozart which is still not coming together. I seem to lose something in the 11th minute and the last variation goes to pot! I may console myself with some knitting or quilt piecing. I should be making refills of my bathroom cleaning supplies too, since I ran out this week. It will be an indoor weekend, we are getting snow tomorrow again.
    I love the baby cardi pattern and color, and nautical buttons will be perfect with it!

  14. I stopped using spray cleaners quite a while ago, and now stick to liquids as close to natural as possible. My objection was their smell, but thoughts did linger about inhaling yucky unknowns. Damp dusting & a good hoovering is about all I can muster up energy or interest in doing semi-regularly.
    Have joined in with you over at my place today, with a bit of crochet. Stop by if you’ve time!
    Carry on with your project – it looks like it fits the brief beautifully!

  15. […] over at Nanacathydotcom, does Knit & Natter Fridays, and she also crochets, so I’ll join in with my ickle […]

  16. Just home from a lovely few days spent with my family in Devon – I’m so tired! But it is a happy tired. The Eastern Jewel blanket looks spectacular, but I couldn’t bear to have to sew all those ends in. If you don’t mind that, then it will be a wonderful blanket to have.
    My first-born is 42 this weekend, so if I’ve recovered by Sunday I will be celebrating with hm and his family. Think I might go and have a nap! xx

  17. You, perhaps, won’t be surprised to hear that I make my own cleaning products: vinegar, alcohol, a few drops of essential oils, bicarb and water are the only ingredients required for surface sprays, window cleaner and reusable wipes.
    I think the baby knitting will fit the bill and will get worn – well done for finding a suitable pattern.
    I have just finished my scrap blanket, which now needs to be packed up and sent to my ‘under the weather’ friend. Fingers crossed it will be a hit. At Knit Night last night I made a start on crocheting together some donated squares that are about 40 years old and have come from Belgium (made by the aunt of a friend). The lady who made them has had a stroke and cannot do anything with the squares so they have come to me to be turned into a blanket for charity. I shall probably send it to Knit for Peace, who are SO good at getting things to the places they are needed. I finished the first draft of my hat pattern for Mandy and I’ve sent it to her for perusal and, on a pattern-writing roll, I have made good progress on my skeleton hat pattern, complete with chart! I’m hoping to get that finished over the next few days… and then I have to do the thing I hate most, which is to photograph the finished hats. I always struggle with lighting, but at least I have Hattie to use to model them now.
    Other than that… baking and thinking about cleaning the oven (I STILL haven’t done mine) 😉

    • I have given serious thought to making cleaning products, maybe I should give some really serious thought to it now, and maybe some action.
      How good that you are able to turn the squares to a useful blanket.. I reckon your friend in need will be delighted with her woolly hug fromyou.
      Excellent news on the pattern writing, I am sure your friend will be delighted.
      Sure your oven will be good for another batch of biscuits, I can see Mr E’s peanut butter biscuit supply is going down so I reckon I will be baking again in the next few days.
      Good luck with the photos!

      • to be honest a bit of white vinegar is often all that you need. There are loads of recipes for specific cleaning products on the internet and it certainly works out much, much cheaper than buying ready made products. Just remember to keep some suitable bottles to store things in.

      • I could reuse the spray bottles perhaps?

    • oooh! Thanks for the heads up on knitting 4 peace!

  18. The cardigan reminds me of a denim bomber jacket. I listened with interest about spraying cleaning stuff, which makes perfect sense, given that the droplets are so fine that they must hang in the air a little and then go straight to the lungs. I’m in pre-moving cleaning mode and have found hidden corners that I probably haven’t cleaned properly since we moved in 27 years ago. Quite a revelation! A cheering morning as the sun is streaming through sparkling(ish) windows.

    • IIt’s incredible how many weird and wonderful places miss being cleaned. Under and behind kitchen equipment is the worst I find! Embarrassing when you need to replace them! My windows need resparkling!

  19. that’s a lovely piece of cardie knitting! I have to say, I’m like you and love bright colours for babies, but if the parents want a more classic style, then you’ve found the perfect pattern and a lovely yarn!
    I’ve been doing a bit of crocheting – great to keep hands busy in hospital waiting rooms – and just flitting about as usual from one craft to the other ^^

    • I was so tempted to go for a denim coloured yarn, but I then I thought that’s truly daft as I had just bought a navy shorts set for the babe and the cardy would be perfect in navy. I’ll take a picture for next weeks K&N post.
      Hospital waiting rooms, I had my fill of them, you will see how many books I have got through this month thanks to them! I think I am on number 5 and we are only half way through February.

  20. Hello Cathy! Of ‘good evening’ from ‘tother side of world. Yes, please order the Eastern Jewels kit. I would love to make it – watching Sheila’s unfold was amazing, it was so beautiful wasn’t it – I’d love to see another one unfolding. I’d certainly be buying it if I was in the UK!

    Baby J’s cardigan looks lovely. The texture makes the deeper shade look more lively I think. You can go to town with the buttons for sure. That would add a lot of fun to it also – as long as he doesn’t chew them off 🙂 Firm sewing hand needed there!

    Hope your hubby is improving steadily and will be up and at em soon enough. Have a great weekend – -I’m toddling off to bed now to read a chapter or two before turning the light out……

    • Hope you have a good nights sleep. I love being able to connect across the different time zones.
      I think it’s only a matter of time before I am ordering the Eastern Jewels. I loved watching Sheila’s progress.
      Mr E is at his 3D printing and faffing with a new phone, I think he is doing ok.
      Night Night!

  21. That little cardi will definitely go down well with your son – it’s very restrained and sophisticated – just right for an adult, oops I mean baby boy 😉 Actually, I think it’s very smart, those little flap pockets are adorable – you’d better not go too OTT with the buttons otherwise they’ll not put it on him.
    As we’ve discussed before, I’m not big on housework but your cleaning spray news doesn’t surprise me. I don’t like spraying chemicals around the house – give me natural immunity every time 😉 I find vacuuming, a bit of damp dusting and a mop round the kitchen floor usually suffices. Although – drum roll – after reading your post about oven cleaning – I cleaned mine after realising it’s all lies in the brochure and those damn things don’t really clean themselves. I felt virtuous and kept opening the oven door to look inside afterwards.

    In my opinion, you should definitely go for the Eastern Jewels blanket if you fancy another project. The colours are right up your street and I’m sure you could manage it – plus you can always ask Sheila or me if something isn’t clear to you in the pattern. I have my French friend making one and I’m translating it into French for her so our Wednesday sewing sessions have become crochet sessions for the moment and she’s loving making it.

    Have a good weekend x

    • I will probably try to find some metal looking blazerish buttons and go the naval theme, rather than my usual animal buttons. You are right I do actually want the babe to wear it.

      Well done on the oven clean, I often have th door open when I do that job, and cover my nose.

      I had commented last year to Mr E that one of the bathroom cleaners made me feel wheezy. I was right it appears.

      I think I will try the Eastern jewels blanket and keep it for me! Thanks for offering to help if I get confused with the instructions.

      You too have a good weekend.

  22. This weekend I’m finishing a baby singlet, to go with the cardi and hat set I’ve already done – I’ll be donating them to charity, in the name of our lovely Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Jacinda has asked that, instead of knitting for her baby that is on the way, that we knitters make baby items and give them to a good cause. So I’m part of the #knitforjacinda campaign here in New Zealand! https://www.ravelry.com/projects/amazinggrace/puerperium-cardigan

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