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Knit and Natter Friday!

Hello again, grab something nice to drink and let’s have a bit of a catch up. Who would have thought that my oven cleaning plans would generate so many comments last week. Have to say that I now have a nice shiny oven and there are plans afoot today to give the wood burning stove a bit of a wash and brush up, should you be wondering which dirty task comes after oven cleaning.

Meantime life has been busy with nicer things than scrubbing. Monday was the day for my library shift, so glad I could remember what to do after the Christmas break.Β  Tuesday I attended a talk on the history of Scampston Hall.

If anyone saw the play An Inspector Calls on the TV over Christmas the scenes in the dining room were shot here. I have plans for us to visit again this year to see inside the house, so far we have only seen the gardens.

Wednesday, hurrah I went swimming again. I have bought a pass now for the next three months so I must use it. Thoroughly enjoyed the swim , it’s just making plans on how and when to go. In the afternoon I attended a rehearsal for a presentation to be held in the library for Holocaust Memorial day at the end of the month.

Yesterday I took Mr E for another hospital appointment. Things are still looking good , but more tests etc still to come.

Which means today will be spent chatting here and cleaning…

I have put in a lot of time on the crochet blanket. I am thinking that next time I show it, it might be completed. Hurrah. I so want to make a start on the Attic 24 weekend bag.

I have been able to fit in some knitting too. It now looks like this.

Anyone, any ideas on what it is? I must say it’s quite complicated to knit, so many ror by row instructions, I am just hoping I have read them alright because now it’s a bit of a puzzle!

Big thank you toΒ Christine for telling me about these wonderful plates.

It just so happens I am in the market for new plates this month, so will be buying more over the next few weeks. I really like the quirky animals!

So over to you. Any plans for the weekend? Are you making anything fabulous at the moment?

If you are new, please do leave a comment ,chatting is wonderful. And do just jump in with the comments from others.

Have a great weekend, and Be Happy


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (52)

  1. Just catching up on things – a week late – looking forward to seeing your progress – can I guess what the tinsel knit will be ? Bizarrely the only thing I’ve seen made in that yarn recently is hedgehogs – am I right, or am I way off???

  2. A fit late for Friday nattering, but here I am. Love the blanket – it’s really coming along πŸ™‚ Love the plate too, although if I am looking for plates it will be the cockerel ones to match the cups I Bought in the charity shop before Christmas. Glad things are still looking positive for Mr E xx

  3. If eight inches of snow fell in the UK the whole nation would grind to a stand still! Stay warm and take up crocheting!

  4. Your blanket makes me consider taking up crocheting–it’s really looking good! We’re having more snow here–maybe 8 inches? A perfect excuse to stay in and make something pretty . . .

  5. claire93 said:

    hello Cathy – lovely to read you natter of yesterday and see what everyone else has to add. And so pleased hospital visit was good for Mr E.
    We’ve just dropped second son & girlfriend at airport and waved goodbye after a week’s visit – it was lovely to catch up and I even gave the girlfriend a sewing lesson which was thoroughly enjoyed and extremely successful . . . I’ll be blogging about that soon.

    • I am so glad the visit from your son was so successful . It must have cheered you all up so much. Yes we did have good news thank you.

      • claire93 said:

        yes it was lovely to catch up. Hadn’t seen this son since Sept 2016 . . . time flies, eh?

  6. That Hall looks beautiful! I love visiting big houses!

  7. Hi Cathy, so happy to read you managed to get some of the enchanted woodland collection. They are simply stunning. David and I keep finding something new within the pattern. I hope you enjoy them for a long time. πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed the BBC adaption of An Inspector Calls, very foreboding! Well done on your swimming, I think you need to next try wild swimming :p x

    • Thanks Christine. We both love the plates, I am so pleased you put them on your blog. I have swum ( is that a word) anyway in a river but not for a long time. So tempted, although I know it will be chilly!
      The scenes in the dining room were filmed at Scampston and the pub and shop were built into an old hotel in Malton called the Green Man which is currently closed for refurbishment.
      Will try to visit the Hall when it opens in the Spring and get some pictures!

      • Perhaps you can try a swim in the summer? You do need to be prepared for colder water. It sometimes puts me off. I tend to not enjoy it so much, then again I did enjoy 20 mins in Buttermere in October but I didn’t enjoy the shivers of after drop on shore afterwards. I am writing a blog at the moment giving info on swimming and my experiences. I look forward to you post on Scampston. x

      • Thanks, I shall read your post with interest. I know how cold the river in Greece felt last year in Greece. Bracing!!

  8. No chores for me – lots of lovely catching up with friends I haven’t seen for years and a dance to go to on Saturday night!!! Now that really is unusual nowadays and I’m hopping with excitement and looking forward to it.
    I will probably fit in a few rows of the Attic24 Woodland Cal as well.
    I think your pink/grape and gliiter yarny delight might be a wrap around cardi for Little Miss F to go over a leotard when she’s dancing. I tried to knit one once and it did look a very odd shape … i don’t think I ever finished it. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.
    Have a fun time what ever you are doing!

    • What can I say about the knitting. Wrong!!
      A dance and friends, a school or college reunion maybe, how absolutley wonderful, can’t beat a good dance! Enjoy yourself!

      • Ha!Ha! Oh well, at least I had a stab at it – intriguing indeed.
        No, not a school or college re-union …. gosh I don’t think I’d want to go to one of those – have you ever been to one?

      • When we were 60 some of us from school got together for a dinner, it was really good!

      • Glad you enjoyed it Cathy. I am still in touch with quite lot of my school friends, in fact one of them is the mother of my first son’s wife, which is really nice!

      • How lovely to have been friends with the MIL all this time.

      • Yes it really is lovely – I often think there should be a word for the parents of your in-law children to give them a named reltionship. I’d like to be able to say “my ………..” when describing them as we have all become friends, but more than that because we now have children and grandchildren in common.

  9. The mansions looks wonderful from the outside. I would love to see the inside. I bet it’s spectacular! Your blanket is looking amazing! It makes me smile every time I see those beautiful squares. I have no idea what you are knitting, but the pink sparkly yarn is awesome! I look forward to seeing more. The last few days have been in the 40’s and yesterday was 55 degrees! It melted just about all of the snow we had, but today we started with freezing rain and are expected to get 4-6 inches of more snow 😦 So I will be in for the weekend, doing laundry, cleaning up a bit and stitching. And while stitching I am enjoying binge watching the X-Files seasons 1-10. I am about 3 episodes into the Third season. Have a great weekend and do something fun!

    • That’s a good plan, to do something fun! I shall have a big think about that. More snow? Gosh. there comes a limit to how much snow is good and fun. Stay warm and safe.

  10. No idea what the sparkly pink is going to be but it is going to be cute!

    This weekend we will be home watching it ice on Saturday, clearing up the last of Christmas decorations. Sunday is a knitting party postponed from Saturday due to weather. Looking forward to that!

    • The pink is more grape coloured than pink, I shall try to get a better colour next week. If I have followed the pattern right I think everyone may have a nice surprise eventually. Ooh the knitting party sounds great fun, I expect you will really enjoy it. Have a super time.xx

  11. Just knitting on afghan squares for a blanket for my youngest. And sewing, sewing, sewing!

  12. Lovely blanket, and glad things are looking good for Mr E right now πŸ™‚

  13. That blanket is looking great! πŸ™‚ My weekend is looking pretty standard, writing my thesis, some housework, hopefully a little bit of work on a mock-up for a new dress I’m working on.

  14. Love those plates. And your crochet blanket is beautiful. When it is finished it will be so cosy. πŸ™‚

    • Aren’t the plates wonderful, only Β£2.50 each which is not goiing to break the bank and there are bowls, which we don’t need. The blanket has a dense texture so is very cosy. the end is in sight.

  15. The blanket keeps getting better and better, and I’m not drawn to any I’ve those colors normally, but they sure look good! A great side benefit of blogging, one’s color ideas broaden so nicely.
    I am trying to exercise my way through this nasty coldness since I refuse to walk when it is below zero Ferhenheit. I did a beginning exercise plan for three days and it made me so sore, even with yoga attached, I decided I better cut it back or I would be stiff as a board! The yoga is still happening, and I’ trying to come up with something better for me!
    I am not at sure about you bit of pinkness, but I am sure it is for Miss F. It is quite intriguing and long! I am hoping to get to the armhole decreases on my current sweater piece, will have some time for that this am, because the Piano Tuner is arriving at 10. I hope to have two matching pianos by noon, and a minor pedal adjustment on Evelyn , as I’m not sure the movers got everything quite right when they reattached the lyre. I actually have a meeting this afternoon about wool day at the Stock Show. I am not yet certain whether or not I am happy about that.

    • Wool day sounds most interesting, maybe a post coming up? I hope the piano tuners worked their magic. It does sound so cold with you. When I fed the birds this morning I found our first snowdrops of the season, so exciting.

  16. I still haven’t done my oven… maybe later! However I have been doing lots of cleaning and sorting in the limery in preparation for the new planting year. I have started a little bit of gardening by splitting and potting on some of my carnivorous plants, but I have run out of compost, so I can’t do any more of that until some more arrives from a specialist supplier (can’t just pop down the local garden centre for that).
    In terms of making – I’m getting on nicely with the two ‘current’ projects (wellie socks for him and a jumper for me) and I’m thinking a lot about the UFO sofa cover. As regards the latter, Sandra (Wild Daffodil) suggested that I should add some elements of Sophie to it for interest and that has got me thinking about making progress with it again… I might even get enthused!
    Our swimming pool opened after the festive break on Monday and I have been 3 times already… you get hooked on it! Enjoy your swims – it really is great exercise.

    • I am quite busy for the next two weeks and it would be all too easy to give the swims a miss. I think it will have to be Thursday, rather than my prefered Wednesday. My arms are still aching, so out of practice. I am hoping to get up to half a mile each session by the end of the 15 swims.
      I keep looking at the garden. Such a mess. I leave the stalks and stems for the insects over winter, and I know they are there because I have seen the blue tits poking their beaks down, but they do look so untidy!
      What a good idea to add some interesting bits of Sophie to the sofa cover.
      Determined to finish the blanket this weeked. Have a good one yourself.

    • Oooo how lovely to think of you getting enthused again Mrs Snail. I love it when our comments assist one another in design and all manner of other things.

  17. I’m loving that blanket. The colors are very cheery!

  18. My ‘weekend’? Hmm, laundry, shopping, cooking, bottling my fermented cabbage, making more kefir, and last but not least, starting to hand quilt Bonnard. That last bit is the only part I’m really looking forward to, the rest is just everyday life.

    • Bonnard is just such a lovely project, can’t wait to see it all done. So satisfying when a big project is completed. Oh yes there are always the chores to be done! I remember at work the blokes would be full of what they were doing, football, pub etc and they would ask me , and the answer was always washing, ironning, cooking and cleaning! So pleased that I see my boys doing a share of the domestic tasks. Have a good weekend, I may be thinking about some scraps too.

  19. The blanket is looking good – I see all those ends waiting for you to weave in though, what fun πŸ˜‰
    I can’t guess what you are knitting but I’ll hazard a guess who it might be for – Little Miss F?
    My plans involve working through the hand pain to do a tiny bit of crochet, cutting out a pair of shorty p.j.s and seeing if I can make it through the second class of Zumba this year in a better state than I did the first.
    Have a good one!

    • Zumba? Oh my sounds very energetic, but is it fun? Hope your hand lets you do some crochet. I have to be so careful not to lean on my left elbow when I crochet. Ssh , but I don’t mind doing the ends, I tend to do them between 9 and 10 pm when I am too tired to concentrate on anything else.
      The knitting may well find itself winging its way to Little Miss F, well done!!

      • Well, the pink and the glitter were a clue πŸ˜‰
        Zumba is fun and can be very energetic, there are all different levels. It’s a sort of cross between aerobics and dancing I’d say but you wouldn’t want to be doing it on a dance floor anywhere as you’d probably get thrown out πŸ™‚ Also a bit of a workout for the brain as you need to remember the steps and routines.

      • Energetic and complicated. I would be fine if laughing was permitted, but if people took it seriously I would be undone! The glitter and pinky purple probably were a give away!

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