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Knit and Natter Friday!

Thank you everyone for leaving such kind thoughts and good wishes for us. Pleased to say Mr E home, safe and sound after his operation yesterday. Not certain how successful it was , time will tell. Yesterday was exhausting for both of us as his op was delayed until around 5.30pm. By which time I had been wandering round York for a very long time. I had explored the city walls, been to two places of interest, devoured some very nice sandwiches and a slice of carrot cake, drunk two pots of Earl Grey tea, bought a birthday present for Master T,  two outfits for Baby J because who can resist Winnie the Pooh, and some knickers for myself. Thrilled to see that M&S call their knicker department the knicker department! After all that excitement I read half a book in the ward day room before finally Mr E appearing on a trolley to be put into bed 2A for the night. Home sometime after 9pm , feeling shattered.

So as you can imagine there was not much yarny activity this week.

The crochet bag now has a strap. It should have all been blue, but who wants one the same as everyone elses, so mine is blue, cream and green.

I started another square for the sampler cushion.

This was meant to be an easy project I could do at the Repair Cafe. Fortunately  I realised it was going to require concentration and needed to be done in hush at home.

Mr J has just put in a request for a navy cardigan for Baby J and not one of my usual messy colours. He was talking about this would you believe?

Not even navy and gold or navy and white , just navy! I’ll show him! Not certain how. So yippee yarn shopping tomorrow!

Hope you have all had a good week, and have some super plans for the weekend. I shall be playing nurses!

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (42)

  1. Best wishes to E, hope he’s doing well.

  2. A lovely catch up, glad to hear the hubby’s on the mend but not sure what’s been happening. I went into M&S yesterday and I think they should call it the Big Knicker Dept! Whilst I do have both big and small knickers in my smalls drawer I’m surprised that they only have the lacy big knickers and not many skimpy pairs any more. Maybe they can charge more for bigger knickers and make more money?

    • I expect they have woken up to the fact that they always end up having to put skimpy knickers in the sale on account of their main client base not being the skimpy knicker type!!

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery – for you AND the patient. That is a grueling day.

    A navy sweater, huh? I think it should have lots of cables and texture and VERY fancy buttons, lol.

  4. Hope the patient is healing well. Aren’t little ones just grand! They have very strong opinions.

  5. What an awful day you had! All that waiting and worrying and trying to find ways to fill the time. It does sound like a positive outcome, though–I hope so, anyway.

  6. Sounds like a stressful day, even with York to wander round, hope he is recovering well. I think your baby cardigan is so pretty. I made James a blue fisherman’s gansey when he was about 18 months, so even a ‘plain blue’ can be made cute 🙂

  7. Hospital days are very stressful. Hopefully you are all home now and recovery is underway

  8. Praying for Mr E’s recovery. So glad to hear he was well enough to go home.

    I once had a very serious operation that required 8 days hospital stay. When I got home and looked around I thought “help- I need to go back!” Recovery is hard! But my 2nd oldest daughter was tired of coming to the hospital to see me (kids!), she thought it had been way too long. And promised to help me…..but just dropped me off!
    My Mr Tom is horrible with just a hang nail ;o) He has been so blessed with good health I could kick him! I’ve had it all for both of us.

    Navy blue for a baby? I tell my 27 yr old married daughter her children can wear those “grown up” colors for yeeeears! Lets have them wear the cutesy colors while they are babies!
    She too is particular about the colors of anything I make her, I tell her its no fun, I have to have fun making it don’t I? LOL!

    • Mr E has had the health issues for both of us too. I consider myself lucky health wise so far.
      I don’t understand why babies can’t look like babies anymore. I see some newborns in jeans and think??????
      Hence the first knits from me are all babish colours until told to stop. Baby J is 4 months old, he should still be in baby colours , but he’s not my baby…At least I can make sure he is warm.

      • I dressed my first boy like bonnie prince charles! We called him little lord fauntleroy! LOL! He had white patent leather sandals, little anklet socks with sailboats. And I made his wardrobe all nautical baby themed! Little shorts and tiny shirts! After having my 2 girls, and being raised myself with no brothers, I had it all planned out! ;o)

  9. Sending healing wishes to Mr E! And a *navy* knit – you won’t be able to do that in the evenings, it’s nearly as bad as knitting with black! My son-in0law’s birthday hat took forever, because it had to be black…

  10. I am so glad to know that Mr. E is home recovering, sending home our very best wishes for a speedy recovery and the op does what it was intended to do! Enjoy a quiet outing to the yarn store and a quiet weekend with some relaxation.(unless Mr. E finds that bell!!😉)

    • We do have an old cowbell, which was very much part of mild childhood, to summons children back for a meal while out playing. He has not thought to utilise it thankfully! Here’s to some relaxation. Have a good weekend your self.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Good to hear Mr E is home, and hopefully the op will have been a success. Here is to a relaxing weekend:-)

  12. So glad Mr E is safely home. I hope your weekend is a gently paced one after such a long day and the stress of it all ❤

    • Thank you, shopping and laundry on Saturday, nice long lunch on Sunday, some knitting and maybe a walk. Be nice just to be normal again!

  13. So glad yesterday went well! Phew! What a long day, but now there’s a whole weekend to rest up and catch up with your crocheting. 😉
    Have been eyeing the latest Attic 24 blanket – lovely colours! – but have a question about the yarn: How well does it wash up? Can I bung it in the dryer? (We can’t peg out over here. 😦) Thanks again for the good news!

    • Stylecraft yarn is pretty good. I have used it on blankets and the Mums I gifted them too have loved that they come out of the washing machine ony damp and dry quite quickly. The label on the chunky yarn says tumble dry on a cool temperature. I am quite tempted by the Attic 24 blanket but I think I would like to try ripple blankets using leftover yarn first before spending good money!
      It was a long day, to have come home would have involved an extra 50 miles journey which I didn’t fancy. He was originally supposed to come home and only stopped in because the op was delayed so long. Had to wait as I had the overnight bag in the boot just in case, the day ward didn’t want it cluttering up their ward. Not very well organised. Still all done.

  14. I’m glad you’ll have some yarn shopping to recover from your week!

  15. Yuck to waiting around while hospitals get their acts together – that just adds to the stress doesn’t it . On the other hand York is such a lovely place to wander while you wait …….and yay to finding knickers 🙂 I went to buy new knickers yesterday and the store had emptied out all their racks to move in the new seasons collection. Knickers? Really? It is good that the Mr is home again – recovery is easier obtained at home I think. Best wishes for the ensuing days.

  16. Glad to hear the operation seemed to go well. I don’t like that they send them home so soon anymore. Scary. Navy blue on a little one? Hmmm. At least your time was well spent while waiting. Keeping my fingers crossed for quick and full recovery.

  17. I suppose if you have to kill time anywhere York is a better place than most.
    Navy with a tricksy stitch would be my revenge.
    I’m so pleased Mr. E. is O.K. and I hope he will be a patient patient this weekend. You haven’t given him a bell or anything have you?

    • They wouldn’t let me stay with him at all, an all male waiting room! What did they think I would do to a bunch of old men? So off I went, but I spent a fortune on car parks, till I went out of town and hit the free car parks. Mr E has bounced right back, which is good as he a right misery guts when ill, he would love a bell!

  18. Well, if it has to be navy, it had better be a fancy shape, or have a few cables (I know how much you love them).
    So glad that the op went ok and Mr E has been allowed home. Every time my mum has an operation she ends up being in hospital for days longer than originally scheduled (she reacts very badly to anaesthetics), so I’m always impressed when someone is in and out so quickly.
    There has been lots of knitting here this week – my jumper with the lacy panels id close to being finished and the beginners hat for Faithmead is completed… I just need to finish typing up the pattern and think out a larger version too, then it will be off to Mandy to see whether she likes it and wants to test it out.
    My next project then is to complete the crochet blanket that I’m planning to send to a friend who is currently having a hard time – he’s withdrawn himself from the world and he’s on the other side of the country (nearer to you than to me) so I can’t call round and give him a hug. The plan is that the blanket will act as a woolly hug and make him feel loved. And then, I want to make a second pair of Norwegian socks and get on with the sofa cover and complete the cardigan that the pattern doesn’t work for and design some more patterns for Mandy and write up the skeleton hat pattern and knit some swatches for Mandy…. I’m probably not going to manage all that this month, am I?

    • Oh My that is a lot of knittting. Oh no not cables!! I have found a quite a smart pattern for the cardigan which I seem to have done before as I have scribbled on it. Wonderig if I could get away with denim blue.. maybe not.
      I react badly to anaesthetics but Mr E sails through that and then is very very grumpy, not a good patient. He has bounced back very quickly today and was 3 D prinitng this afternoon!
      Have a good weekend.

  19. claire93 said:

    hopefully you’ll be able to put your feet up a little over the weekend ^^

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