Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Stitching Secret Santa-to

My Parcel went to Kim who blogs as The Material Lady, and if you don’t know her , she is an amazing and very talented lady. She sews divinely and knits socks and all manner of wonderful garments. So what on earth to make for her as she had been a very good girl this year.

Reading her blog I discovered she feels the cold , and last year had been thrilled to receive a shawl. So I made a pair of gloves and a matching hat.

Next it was time to fill the stocking I made for some smaller gifts

A crochet pot, a lavender filled owl  and lemon pin cushion from leftover yarn

A Santa sack for

some useful accessories and finally my whole £10 budget went on

West Yorkshire Spinners yarn and a pattern. In went a card , and as Kim also blogs as The Old Bat at the Back, as she runs as well you know, on the back of the envelope went a hand-made

Once again thanks go to Sewchet for her inspiration in thinking this up and her remarkable organisational skills so we all have wonderful squishy Christmas presents. And there is to be another one in 2018 Sewchet wrote yesterday. What a way to start 2018.



Comments on: "Stitching Secret Santa-to" (36)

  1. Your knitted goodies are stunning. I love the Stocking you made, it is super cute. 🙂

  2. […] first parcel (the knitting one) was sent from Nana Cathy. She has some lovely pictures of what she made in this post but here are mine. I meant to take a […]

  3. […] These were wonderful and deserve a full post (again, after the new year) but I will say to both Nana Cathy and Deborah of Sweet Fallen Angels that their parcels were fabulous! I’m really looking […]

  4. What a great present you created! I bet she loved it

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Very thoughtful gift. Love the Santa socking.

  6. Lovely gifts. The gloves and hat look lovely and warm. As you know I love the stocking and the cheeky bat is brilliant! 🙂

  7. So nicely done, Cathy!! Love the stocking!

  8. What an amazing package! Kim was very lucky!

  9. You can be my Secret Santa anytime!!! I love your hand made stocking!!❤️

  10. Oh that Bat’s adorable Cathy! 🦇

  11. lots of lovely surprises there ^^

  12. Brilliant!! She is going to be thrilled!

  13. That’s a wonderful bunch of goodies you have lovingly created and put together Cathy 😊 ❤

  14. I’m so pleased you made such lovely things for Kim as she made me such lovely gifts. I hadn’t come across her blog before but I’m a follower now!

  15. What a lovely selection of gifts. I love how we have all worked at personalising our presents – the bat is brilliant!

    • I decided she had to have a bat the moment I read her other blog. I love doing the research bit and deciding what to make. It is a really fun part of Christmas.

  16. I bet the gloves and hat will be popular, judging by the UK weather I see on the news!

  17. What a wonderful selection of goodies full of cosy cuddliness and loving thoughtfulness. Mrs Santa, you did well!

  18. I have Santa stocking envy.

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