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Autumn Falls!

I have at last completed that crochet blanket. I took the designs for each block from the book 200 Crochet blocks by Jan Eaton. The blanket design began as The Golden Glow on Page 27, but I wasn’t happy with the colours, the whole thing looked dull. And that’s where this wonderful blogging community came to the rescue. A big thank you to everyone who helped but especially to The Contented Crafter  for explaining so well about colours going together almost too well and how I needed to look at tone as well as colour.  The result is this

All good blankets deserve a name so I have named this Autumn Falls.

The yarn used is by Stylecraft and the colour shades are


1824 Cyprus

1099 Grey

1835 Buttermilk

1708 Petrol

1823 Mustard

1711 Spice

The blocks that I eventually used are

3 Square Target

61 Nine Patch Granny

100 Pastel Delight

197 Fretwork

209 Marigold.

All I can say is phew! I am glad I have finished this. The colours are so not the colours I would normally choose. But I learned a great deal about colour and tone, and am glad I came out of my comfort zone for this. The blanket will go to a care home for the keeping warm of the old knees. In the meantime I shall just sit and look at it.

Once again bloggers thank you. This was a communal effort. You are lovely.

Comments on: "Autumn Falls!" (44)

  1. Consider it a huge success, both in terms of the finished item and lessons learned. It will be a much appreciated blanket by the recipient, I’m sure.

  2. Wow! Not my color scheme either! But it is stunning! Beautiful job as all your makes are extraordinary and so fun to see! What a learning for me thru you!

    p.s. had my DNA done and found out I’m only 7% Scots/Irish/Welsh but a whopping 63% British!! LOL!! So Scottish Gran was a bit more British! LOL! That makes me a whopping 70% UK. Hubby says I’m more British than many Brits ;o) *wink*
    Amazing considering I have American roots starting in the 1700s. How did those Brits find each other??

    Just had to share since you mentioned you have quite a mix in yours. I was shocked to say the least. The rest is 13% Finnish (great Grandpa lied here, he wasn’t Norwegian!) and 7% Western European???- we have no idea who they could be! LOL! No one fessed up!

    • Isn’t the DNA bit exciting. I was so British it was almost disappointing, nothing unexpected anywhere!

      • Yes it was great fun! At least you have an excuse for all that Brit blood! You are there!LOL! I thought I’d be more Heinz 57 (mix) after us all being in America so long! ;o) oh well! Maybe my Grands!

  3. It turned out wonderful and it has a history behind it now. The Contented Crafter has an artists eye. Anyone would be happy to have that lap blanket. That sense of accomplishment is so sweet and worth savoring. Have a wonderfilled week.

  4. I love it! I’d have a hard time letting it go–you’ve been together so long. But imagine the pleasure it will provide someone who needs a lift to their day! Good job, pushing yourself to learn and open yourself to input from others. That Contented Crafter is a smart gal!

  5. Wow! Well done…the end of a blanket is always a great achievement! 🙂 🙂

  6. It was a lot of work but it is ao pretty, it was worth it!

  7. It is absolutely beautiful. I think the colours are perfect and goes together so well. They really are eyecatching. 🙂 Well done.

  8. Well done! Are you inspired to crochet more blankets now or will you be taking a break?

  9. It looks terrific! The colours will definitely be cheerful for some seniors:)

  10. Oh well done Cathy! These aren’t my colors either, so I am extra impressed not only wi the final result, but that you kept at it! Persistence pays, and now someone will be warmed inside an out by this bit os bright cheer.

  11. It’s a lovely, warm, cheerful looking blankie, and old knees will be warmed and old faces lit up by the happiness of the colours. Nice work, and fun that it was a learning experience as well as a labour of love.

  12. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    And the blanket is lovely too. Well done:-)

  13. Lovely! It will be cherished.

  14. Fantastic! Great job and a very fitting name. Well done for getting out of your comfort zone. I’m sure the recipient will love it.

  15. It looks lovely – you should be very proud

  16. Lovely job! As an autumn person, most of your colours are favourites!

  17. Beautiful blanket and I love the name. It is sure to make a special someone feel warm and snug and bring a smile to their face. Congrats on the finish!

  18. claire93 said:

    that’s a lovely blanket! Just the right amount of lights and darks ^^

  19. That blanket turned out SO well Cathy. It is sure to brighten up the room and give the lucky recipient cheery comfort. How wonderful to have completed it.

  20. It’s gorgeous – and will delight the recipient!

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