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Scrap Happy January

Very nearly caught on the hop, thought tomorrow was the 15th. Anyway here I am joining in with Scrap Happy hosted by Kate.

First up the crochet blanket from leftover yarn destined for the Repair Cafe raffle.

Still not certain about the yellow. I have the ends to sew in and a border, probably in black, because I have most of it.

And a piece of creative embroidery which has been at least two years and three winters in the making.

In close up

All the fabric is scrap, all the threads were ones I already had, the backing card was from a shirt packaging from Mr E. The only new thing is the frame. My favourite bit is the fence!

Please pop by Kate’s blog to see what clever people can do with their scraps!


Comments on: "Scrap Happy January" (48)

  1. I like the embroidery fence a lot but I really like the way it looks like drifted snow in the foreground! Scraps transformed!

  2. The blanket looks great, and I don’t mind e yellow, sort of a bright corner of cheer. That embroidery project of yours is sublime. It is quite realistic, and it makes me think of a winter night, so still and cold.

  3. Beautiful embroidery piece!

  4. Oh I just love being able to use orphaned yarn balls on projects like this! The two yellow blocks look like the sun shining down on the rest of them:). And congratulations on your finish of embroidery. It is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful blanket. I think the black border will look perfect, especially as a contrast to the white you’ve already used.

  6. I think the black border should offset the yellow. I love black borders on afghans but rarely do them. I’m doing a deep dark purple border on a orangy/peach variegated afghan right now.

    What kind of needle craft is the winter scene called? I love winter scenes!! Yours is beautiful!

    I just started doing Sashiko. I like hand sewing/crafts so much more than machine sewing or machine embroidery. It is so relaxing to do by hand!

    • I think the black will be good too, quite dramatic. As it’s for a raffle prize I do want to make it look as good as I can.
      The embroidery si what is known as freestyle embroidery. Sashiko is lovely. I really like hand embroidery so relaxing. This piece is my own work, so there was quite a lot of thinking and deciding to do as well.

  7. I love those trees Cathy.

  8. Lovely, especially the embroidery. Love all the beads. 🙂

  9. Wild Daffodil’s suggestion re adding yellow to the border is excellent. I actually think the yellow kind of “makes it” – I mean, it’s supposed to be scrappy and random, right? xxx

  10. The embroidery is so beautiful!

  11. magpiesue said:

    Love the scrappy afghan! And the embroidery is lovely. Feels good to have it finished finally I bet!

  12. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I love what you create from “scrap”!

  13. Love the embroidery Cathy.
    Have you enough of the yellow to do a row in the border? If you did a row of black then the bright yellow, then the black again it would tie it all in and give the yellow its place in the blanket.

  14. Lovely work with all your pieces! Your embroidery is so creative, I love it!

  15. They are fantastic

  16. Good for you for making sure it truly IS a scrappy blanket – you should be feeling very smug! Loving the embroidery, too. Very seasonal:)

  17. I like the blanket and the embroidery looks rather fabulous! I’m back on line with a new computer and happy to be catching up with everyone again!

  18. Another blanket? You’re crochet machine! Love the embroidery – my favourite bit is all of it!

  19. I really like the embroidery–it certainly does evoke winter to me. And good for you for supporting Repair Cafes. I went to one here in the Woodstock NY area recently and the folks there helped so many people with items like malfunctioning lamps all while teaching people to know how to do it themselves. The most curious item was an old-fashioned radiator that had been carved of styrofoam but looked like the real thing so that I had to look a couple of times before my stage-manager eye spotted it for a very good fake–

    • Thank you. A fake radiator, well we haven’t had one of those. Our thrid cafe session is this Saturday so hoping to have time to stitch some ends then, between the repairs coming in.

  20. Lovely embroidery – definitely worth finishing.
    The blanket will look good with a black border I think.

  21. You are churning out the blankets! And I haven’t even gotten the one I am doing done working on it since Fall!

  22. Lovely! I do really like that embroidery/fabric collage, it looks so chilly and snowy. We could use some of that here…

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