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17 was for 2017.

Happy New Year everyone. Before I start the new year I thought I would review my 17 for 2017 and explain if only to myself why there will be no 18 for 2018. Although I am delighted to see that others are taking up the 18 for 2018 challenge, please feel free to leave a link to your 18 for 2018 in the comments.

17 swims- 14 only. There is no excuse for having failed with this one. I like swimming I just didn’t go. I still want to get into the habit of swimming regularly, and was more successful last year. So sometime in January I shall buy myself a quarterly pass which includes 15 swims to be swam in 12 weeks. That will teach me!

16 hour long walks- in 2015 and 2016 I set walking challenges that failed, this time I succeeded. I enjoyed lots of lovely walks right through the year, aided by buying an annual pass to the local forest and 30 Days Wild in June. My biggest joy was finding that Pickering had a millenium wood.

The walking has continued since then, I took a walk in the snow on Saturday.

What a contrast!

15 books read from the heap by the bed- this has remained on 13, the question is Why? Well volunteering at the library means I have so much choice and the ones in the heap just don’t inspire me to pick them up. So really I should just give them away, except they make a very useful pile on which to place the bedside light to bring it up to the right height for bedtime reading. On the plus side I have not bought any new novels in book form, and only three or was it four for the Kindle?

14lbs lost- now this was going so badly that 14 was expunged from the 17 for quite sometime. Then in December, yes before ,during and after Christmas I decided enough was enough and re-instated it. Result 7 1/4lbs lost. Which is an achievement, especially if I can keep going. I will let you know if I ever make the 14 and maybe even what happens to the swims and the books.

13 cards made-13 completed. But not as many as I would have liked.

12 Posts about local villages- only four. I even drew up a list of villages to go too. Not quite certain why it didn’t happen, never mind, maybe next year there will be some more.

11 days out- achieved. York in November below

10 new things tried- achieved with  things including wild boar sausages, wearing a fascinator and writing for the local history group magazine

9 Knitting/crochet projects completed- with ease

a little mermaid


A book for a baby

chunky jumpers

crochet blankets


A dartmoor sheep and two

Christmas stockings. That might be why there was not much time for other things do you think?

8 craft projects tried- over the years I have acquired a lot craft making stuff, and the idea was to use some of it. Well I managed three things, some needlefelt but then I broke the needle mid session, but managed to buy more, but failed to complete what I started. I did make some pressed flower cards. I did have a painting session, had great fun and threw away the mess. Not a resounding success story!

7 completed sewing projects- Achieved.

My personal favourite the cats and the elephant from scraps. The one on the left apparently is called Caty and the one on the right is Kitty , the elephant has no name. They were named by their new owners.

The wedding bunting

Cross stitch puffin

The cowboy placemat

And the big skirt with the first zip I have stitched since leaving school back in the dark ages.

6 Non Fiction books read- Achieved, but it transpires that I am now more given to buying non-fiction books then fiction books. So that I have now finished the year with even more half read non- fiction books. Oh well got to be good to educate myself! And maybe I have to adjust my way of reading non- fiction, am I supposed to start at the beginning and go to the end?

5 Family History questions answered yes achieved. I have recently traced two branches of the family back to their roots. My Fathers back to a small village in Northumberland and part of Mum’s to Wales. I have done an Ancestry DNA test and no surprises I am British through and through with a tiny bit of Scandinavian thrown in. Hoping to do a lot more in 2018. Glad I included this in 17 for 2017, it helped re awake my interest.

4 Sort outs- achieved with the grand finale with my son Mr B clearing out his wardrobe of teenage tat. I have since done some clearing out of middle-aged lady tat, it’s sitting in the car boot to donate to a charity shop.

3 Interesting things found- achieved , but they weren’t very interesting!

2 picnics- yes achieved.

1 Boat ride- totally failed to organise myself to see the puffins or the whales. The whale boat ride is 4 hours on the North Sea. Then I recalled that I am the person who can be sea sick before a ferry leaves port, and thought  better of that. The puffins must be seen , maybe 2018.

0 craft supples bought-  Oh Dear. Abject failure, far too much yarn bought and the cowboy fabric which I had to replace. But as for general craft supplies I did ok, goggle eyes, needles for needle thread, double-sided tape, that sort of thing to complete projects or to replace things I used up. The secret is when I go to a shop to buy buttons I do not come out with yarn as well, and I keep well away from yarn on-line shops, because then the gremlin takes over the computer.

So on the whole probably not too bad. There were just too many things to think about . And life. Life happens. People get engaged, married, need bunting, have babies, NEED baby clothes and toys, and new things grab my attention like 30 Days Wild and the Repair Cafe, both so enjoyable. So for 2018 I am going with the flow, I shall be chilled, I shall be less manic, I shall enjoy life and the process of creating and forget the need to tot things up. I shall swim and walk and loose those 14lbs. I shall knit that yarn and make things from all that fabric and craft materials. I shall keep sorting things out and passing on or recycling unused things, can someone please tell me why I always have so much paper to recycle. Where does it come from?

Above all I will keep blogging. This has been a wonderful year for blogging, so much fun and so many lovely blogging friends. Thank you all for being so marvellous. I shall leave you with one more photo from my Winter walk. The first took me up short as I climbed, well gently strolled up the hill to see what looked like an alien invasion.

Floodlights on the school playing field.

Happy New Year,

Be Happy,





Comments on: "17 was for 2017." (51)

  1. cherielanglois said:

    I think you should be proud of all you accomplished, Cathy! As someone who can only knit scarves and headbands, I’m especially impressed with your beautiful knitted projects. Happy New Year 🙂

  2. That is an impressive list and to have accomplished as much as you did is a reason to celebrate. I would be delighted to have completed as much.

  3. I think you did a great job in 2017. Some years we just have to forego the traditional “New Years Resolution list” and just go one with life without the pressure. Some years we need to get control of ourselves and make the lists to remind us of what we want to do. I am thinking about turning my News Year Resolution list into 18 in 2018. Sounds fun and I sure have a lot on my list. I wish you all the best in 2018. A healthy and happy new year with lots of crafting and fun things. Happy 2018!

  4. Happy New Year!
    Even if you missed a few here and there it sounds like you’re on an excellent track and really enjoying yourself while doing it. All the best!

  5. Wow Cathy I think you did amazingly well!!! And a wedding and a new baby! Amazingly well – and so many lovely things made. Going with the flow is my new target for 2018! 😉

  6. Happy New Year!! You have achieved much this year, even if it wasn’t on a list. 🙂

  7. The challenges, like 17 for 2017, seem to start as a carrot and end up as a stick. People say, “Oh, these are aspirations and I’ll be happy if I do most of them,” but then, somewhere along the line, they seem to become chores to tick off a list, and not much fun any more! You did really well with yours but I think your attitude for 2018 is tons more sensible!

    • In October we were so busy with new babies and birthdays, I did nothing towards the 17. In Novemeber I had a good hard look and decided to get going on the family history, and then in December I re instated number 14. The photo challenge did become a chore, to get a picture up first thing on a Tuesday required a lot of thought sometimes. Time to sit back and see where life takes me. Possibly to the swimming pool.

  8. I think you did great! I’ll be happy if I achieve as many, I’ll have to look up that NHS slimming programme! Happy New Year Cathy 🙂

  9. You did very well, Cathy! Congratulations! I, on the other hand, failed miserably, so there won’t be a resume of my 17 for 2017 over here. 😦

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Some great achievements and some wonderful creations. I hope you are very proud of yourself. To be honest i was glad to read that you didn’t achieved all your goals as i too have fallen short of some of mine (well short in some cases!). Currently compiling my final list.

  11. You achieved so many of your goals and, as I’m always saying, it’s not so much the achieving, but what we learn from our goals that’s the important thing. Look forward to your 2018 relaxed approach. Love the gate in the snow pic!

  12. Happy New Year Cathy, I’m all for going with the flow a bit more. You have still achieved a lot even though you didn’t hit all your targets x

  13. I think that the key with these challenges probably is not to feel obliged to do the things on the list, just to treat them as a reminder. Lists are good, feeling obliged to tick everything off what is essentially an arbitrary set of goals just adds unnecessary pressure in life. Like you, in 2018 I’m going with the flow and allowing myself to be open to new inspiration.

    • I have looked up the swimming pool times today. Closed today, but mayve later in the week. The list was just too big this year and daunted me, so I expect I will sill be doing all the things listed but at a sensible pace and probably more enjoyable. The 15 for 2015 was in some way the best because I was dealing with Dad’s estate and Mum’s illness and other people’s ill health and it reminded me to do things for me so I could keep going. All things have their time, and thank you for your support this year especially encouraging me with the gloves, and good luck with your book.

  14. What a lovely summary of a successful year! I admire anyone who can even think about doing something like this. I’ve loved getting to know you through your blog this past year and look forward to following along in 2018!

  15. It made me chuckle reading this because I note that you completed the knitting and sewing projects with ease – which is just what I do because that’s really what I enjoy doing! And I too have a pile of books beside the bed that just doesn’t get any smaller – why?! Like you, I don’t think they tempt me! Ah well – perhaps New Year’s resolution no 1 should be to get rid of them!

    • I think you are right about those books, it would probably make me feel a great deal better! The ridiculous thing is I worried about doing th knitting and sewing and positively charged at them , then couldn’t slow down!

  16. I think you did quite well! I considered doing 17 in 2017, but I just wasn’t ready to commit, so I didn’t! You get so much done and are always stretching yourself a bit, it is quite inspiring and not necessary to have the list, I think it is who you are! Congrats on the 7.5 pounds lost! You can do this! I have another bloggy friend that has been at it for an entire year, she has made an entire lifestyle transformation and lost lots of weight, she is just over half way to her goal. Me, I could lose about 10 pounds, but may never get down to it, though I am committing to yoga and exercise this year…strength and flexibility are missing in this bod!

    • i have tried weight watchers and slimming world in the past and am tired of the commercilaism. Now I have found our wonderful nhs has a 12 week programme on line entirely free with lots of support forums and challeneges. It’s perfect. I have just started their happiness challenge which really makes you focus on the positive and keeps you moving!

  17. I’d say you did very well with your list of challenges! You know that they were truly challenges because they stretched you to try to accomplish them. As you are human and therefore imperfect, you have more to learn, see, and do! Can’t wait to read about it as you do it all!

    • Thank you for this comment. I didn’t make too bad a fist of things in the end. There were just rather a lot, maybe I need to make a list of things to do but keep it short and realistic to allow for the unexpected.

  18. A very impressive amount of things achieved but I can definitely recommend a more chilled approach in 2018 – enjoy the luxury of having the time to please yourself. x

  19. Happy new year. 🙂

  20. That’s impressive Cathy 🙂

  21. Happy healthy 2018 to you

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