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Knit and Natter Friday

in which I am a complete numpty!

Last Friday evening there was a social event for the library volunteers. Off I toddled with my dips and veggie sticks as my contribution to the shared feast. The main door to the library was closed as it was after hours , so down the dark side alley to the back door I went. This is a bit spooky I thought , starting to compose a detective story involving muggings and dark alleys in my head whilst hurrying on to get into the warmth.

Next thing I know my feet have a mind of their own, I am grabbing for the hedge to catch myself and then wallop my face appears to be on the pavement. I sheepishly pick myself up and take myself into the ladies at the library, couple of grazes to the face which I wash and relief floods through me as I see number one best trousers appear unscathed. I emerge rather Bridget Jones like to the gathering and begin socializing with what I hope is the amusing anecdote of my misadventure. You know says Lorraine my co volunteer your forehead is beginning to swell. A little later Sue informs me I shall have a black eye by tomorrow.

Well of course they were both right, and Saturday morning was spent in A&E whilst I was checked out. A waiting room is conducive to the most incredible conversations. The chap opposite wanted told me about his operation on his prostrate, as he said not enough men talk about their prostrates.

All the world passes through A&E you know. I was very touched by a professional carer who was there with an elderly lady, she was so gentle with her and held her hand and stroked her head and talked softly and reassuringly with her while they went in and out of cubicles and back again.

One elderly lady told us that she had survived Lung Cancer and now she was Eighty. In part she attributed it to the fresh coastal air and the lovely people in the town.

So the two and a half hours passed quite quickly really. And I was pronounced ok too. But oh boy do I have a right good black eye. Only it’s the left one.

And the moral of the story is, when walking down dark alleys watch where you are putting your feet and do not spend the time pretending to be Agatha Christie. Although the dark alley would make rather a good location…

Enough. Let’s have some knitting, which is why you are here.

So we have the super cute baby flower grab toy. See the cabling. I groaned when I saw it, but it was done in a trice, well two evenings, turns out I can manage 14 stitches and two repeats of cabling without getting myself in a tizwaz. And the other side looks like this,

Bobbles! I can do bobbles too and not get lost on seven stitches. I shall just have to knit patterns in long thin strips. What next you ask, well I did ask for something yarn related for Christmas and I did happen to notice a squishy parcel arrive which wasn’t opened by Mr E on arrival. Maybe , maybe something for me…. In the meantime this came for me

Secret Santa came, I have not opened it, I am sitting here just loving the box, a Christmas box, I never saw a Christmas box, my cup is over flowing already. Oh the treasures I can keep in it.

I posted off my Secret Santa too , I so hope it has arrived safe and sound. I can actually feel a bubble of excitement just looking at that box. A huge big thank to Sheila for organising this.

Are you busy cooking, or baking, I am baking, it’s so good to have the time to make homemade deliciousness.

Mr E requested homemade peanut butter biscuits. He even found the recipe on the internet. The mix made 58Β  biscuits. Fifty Eight! He says he shall eat them all. I think the words greedy wotsit might be appropriate.

I am off to bake some ginger chocolate coated Florentine biscuits now, much more to my taste.

So my lovely friends I wish you a very Happy Christmas, may the family not squabble, the dinner be perfect, your dreams come true, your parcels be squishy, your efforts be appreciatedΒ  and the tree remain upright.

Be happy,




Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (41)

  1. I always love your projects! You are so creative! :o)
    I’m so glad you are o.k. Does your eye hurt? I bet you have a few aches and pains as well. I hate falling, I just pray it isn’t going to cause harm when I hit the ground.
    I was threatened (18 months ago) by a man with a knife in our backyard, late one night while putting my puppy out. Long story. By the grace of God I got away. So I avoid all dark places now. I never go out in the dark alone!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Oh my goodness me that must have been very terrifying you poor thing. I had a cut knee and it was hard getting out of the bath that night and the bump caused a bit of a headache, but other than that I am fine. It’s beginning to fade now. Have a very Happy Christmas.

      • It’s definately something you never can imagine happening. The man was young and bi-racial and looked a lot like one of my dear adopted sons. So besides the fear I felt very worried about why he would choose to do this! I pray for him.

      • That is extremely charitable of you.

  2. Well done with the knitting. So sorry about the bump. Hope the. Eye is better soon. Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas

  3. I’m a little late to the party here – is the kettle still on? Budge up, I need to squeeze in and catch up with the gossip – a tipsy topple? No you had not touched a drop – I am with the others in being glad you had no more than a black eye to show for your absent-minded acrobatics. Now, I too can’t wait for your first Chapter in the Pirate’s Who-dun-it Saga …. it was the Duck!
    Take care Cathy and only trip the light fantastic from now on. Merry Grimble!

  4. Your A & E experience rang a bell. When my Dad had ‘prostate trouble’ he would regale almost anybody who would listen with stories about it – much to my Mum’s embarrassment. I’m not sure it was to enlighten the world about anything though – more that he never had much of a ‘filter’ in social situations.
    Anyway, a shiner for Christmas is not ideal but I think an eye patch and a duck would be a fetching costume – although it might have been better at Halloween. Perhaps you could time your accidents better in the future.
    I hope everybody says ‘Cathy fell over’ and not ‘Cathy had a fall’ as the latter expression seems to mark a turning point in the way we are perceived by others. In other words ‘a fall’ suggests getting on a bit and needing to worry about our bones whereas ‘falling over’ suggests we were doing something energetic and lost our footing or had one too many at a riotous party.
    Have a lovely time this Christmas whether you decide to wear the duck or not! xx

    • I shall remember that and make sure I say I fell over, which I did, or rather off a kerb! Trying to stay upright now. Happy Christmas.

  5. Oh Cathy! I do hope you’re okay. Not exactly what one wishes for — a black eye for the holidays. Take care of yourself, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. You poor thing, that sounds very painful.
    I love the toy πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your baking and I wish you a very happy Christmas πŸŽ„

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Sorry to hear about your black eye Cathy. Hope it is looking better! You can get mini flash lights these days perfect for inside a handbag or coat packets. WIshing you a lovely Christmas too.

    • Yes I will ceratinly go armed with torches in future. I just didn’t expect to need one in town last week. Coming home up our road afterwards was sacry too, it is dark and I could feel ice underfoot. I really was a bit silly.

  8. Oh Cathy,mI am so glad you have nothing more than a black eye! I do like Kate’s idea of a pirate patch. If you wear it, definitely use the duck!πŸ˜„ we have oatmeal cranberry cookies baking as I write this and the smell is quite divine. I am like you with special little boxes from the mail. So much pleasure derived from just looking at them. I am beyond excited about DH’s gift…can’t wait to see his face! 😍😍

  9. Oh my heavens, another tumbler!! You will be the talk of the town with a black eye you know! I think I might have to make a New Year Resolution for a change, it will be something like ‘I will Stay Upright in 2018!’ You might like to join in πŸ™‚ My Secret Santa parcel arrived yesterday – I was so excited and it comes all the way from SA too – and I haven’t opened it πŸ™‚ Your flower grab toy is delightful! But you mentioned Florentines… I used to make Florentines every Christmas and I haven’t tasted one since whichever Christmas was the last time I made them – sometime back in the late 80’s or early 90’s I think…….. My mouth is watering and it’s only 6.30 am!! Have a delightful Christmas Cathy!

    • I popped into my LYS to wish them Happy Christmas today and they doubted my sobriety? I mean imagine. I was totally sober at the time, just careless! To stay upright is a worthy resolution I think for me. Enjoy your Secret Santa parcel, I am deriving loads of pleasure from just looking at the box. The Florentines taste fine, but look appalling, more practice or more flour required. Have a very Happy Christmas too. xx

  10. I like Kate’s eye patch idea – perhaps a knitted one? Glad to hear you are on the mend – I suppose a black eye is slightly better than a broken wrist like Sue, but that doesn’t seem like much consolation. Anyway, I look forward to your forthcoming career as a detective writer.
    I love that grab toy -I’m sure you could manage a whole aran jumper now.
    I too have sent off my secret santa but I’m not sure whether it has arrived. I received mine yesterday and I am restraining myself from squishing the parcels!!

    • Secret Santa is just so exciting. I feel like a child again with that box. At least the black eye doesn’t hurt now and I forget I have it, and not being given to look in mirrors much it’s a shock when I see myself. Not sure I am ready for an aran jumper, except the wool is thicker than DK. My Mum made Mr E one once, and I am now full of admiration for her skills, but then I made him one of fairisle patterns and that’s quite impressive too. I have them both still but he doesn’t wear them, he says they have shrunk!

  11. oh dear I hope you are better soon, what a pity to have a black eye over Christmas! Hope you have a lovely one, and best wishes for 2018!

  12. Thank goodness you are ok! Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday! πŸ™‚

  13. So sorry to hear of your tumble; I hope you heal quickly. Happy Christmas to you and yours as well!

  14. I love your wishes at the end of the post–it reads like a 21st-century update of one of those sentimental Irish blessings! What a time you’ve had–and I’m impressed you’re maintaining such a sense of humor about it. You’re a trouper!! The baby toy is adorable, the cookies look yummy, your Christmas spirit shines through it all!

    • Thank you. The sole positive I have taken from the experience was that I appear to react to injuries and loss of dignity with humour. My Mum who had a similar accident turned nasty even to the ambulance driver and nurse. You just don’t know how you will react till the event happens. And I bet I looked funny too, imagine trying to grab a hedge to save one self.

  15. Oh poor you. Glad your ok. A friend of mine has a thumper of a black eye too from slipping on the Clitheroe Castle steps. 😦 Love peanut butter cookies btw. X

  16. CountryWaysCottageDays said:

    Oh, dear. A warning to us all then. Glad you are okay. Aren’t boxes like that squeee~worthy? I once had a Happy Birthday one, and another time a purple ~yes, purple~bubble wrap envelope with Snoopy prints on it!
    I wish I had the werewithal to take up knitting again. Your toy is so adorable.

    Nadolig Llawen ~~~Deb in Wales

    • A purple bubble wrap Snoopy envelope , oh wow. I do love a nice box. I have been known to covet other people’s boxes or tins and they have given me their wrappings.

  17. Oh Cathy, it’s exactly the sort of thing I’d do, only I’d make sure I did get the concussion! A black eye for Christmas will be very seasonal and fetching. Perhaps you could wear a red eyepatch with fluffy white fur around the outside? I’m doing my baking tomorrow, my own peanut butter cookies with raisins and cinnamon. My Christmas cake is now entirely sozzled and needs a nice lie down in the cake tin, and I’ll make a small batch of mince pies because the Husband doesn’t like them, but I do! Otherwise, there won’t be much; it’s hot and humid here, and fruit salad and ice cream are much more the order of the day πŸ™‚

    • Fruit salad and ice cream sounds quite appealing given it is grey and dank and dismal here. The eye patch would be marvellous. I shall ask Santa for one. Doing shopping in sun glasses is a bit ridiculous!

      • Not when you consider the alternative is to be thought a battered wife…. I’d go the eyepatch every time, and walk around the supermarket in character, saying “Arharrr me hearties”. Perhaps Santa could bring you a stuffed parrot too, to wear on your shoulder. No? A pity…

      • I’ve just bought a stuffed toy duck for my sons dog, do you think I could use it as a substitute for a parrot?

      • Ha!Ha! A stuffed duck and an eye-patch – at Christmas time – perfect outfit for eccentric Nanas – I might go that route myself!

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