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Knit and Natter Friday!

Hope everyone has had a good week since our last chat. Can’t believe what a whirlwind of it we have had. Nothing exciting you know, car MOTs, dental check up for me, choosing a new TV, not that my input into that twas much influence. “Oh no that’s too big “didn’t seem to cut the mustard with you know who. Added to which Mr E has arranged for it to be delivered on Saturday when there is the next repair cafe.ย  And as there are never enough chap menders to cope with what crosses the doorstep , I shall be the one at home waiting forย  it to arrive. That’s life.

Now it seems to me that no-one is anywhere near guessing what I am knitting, what about this week, do you know now?

A face

C,mon, Little Miss F is a modern Princess, to quote her “I am not waiting for a silly Prince to come and help”. What do all Princesses need. Bigger hint at the end.

I have started to crochet the Attic 24 weekend bag. It’s much smaller than I expected.

Width ways I mean. The yarn is chunky on a 5mm crochet hook. I can only manage an hour at a time as it makes my fingers ache. So far so good I think.

Did anyone have snow this week? We had some yesterday but it didn’t amount to much. Or maybe you are in Summer and having heat waves, and swimming and ice cream and lots of homegrown goodies. mmm summer.

Today I have the Family History Christmas shared lunch and quiz and get together. I think I prefer my Christmas fun in December, seems all wrong now. Still it will be fun. I shall try not to embarrass myself too much in the quiz.

OK, so how did you get on with guessing what I am knitting.

Has that helped? Any ideas, anyone?


I hope you all have a marvellous weekend. I shall be telly man waiting for most of Saturday. Wondering how much knitting I can get done. Do tell your plans,

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (49)

  1. I hope the tv arrival goes smoothly!

  2. Love your dragon! I hope the telly arrives promptly. Nothing worse than just hanging around waiting all day!

  3. I love the dragon! Pink and sparkly and proud! And your independent little miss is ahead of the game with her feisty attitude. Fun project.

  4. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Oh i think Ms F has the right idea. A pink dragon instead of a prince. Brilliant! You just have to love their imagination! Love the look of the crochet bag too.

  5. Little Miss F will be the talk of the magical kingdom/princessdom with her sparkly pink dragon.
    I’m not sure how my weekend will pan out, but I’m sure it will feature quite a bit of Woodland Ripple crochet.

  6. I was born in the Chinese year of the dragon, so adore a dragon – although personally I’m not a pink and sparkly as yours. Yes, we had snow and wind and rain ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll get used to the big TV, but it is a bit of a shock at first having celebrities so large in your lounge.

  7. Itโ€™s not a Dragon is it? I found the Attic 24 weekender bag heavy going on my hands to make too. It must be the step up to chunky yarn. I was very pleased with the finished result though. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Looks like a dragon? Cool that it’s pink ๐Ÿ˜‰ We have had so much snow. Everything is still white outside. Warmer temps are in the forecast for today and tomorrow, so hopefully some of it will melt. I can’t wait to see more of your weekend bag. Looks beautiful!

  9. That’s going to be a beautiful dragon ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder what name Miss F will bestow on it?
    Too hot and humid to knit or crochet here, but I have screenprinting and the Saga of the Sort-Out to keep me occupied….

  10. Spark the Dragon! Hope the delivery is right on time and you can go back to the cafe quickly๐Ÿ˜„. I have two lessons right away this morning then cookies, and then it will be the mittens, lesson plans for next week and a survey to complete to get entered in a drawing for some wool at the Wool Day. I have to do email today too, book payments and a new student. Maybe I can finish work this am so can play all afternoon, though it doesn’t really seem like work, now that I think about it. Thanks for helping me organize my day! ๐ŸŒŸ

  11. Well, I cheated and read the comments! A lovely dragon for an independent princess!

    Hope you get a nice long Christmas nk of โ€œmeโ€ time on Saturday waiting for the delivery. Though if you are home alone, who is to say what time he came?!?

  12. Is it Friday again already?! Wow. And did Miss F really say that about not waiting for a prince?! I *love* that child!

  13. It’s a dragon! How lovely

  14. A *pink* dragon is perfect for independent princesses…

  15. claire93 said:

    ooh a dragon! how cute! I always wanted a pet dragon ^^

  16. Such a cool princess with her own pink sparkly dragon!

  17. A sparkly dragon – how marvellous. And there’s a young lady after my own heart, not waiting for some prince to come along (and slaying endangered species is just not what a modern woman is impressed by).
    This morning I was up early to go and buy lots of veg for soup making. I laughed when I looked around the market stall – all this fuss at the moment about plastic packaging, and there we were, surrounded by piles and piles of fruit and veg in boxes and people with baskets and cloth bags for their purchases. Not a plastic bag in sight… and if you buy a lot, one of the staff helps you carry it to your car. I think that I might just be living in a time warp!
    So today is going to be all about making spicy soup for the freezer.
    On the knitting front, I finished Mr Snail’s socks on Wednesday, made progress with my jumper yesterday, then had to frog a couple of rows because I’d made a mistake in one of the lacy panels. I was back on track by the time I went to bed last night, but cross that my concentration had slipped.
    Oh, and a few years ago I made a dragon for Pauline… he’s called Arthur… he’s somewhere on her blog and mine.

    • Yes she is a sparkly dragon. I could not resist making her, but oh the line by line instructions take some concentraion.
      Spicy veg soup sounds perfect for the time of year. I was mking leek and potato soup this week. I reckon I will be making pea soup tomorrow.
      It’s good to see veg with plastic coats. The M&S cauliflower steaks had to be the most ridiculous things I have seen in years!
      Have a super weekend, or should I say souper weekend.

  18. I wonder if it is going to be a friendly dragon – but every princess needs a crown so maybe its a dragon crown – too woolly to be a dragon throne ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually got time to go back into my art room today for the first time in weeks – or months even. I worked on drawings I had started doing for Christmas cards back in October and never got finished, so like you I am doing something Christmassy in January and t doesn’t feel quite right! But I also hate having unfinished work lying about so I want to get these done and packed away ready for next Christmas before I return to trying to finish the giant painting that tripped me up back in October! Time keeps moving on even when we stand still!! Good luck with the telly man – I find delivery people generally come right at the upper end of the time they give you so you maybe could have gone to the repair cafe and come home, cooked tea and then taken delivery……. It’s very hot here but I haven’t even had a paddle yet alone been swimming. Ice cream however has been indulged in ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ice cream indulged in, wonderful. I hope you enjoy getting back to your drawings, I love seeing them when you share.
      Yes it is a friendly dragon, I think he/she, probably she needs a name.

  19. A dragon? That’s what I’d want on my side if I were a princess with problems.
    Hopefully the telly man will come early on Saturday and then you can get to the cafรฉ.
    I will be hopefully getting near to the finish point with my ‘quilt as you go’ project and probably doing some more crochet if my hand will allow me to. Or, I might diversify completely and cut out some pyjamas. I like to go where the mood takes me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a good one x

    • Looking forward to seeing your pjs, so start there! YES a dragon! Little Miss F thinks princesses who wait for silly Princes to rescue them are pretty feeble beings. She would be more than capablle to rescue herself.
      I have started to plan out what I can get up too while waiting for the telly man. I must be careful not to get disappointed if he comes early!

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