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Knit and Natter Friday!

This has been such a busy month for us with one thing and another. Far too much time spent on hospital appointments, garages and dentists, but these things have to be done. The TV was safely delivered last Saturday, it does seem enormous to me and it is still a novelty to push the on button and a picture comes up straightaway. The last one was taking ten goes to get it to start, and it wasn’t a faulty remote control in case you were wondering.

I was able to spend the last hour in the Kirkbymoorside Repair cafe. I gather it had been a very slow day for everyone, which was just as well as not many repairers had been able to attend. A lady from a nearby town had visited having heard of the venture and is very keen to set up one in her community, so that was a big positive for everyone.

I have finished sewing in the ends and adding a black border on the crochet blanket which is to be a raffle prize for the cafe.

I was thrilled that so many people could see the dragon emerging from my knitting last week. I am still working on the same wing, so not much to show this week. I have been able to do some more crochet on the Attic 24 weekend bag, which look bigger now I have done more, but I can’t help feeling there is going to be an awful lot of leftover yarn.

Hoping that when I sew in the ends I can get rid of the joins which look awful to my mind. The instructions said to join on alternative sides and in a different place each time to avoid a seam. I think I would rather have a seam than a mess. Must be me and my poor crochet skills!

So we are at the end of a month and I am quite surprised that I have managed to go a whole month and not buy a scrap of yarn, or a book or fabric. Nothing, zilch in the craft buying department, not even a button or a piece of tape or even glue. Have I turned over a new leaf? I doubt it!!

I am hoping that February will be a quieter month and so have more crafting time. What about the weekend, do you have anything exciting lined up, was January filled with craftiness? How is your stash?

This weekend for me, tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day and I am participating in an event in the library, I shall be doing a couple of readings. Sunday is the day I shall do my bird count for the RSPB. According to the pet shop where I get my bird food people have been buying lots of bird food this week in anticipation. We shall have the fattest sparrows and pigeons you ever did see I reckon. Still very good that so many people want to join in and care for our feathered friends.

So over to you now, please join in with the natter wherever you like in the comments. The natter is what makes these Friday posts.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (52)

  1. Joins when trembling – not that but my iPhone insists – in the round are tricky. I have used a tutorial online in the past for ‘jogless’ joins but it was for doubling. Not trembling!

    Best wishes to you and Mr E

  2. Your blanket looks fab. I see what you mean about the bag, but hopefully when you’ve finished it off, you won’t feel the same. As for having lots of yarn left over, I know you’re so good at being Scrap happy, you’ll make very good use of it. Here’s to more crafting in February for all of us 🙂

    • I reckon there will be enough left over for another bag, or maybe a scarf, probably not a scarf. I shall weigh it I think. I think I will add more flowers, I have started to sew the ends in, and although it looks better I can still see the joins.
      It’s quite exciting to contemplate how much crafting will be going on everywhere in every month.

      • Definitely not a scarf – too soul destroying knitting the same pattern with no shaping for so long. Sadly, no matter how good something looks to other people, once we’ve spotted something we don’t like, our eye is instantly drawn to it every time we look 😦 Adding more flowers sounds a good plan 🙂

      • I have made scarves in the past and they do take forever that’s for sure.

  3. I’m joining in the RSPB birdwatch weekend. I wonder what birds (if any) will visit during my count? Look forward to seeing what you get? x

    • I hope you get some wonderful visitors to your garden this weekend. I am anticipating sparrows, pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, a robin, blue tits, sparrrows, wren, starlings, sparrows, oh and possibly more sparrows.

  4. Oooh thank you for reminding me about the rspb garden birdwatch. We were supposed to have visitors this weekend so I wasn’t going to be able to do it, but now we haven’t so i can sit in my armchair and record birds tomorrow morning. Then I do some crochet and i want to make my copper hearts kit. Plus I ought to fill some holes in the walls and sand down some plaster… And write some letters. Suddenly not feeling like a quiet weekend after all!

  5. Your blanket looks lovely! I hope it raises a good amount for your wonderful cause. You comment about fat birds did make me smile 😊 I’m just about to end my run of 26 days with no supplies and buy a book for my goldwork course. But it’s second hand, so maybe that doesn’t count? Who am I trying to kid! I wish you a calmer February. I fear January will be my quietest month for a while alas…

    • You need the book , so that doesn’t count, it’s those purchases one makes just beacuse they are nice, rather than need them to continue with an ongong project. I have never attempted goldwork, it looks quite hard to me, but I know you will do this new method brilliantly. Enjoy.

  6. Read this earlier but had to come back to comment. The blanket will certainly be a hit and hopeful raffle off for a good bit of cash. Love the bag with those bright colors. That one won’t be easily lost. You are a very busy woman and you still have time to make such lovely things. January has gone in the bucket for me this year. Maybe February will be kinder. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. The crochet blanket will be a hit I’m sure and I love the colours in the bag. And the possible problem solutions – in fact I like the idea of adding some flowers so much I’d be tempted to do it anyway. They would be a perfect addition to those beautiful colours! I didn’t spend any money on my craft supplies while I was without a computer as I do all my shopping on line – but the minute I got a new computer all my good intentions went out the window 🙂 But still, no yarn 🙂 It’s been so hot here – and the next week will be even hotter we are told – that doing anything except sitting and wilting is sometimes challenging. Today we are expecting 35+ C and some parts of the high country will top out at over 40 C. I’m good in 22 and after that I cry foul!! So I’m off now for my morning walk before it gets too hot.

    • Oh my that is extremely hot. I wouldn’t be able to do anything except for appreciating the air conditioning. And sleeping. It must have been hard minus the computer , we have all got so dependent on them. Enjoy your stroll.

  8. That blanket is looking great, and will be a wonderful prize.😄 Congrats on no purchase January!!! I am seriously working on my stash these days, and started cutting out another quilt this week. It is going to be scrappy except for the one fabric which is plain white, but was odds and ends from previous quilt backs. I am using almost every fabric I own in it, so we’ll see if I get everything cut in one go, or have to go back for a few doubles. That’s the problem when you inherit everyone else’s scraps! The only things I bought this month were the border fabric for another quilt, which doesn’t count because I used my gift card, and my bias tape tool, no yarn either, though I have some in a basket online!

    • Agreed those purchases certainly don’t count. I am looking forward to seeing your new projects progress. I think we are all doing well in January and not adding to the stashes.

  9. Raffle blanket looks great hope you get to sell lots of tickets! I have a 51 inch TV. It was the largest size I could have for the space (though quite big enough) and I love it. So much easier on my old eyes.

  10. We came back to our home town for a gathering of friends and a basketball game. I am doing the 4 week hair trim with my niece. I refuse to find a new stylist in our new location. LOL!

    • I bet you will feel beter for the trim. I shall be having mine done enxt week, my fringe is getting in my eyes. How terrifci to hvae a gathering of friends and the game. Have a great weekend.

  11. The blanket and new bag look wonderful. I do see the joins, and think you could fix it some when weaving ends in, but also like the idea of adding a bit of decoration there, too. 🙂 The new TV must be exciting! When we got our new TV, it also seemed so huge, and I didn’t like it, but then I watched a movie on it, and it was like being in the theater!In my pajamas with my knitting! What fun. 🙂

    Stash this month – all that has come in is one braid of roving, from my roving of the month club. And I have spun up a braid, and started a second, so I look at that as a net loss to the stash. 🙂 Of course, I took a look a the fiber stash when choosing the second braid to spin. I need to spin faster.

    You have a good weekend!

    • Thank you, I rather like the idea of crocheting the flowers that are on the flap over onto the bag itself in a kind of a garland.
      I love the yarn you have been spinning recently, wonderful colours. Certainly you have anet loss from the stash!

  12. I always think January is going to be quiet and it always seems rushed! Although we have stayed close to home more than usual because it has been so bitterly cold and icky out. I like the way the blanket turned out and I hope it raises a lot of $$ for the Cafe. And I’m trying to think but I don’t believe I’ve spent any money on craft supplies this month either . . . oh, wait. That’s not true . . . 😉

    • It can’t have been a big spend or you would have remembered straight off and little spends don’t count quite so muh as the getting totally carried away which I reckon I have with yarn and fabric!
      January is a big month it always seems to me, maybe it’s because it is Winter and winter days are on the whole cold and rather gloomy. Never mind, February next week.

  13. claire93 said:

    your blanket for the raffle is looking fab – hope you sell lots of tickets ^^
    I haven’t actually bought any yarn, threads or fabric yet this year, but the year is young ^^ And I have been clicking away with glee buying in supplies for the new reborning project instead, as well as a few crafting books, but then I never made any résolutions not to buy lol. What I am doing this year is, jotting down a list of my buys and spending so I can keep track on how much I spend and don’t go madly over budget.

    • I haven’t ever attempted to have a budget around buying stuff, either I have the pennies or I don’t. I suppose one of the reasons I have so much by way of supplies is dreading a day when I can’t afford them, so now I have enough to last a very very long time.
      I am looking forward to watching your new craft progress through the year.

      • claire93 said:

        I’m the same! I buy when I can for fear that one day money will be tight. Problem is craft supplies drawers are busting out all over, and I keep on adding new craft ideas to my list of things to do.

      • I think I am relieved to find I am not alone in this particular fear! I think I have to get on with using it all now!

  14. I was also going to suggest smacking on a few crochet flowers if the seam bothers you – which it obviously will! I hope you are selling the raffle tickets for a goodly amount – that’s a lot of work that went into that blanket.
    I have been very frugal with money this last month. Wait – not exactly FRUGAL, but careful. I have both a social and a working weekend ahead: dinner out with friends tonight, my market in Somerset West tomorrow, and then a dinner party at my own table on Sunday night 🙂 I’m no fancy cook, so I’m planning on a couple of basic Jamie Oliver recipes and a whole lot of wine to wash it down if necessary. Also ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce – that’s something that even I can’t go wrong with.

    • That is a very busy and may I say very happy sounding weekend. Lots of wine covers a multitude of sins on the catering front, although I am sure your meal will be wonderful, and you can’t go wrong with wacking a bit of Jamie Oliver’s food around. Best of luck with the market.

  15. Congrats on finishing the blanket. The bag looks a useful size. I like the sound of Mrs Snail’s solution to covering the joins. So good you got to the Repair Cafe. I’m deep into the Woodland with my yarny crafting: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2018/01/26/woodland-cal-3/
    I’m looking forward to picking up Master R from school today, I taught him the card game ‘Spite and Malice’, which he loves, so we will be playing a few rounds of that I expect. Do you know that game?

    • Spite and malice, is something have not heard of. Is this a good thing for a Granny to teach her grandson!! I think I might well add extra flowers if I don’t like my join, there are flowers to go on the flap anyway, tons of yarn left I reckon, so it would personalise it beautifully . I love how if I present a problem everyone helps find a solution for me. Enjoying seeing how your blanket progresses.

  16. Staying out of shops doesn’t work for me, not that I’m buying yarn, just fabric, but the Internet makes it all to easy to press the ‘Add to cart’ button… Love that bag in all those bright icecream colours, and I’m sure you’ll deal very well with all the ends.

    • Yes the add to cart button, and then you get to the TOTAL, and think How Much, how ever did that happen, and you go over the order and think, well yes that did happen, and oh well whatever, and then before you know it the wicked gremlin in the computer has pressed confirm.
      That’s why I have deleted all fabric suppliers newlsletters also from my inbox, just too easy to sit and dream over these sites with a cup of coffee, and before you know it you have run out of storage space and need a bigger house!
      Tis a slippery slope we tread.

      • I have only two fabric suppliers bookmarked, and it’s a rare day when I spend anything, but sometimes a thing is too lovely to resist even if you have no project currently on the go…

  17. I have failed the ‘no fabric buying’ sort of goal I’d privately set myself – although it is for a specific purpose. I had managed to avoid online sales, etc. but then my local fabric shop has got a 70% off sale on all their patchwork fabric. Still, I resisted, but the dog refuge I support gave me an armful of their tea towels and asked whether I could make them into aprons so I had to go in the fabric shop to buy the tape I needed. The rest is (very recent) history. Maybe our leaves are not for turning 😉

    • Yes the secret to not adding to the stash is to keeep out of those shops which are just so tempting. I have even deleted all newsletters from wool companies which really were my undoing!
      T towels to aprons, an interesting project, I think I made one for a child that way once, a good use of unwanted t towels.
      I like to think of the no adding to stash as an aspiration rather than a goal!
      Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Good morning!
    The blanket looks lovely and I’m sure those joins on the bag won’t be noticeable when it’s being used. If, however, they bother you, why not cover them up with some crochet flowers or leaves (or knitted ivy leaves)?
    I too have not bought any yarn this month and I’m really enjoying using some of my stash. I finished Mr Snail’s wellie socks and I’m making progress with the jumper in New Lanark aran yarn… which is lovely to work with (British wool and very reasonably priced, too). The same restraint cannot be said about craft book-buying, so we’ll move swiftly on…
    Today we are going to see Sue (Going Batty in Wales) for lunch – we were supposed to go on Monday, but Mr Snail got trapped in Shropshire because of the flooding! Then next week I’m very excited to be going to see a local wool producer who wants some patterns writing so that she can sell her yarn in complete project kits. So, it looks like that could be a really interesting collaboration – plus I’ll get to meet the sheep who make the wool!
    Right, well, I’d better get myself organised… have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed we don’t have more rain.

    • Flooding? Oh dear such is news reporting I knew nothing about this. Mr Snail will be glad of wellie socks then in flooding circumstances. Good news on the stash front, and even on the craft book buying front, I wonder what you bought.
      I think you will love the new collaboration on the sheep,wool,knitting pattern front, but not at the expense of your book.
      I am hoping for some dragon knitting this weekend.
      I wonder if you could write a Welsh Dragon pattern for the wool, probably not what she had in mind!
      Have a super weekend.

      • The trouble with living in the wilds of west Wales is that it isn’t Surrey, so floods and severe weather rarely get reported nationally. In fact, even the Met Office did not issue a severe weather warning until 6 hours after the rain had started! In the end we had over an inch in less than 12 hours and many roads were closed. Our local traffic police put out a request that nobody use the roads at all on Sunday afternoon unless it was absolutely essential! Mr Snail ended up staying overnight with my mum.

      • Goodness me, that sounds so dramatic, and not a word did I hear and we listen to news a lot. We have noticed that unless London is effected then things don’t get reported, and boy when it comes to weather London knows how to make a crisis out of very little. We actually heard a report on snow of a man needing to use his wipers to clear the snow off his windscreen in the morning before he could go to work. I kid you not!

      • Thanks also for the flowers idea. The flap has flowers on it so I can easily add more to the sides.

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