Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Some sparkly pictures to start the year.

This light in my brothers home , not only sparkled, but also cast rainbows on my book at bedtime.

Sparkly Christmas Lights at my sons home where we spent Christmas

And the best sparkle of 2017 when Ms G said Yes to Mr B’s question.

Think Mr B took this as a selfie. But see that sparkle in their eyes!  The  best kind of sparkle to a Mum’s mind.

Wild Daffodil created this challenge this year so please visit her site here for some more sparkles.


Comments on: "Photo Challenge 2018- Sparkle" (23)

  1. I LOVE Sparklies!!! And yours are very beautiful Sparkles. Congratulations to the happy couple.

  2. Awesome news! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I do remember you winning my competition. That seems a long time ago, and here we are both still blogging. I was really glad the Yarnalong is back too, but feel a bit foolish as I had only just decided to run a new link party for woolly projects. https://ginxcraft.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/happy-new-year-and-ginx-yarn-linx-party.html It now seems too similar, as it is also monthly. So this is a bit cheeky, but I wondered if you would also like to join my link. Posts don’t have to be recent, and I see you are still doing lots of knitting, as well as all your other activities. (I may change the name next month to Ginx Woolly Linx, and am going to give it a least 6 months to see if it will grow.)

    • I saw your new link too and was planning on linking in my next Knit and Natter Friday post which will be tomorrow. Ginx Woolly Linx is a great name. I see you may write a book, oh yes please, can I possibly pre order? Your designs are so great.
      Here’s to lots of yarny fun to come.

  4. What lovely photos and stories. So very special

  5. Oh, this is so nice–tell them congratulations from us all!!

  6. I read this post first thing in the morning and it has set a beautiful tone for the day. Your pride is evident. A lovely post and I thank you for sharing

  7. Congratulations!! Oh my as a mom with sons of dating and marriage age, I can’t wait for one of mine to find that special woman! They are adorable!

    • Can’t wait till 2019 when the knot wil be tied! So good to have three fabulous women join me , I was very out numbered with three boys.

  8. Beautiful sparkles, all of them, but especially the last one where their eyes are sparkling too xxx

  9. […] 2017 I took part in the weekly photo challenges set by Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil. This year, they have both decided to take a break from setting this particular […]

  10. How lovely – the best kind of sparkle indeed 🙂

  11. Aw! Brought a tear to my eye too 🙂

  12. How precious Cathy, your post brought a tear to my eye – what an absolutely wonderful set of sparkles you have given us. Many congratulations to your son and Ms G, they look so happy.
    That light in your brother’s house is extraordinary – I love the patterns it casts on the wall.
    What an absolutely fabulous first entry into the new Photo Monthyl Meet-Up – thank you!

    • Getting engaged as they did at the end of December just before Christmas in Copenhagan has changed them. Before they were very much boy and girl friend, but commiting to get married has relaxed them completely, they seem so much more together and in love than before. I think it was the public statement of ” we are forever”. It was lovely to see them like this at Christmas, and they took this picture on the 27th on a walk at a local nature reserve and the happiness is just sparkiling in their eyes. They have both been through such a lot they so deserve to be happy ever after.
      As for the light in the bedroom, I must have taken a dozen pictures, and this was the first. It was like a fairy grotto it was so sparkly.
      This was a fun word to try to illustrate and brother and sons made it easy! Thanks for organising.

  13. Bless! – and is that one of your creations Ms G is wearing?

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