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Knit and Natter Friday!

Well Gosh is all I can say. And that’s a fib for a start as I have lots to say,, but hasn’t the last week just gone by in a great big flash, and gosh again, it will be 2018 next time I write a Knit and Natter post. So, did you all have a super Christmas? I have loved seeing all the Secret Santa posts this week. It’s clear we all love the research and the plotting and planning and making every bit as much as the anticipating and squealing and squishing and being bowled over by our gifts. And did your nearest and dearest love everything you gifted them I wonder.

Baby J does not look too impressed with my contribution, and as for that dog Coco, he of the unmentionable smells

He had pulled the beak off the duck by tea time, not that I made that but.. well honestly. Dogs!

We were in London with my son Mr J and family and had a jolly nice time. A lovely walk on Christmas Eve on Epsom Downs followed by a Christingle service, which was nice but so crowded, still I did get to sing my heart out and was thrilled that Master H appeared to know all the words and sang like a trooper. But when did churches decide that prams were a fire hazard and all babies had to be removedย  from their snuggly nests. Baby Jesus, they sang had a bed of hay, but not so the little children of the congregation, they can just freeze. I mean honestly how unwelcoming is it to be told babies are a fire hazard. Never mind the d**m candles they can be lit, but ….. sometimes you do just have to wonder.

One of the joys of being the older generation is you don’t have to cook the turkey. Oh you can lend a hand with the table, and the sprouts and give an opinion on whether something is cooked, but you get to sit down and relax and then Voila a feast is set down before you. I thought I would miss being in charge and the centre of the steam, but no , not one bit. Being the older generation , and “you just sit there”, turns out to suit me well. I taught my sons well, as the chef was my boy Mr J.

Gifts, did you receive something divine? Mr E had listened to me, which might be a first.

I had really fallen in love with this book from the RSPB, and then I had this too

Oh my, from Attic 24, I have gifted these to others but had never received one myself, so happy.

But first to finish the two crochet blankets. First the one from left over yarn which will be donated to the Repair Cafe as a raffle prize. The speed I was going just in the cafe itself it wouldn’t be finished for ten years, so I have got on and done the granny squares at home, now they just need joining together, after which I shall do the border and sew in the ends at the cafe.

Happy with the red, now not certain about the two yellow squares bottom left.

Last year I rather succumbed to making a lot of yarn purchases, mostly I blame the gremlin in the computer, but some of them were definitely just me. I thought I was over the tinsel yarn madness, turns out I am not.

You will not believe me if I told what these were for. So I won’t, but you can try guessing each week from now on.

Over to you now for some nattering, love to know if your hand-made gifts were appreciated, and if you received something that brought on a happy dance. What are your plans for creating this weekend? I read a blog a week or so ago which suggested we plant more flowers.

That sounds good to me, I have some primroses to put in tubs, am I mad in these temperatures? We have a sprinkling of snow and more forecasted. Never mind I shall just have to sit down and do some knitting or crochet or cross stitch, well someone has to..

I want to thank you all for joining in with my Knit and Natter posts, it is the natter that has made them so pleasurable to me to write and I hope for you too.

All the best for 2018,ย  remember the night is darkest before the dawn if the year is not starting out as you would wish, and if you are on a high right now, enjoy it every bit .

Be Happy,






Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (32)

  1. I love reading all the happy natter here as well as your fun posts!

    I’m crocheting a really soft green variegated afghan. It is made with “cakes” yarn from Caron. The skeins are sold rolled up really pretty. Oh how I love pretty yarn! Like your sparkly yarn! So pretty! I have no idea what I would use it for. But I’d love to have some! LOL!

    I used to crochet little afghans for my huge white long haired German Shepherd. He’d daintily find the “knots” of yarn tied at the end or middle and chew them out- then poof! No more afghan. He was sneaky to do it when he thought I wouldn’t look! LOL! He loved the “tags” on towels too. If I threw one down for his head when he was sick. If he was better I’d fold them up and set them by him. He’d unfold them to nibble the tag!! Silly boy. I miss him dearly.

    • Dogs are undoubtably strange creatures. I have had two cocker spaniels in the past and miss them terribly, but Mr E is not a dog person! You can’t beat lovely yarn, look forward to hearing more about your Afghan which sounds very pretty. Stay warm and safe this weekend.

      • My Mr Tom of 41 years likes them only if I care for them and keep them by my side! LOL! So I do! I have three stout British Labs (2 yellow, 1 brown) and a Rattie (American Rat Terrier). Never had a Cocker. My fave breed is the Corgi, had one 14 1/2 years too much fun!

  2. What a lovely Christmas you had, and Baby J is really growing! The knitted birds really look fascinating, have fun with them. I’ve not gotten much done this week; Evelyn seems to be distracting me at every turn! ๐Ÿ˜„ I did purchase a new planner today, much simpler than my old work one, so hoping for an easy transition there. We have hunkered down for the weekend, 1-6 inches of snow tonight hen back to the deep freeze u too late next week. Happy New Year!

    • Now that makes our snow look most pathetic. I just use a notebook and paper diary for organising myself, a planner sounds very good, but get car serviced, go for dental check up, doesn’t need much planning these days of retirement! Have super weekend and stay safe.

  3. All this Knit and Natter about yarny crafts almost makes me want to join in…. almost! I reckon there are two good reasons not to: It’d be time away from my other projects, and secondly, can you imagine a nice woolly thing draped over your lap while the temperature was in the high 30s C and humidity was at 80%, which is what we’re due this week and for much of January? No, I shall just have to admire your bionic yarn skills from afar…

    • I can imagine the thought of wooly warmth is singularly un appealing, we have snow today and I am busy wrapping myself in multi layers, including something you may never need, The Big Coat, just so I can buy some food for the weekend.

      • I do have A coat, but it’s just for visiting colder places and never comes out at home. But I do remember the pleasure of rugging up in very cold weather…

  4. Cathy I so enjoy your knit and natter posts! The knitted bird book is one I just had out from the library and I loved it, so enjoy!!!

  5. So glad to hear of your lovely festive time with the family. I too have passed the baton to the next generation – I make the stuffing and buy a local free range turkey – then sit back whilst others do all the stressful stuff.
    I’m so looking forward to seeing the birds you are going to make and how wonderful to have an Attic24 kit to rejoice in. I’m eagerly waiting the start of the Woodland CAL – will you be doing it?
    Happy Crafting Cathy.

  6. Mlle Tialys the Elder left to go back to the U.K. yesterday afternoon so I’m a bit sad but at least Mr. T and the younger Mlle Tialys are off work until the 8th so I’m behaving as if it’s one long holiday.
    I have yet to find a toy that my dogs won’t destroy within minutes. My beloved old German Shepherd chewed up everything except her rubber chicken which she loved for some reason.
    You had some lovely gifts both from family and Stitching Santa so you must have been an especially good girl this year and its a shame you had to fall over so close to the end of it – I hope you have lost all traces of bruises etc. by now.
    I like the Attic 24 patterns – I finished the ‘hydrangea’ crochet blanket this month. I couldn’t take it to the U.K. with me when looking after Mum because it turned out to be single bed size and I was so close to finishing it, it would have taken up all my cabin bag room. However, I finished it when I returned and am very pleased with it so it will probably be in my next post.
    Now, I’m doing another crochet blanket and embarked upon a pair of socks which I seem to do every two years or so. The trouble is, because I knit socks so rarely, I have to go right back to all the tutorials in order to remember what to do. I knit them two at a time, toe up, so it’s a little complicated at the beginning.
    Baby J is a very ‘bonny lad’ and being showered with gifts is only his due as his expression shows. I’m sure he is really very impressed with the cable though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think it’s much easier to be the one that leaves than the one that stays behind, I can imagine how much you miss your daughter. Part of me grieves that being the centre of my children’s lives has gone, but that is the sign of my success. And when they can cook you a delicious Christmas feast and all you do is rest, well I realise there is an up side too to the next phase of life.
      Coco was delighted with his duck, he played with it all day till it was decapitated, the squeek had ceased and half the stuffing was over the floor. I think he liked it. Maybe I should hunt for a rubber chicken for him.
      I want to get at least one of the crochet blankets done before I start on the Attic 24. If it goes well I shall be thinking of one of the blankets next. Can’t wait to see yours.
      Socks, ah socks, one day I shall try them. Good luck.
      Watch out for exploding pompoms, I hear there are some in the South of England, you never know they may migrate.

  7. That little boy is so cute! Dogs will be dogs, I guess, right? It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. I did as well. It’s always good when my kids are home! I received some delightful gifts and enjoyed some tasty food! It is bitterly cold here, so we are tucked in and keeping busy indoors.

    • Tucking in and doing indoorsy things sounds perfect, bit chilly here as we have fianlly had some snow. It feels like winter today. So happy you had family round you and received some wonderful gifts.Happy New year.

  8. Your nattering has a breathless quality this week, which I figure is excitement at having had such a nice holiday! I can’t believe you’re talking about planting flowers–our temp yesterday morning was minus 23 F (minus 30 Celsius)!! We’re staying inside and working on crafty things. So glad you had fun–that baby is handsome devil!

    • Oh my goodness I must be so transparant! I did indeed have a nice holiday. It has actually snowed all morning, not a lot, just a lttle so no flower planting, instead I have written letters and just been out to post them, returning with a nose to rival Rudolph. The babe smells divienly of coconuts as he is being annointed to cure cradle cap, but it does make him slippery! I can’t imagine how cold minus30C is, minus 5C is bad enough! Stay warm and stay upright.

  9. Sounds like such a lovely Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. so pleased to see you got some lovely crafting goodies – didn’t Mr E do well, hitting the nail on the head with his choice of gifts?
    And yippee . . . a whole new year about to begin with Knit & Natter Friday to look forward to ^^

    • Mr E was given a great big hint on a pece of paper which read Cathy’s Christmas Wish List! Hope you continue to enjoy my knit and natters. It’s snowing here now , so perfect to stop in and knit and Natter.

  11. Ooh that book of knitted birds does look inviting! Happy knitting – and very Happy New Year wishes to you and yours!

    • I know the birds are so cute, the feet look as if they will need some care when constructing. Perfect knitting project for 30 days wild in June.

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