Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Kate hosts the Scrap Happy Posts on the 15 th of the month, and as my knitting/ crochet this week has only used leftover yarn I thought I would share the link with everyone.

I am still knitting the baby toy. It will be finished before Christmas

It will be a flower grab toy!ย  I have to concentrate on the increases and decreases and the pattern and after three petals my brain seems to melt down, so I have been adding some crochet squares for the Repair Cafe blanket which was making slow progress when I only did at the cafe sessions.

I could see my natural tendency to stick to the same tonal range of colours was rearing its head again so added in some red which should liven it up a bit if it doesn’t completely wreck it.

Meantime while the rest of UK had snow we didn’t, which is just as well since we had a great big hole in the wall on Monday while the new door was fitted.

So much warmer now.

The Boxing Day Chutney was made on Friday, rather a lot of it. I wrote out 27 labels, but the jars are small. Here’s a link to the recipe.

Sorry about the picture , but you can see how pretty and pink it is. Just make half quantities!

Mr B came and sorted out his belongings. The dustbin is full. The shredding bin is full. I have been to the recycling centre, what else can you do with video tapes, and on Wednesday took 7 boxes of teenage paraphernalia to the charity shop. I have four bin bags of teenage t-shirts etc also to go to a charity shop, and for our pains we have a few empty shelves in a wardrobe and a bit of space on a bookcase. Not certain how he crammed all the stuff in.

Meantime I had a happy package in the post from the lovely Claire. Thank you so much Claire, so very kind of you.

Meantime thank you all so much for your kind words re Mr E, the medical appointments continue, but so far so good.

Today will be a day of little jobs about the house, bed linen changing, washing, a bit of shopping and so on.

One of the favourite things I undertake at this time of year is choosing the photos for our calendar and the ones which will go into our photo albums. It reminds me of all the happy times we had, from the big events of holidays and weddings to the lovely walks we took. My calender arrived this week and a big mountain of photos, so my happy task this weekend is to put the pictures into albums, I have separate ones for all the grandchildren, so that one day I will be able to give them an album of their childhoods. I love being able to look back on the year and recall the good times.

Hoping that amongst the business of this time of year you too have time to reflectiveย  too.

Have a great week and Be Happy



Comments on: "Scrap Happy, Knit and Natter Friday." (41)

  1. I love your craftiness! That sweet snowflake heart has given me a great idea for my Valentine cards this year. I remember knitting hexies and making a soft ball for a baby out of them. Happy crafting!

  2. You have been a busy gal! It does so good to sort and get rid of and pass on, doesn’t it? I have done a bit of that in the middle of decorating. What I haven’t used in a long time, in a box it went to be donated. I can’t wait to get my whole house done, but for now, the bits that I have done during this busy time of year has felt good. Love your squares for your blanket. The red does give it a pop of color. I’ve never done a photo calendar… I should put that on my “to do list” for next year. I do love printing and scrapbooking my photos, though. Need to do more of that in 2018. I feel a New Year’s Resolution list coming on ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • That does all sound an excellent basis for a New Year’s Resolution list. I need to do so much more by way of decluttering. I find it so hard to part with greetings cards I like, but do I need boxes of them? I love composing the photo calendar, it’s a lovely project at the end of the year to recall the happy days and find the pictures that reflect it.

  3. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the red’s working well with the other colours. Chutney looks scrummy. And great to hear Mr E’s appointments going well. As for videos, we still have a video player ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I had another look at it last night and decided the red was ok so I have added some bright yellow now. I bet you would have loved his Willi Wonka, Snow White and Father Ted videos, if only I had known. I think Mr E has some Reggie Perin and Alan Partridge ones ….

      • I’m not sure it’s got much life left in it. I really only use it to work along with my nearly 20 years old Pilates video – where I don’t worry about the bits that go wierd or fuzzy. Not so keen on Willi Wonka and Snow White, but do love Father Ted ๐Ÿ™‚ As for Reggi Perrin, are we talking the original or the remake?

      • Oh the original box set not a remake. I had a Rosemary Conley video, I loved the warm up part but not the serious stuff. I hope that’s not still lurking about the place somewhere.

  4. What a lovely post! I always love seeing what youโ€™ve been up to in the weeks.

  5. We are in the south and haven’t had any snow either but we noticed snow on the Exmoor foothills.
    I always feel rather virtuous and resourceful when I use up scraps of any kind and it somehow feels more creative.

    • I like using my scraps and get through the wooly ones quite easily with blankets and toys. Fabric scraps are more challenging to me to come up with ideas. But I much prefer making something from leftover fabric to having a beautiful new piece I have to cut into. Once cut that’s it.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Busy, Busy! I have been doing photo album too. My nephew was 21 way back in Feb so have tried doing an album for his starting 21 years!! He is getting it a bit late, but hoping he’ll like it.

  7. So much going on at your house this week, and all of it inspiring! Girl#1 comes home for Christmas today, so I am bathing the dog and cleaning the house so I. Can just enjoy her while she is here!! Couple more pillow inserts to do, I hope, so my space is clear. She has designed a dress that we will finish while she’s here. ๐Ÿ˜ Good times await!

  8. You are making progress on all sorts of fronts! The new door is lovely, glad the weather held while you had a hole in the wall!

    It seems amazing that all that stuff fit in such a small space! Will he come back and finish or are you to do it and dispose of the remainder?

  9. Such a great post, you make me laugh! And that chutney – I’ve downloaded the recipe you used and intend to try when I have time to shop and make it without rushing. I’ve always wanted to make my own chutney. I can’t believe you didn’t have snow – I’ve been under the impression that your entire island has been covered in a thick layer for weeks……;)

    • The Southeners just make a big huha if they get an inch or two, they dont know what has hit them. Us Northeners are made of sterner stuff ! The snow went in a few days washed away by the rain. The chutney is very easy to make. It took about three hours with all the prep to do. Do use cider vinegar as malt vinegar would loose the pink colour. Glad you enjyed the post. I love the comments.

  10. What a fine thing, to be printing the best photos you take. Printed photos are so accessible and shareable and carry so much information about the way we live our daily lives . . . and will all that be lost if we just keep the photos in their digital state? Having said all this, do I take the time to print photos . . . no, I do not. Maybe that should be my resolution for 2018!

    • I love my trawl through my pictures. It does take a couple of afternoons if I don’t keep on top of them during the year, but so lovely when the parcel of prints lands on the doormat. I was quite restrained this year with only 127 printed off, but there was a wedding and a new babe in the mix.

  11. What a lovely mixed bag of a post, and bravo on doing ScrapHappy yarny-style, we don’t have enough of those!

  12. A lovely idea to print the photos for each grandchild. I get a photobook printed each year, which as you say, is a wonderful opportunity to relive happy times. I worry that historians in the future will be missing big chunks of information; all those defunct floppy discs and deleted emails. Paper might age and photos fade, but at least they remain.

  13. I know that feeling when the brain fuses all too well. That’s one of the reasons I have several things on the go, so that I can give the brain a rest with a few minless rows now and again.
    What a lovely Nana you are – how wonderful to do a photo book for each grandchild. I erractically make photo books via Vistaprint or Snapfish and then have one printed for each family, but one for each grandchild is such a lovely idea, I think I will do that next year – thank you.

    • It means I have the pleasure of the albums now and one day my photos will be easily passed on to the grand children.I am aware that my children take 100s of pictures but never print them, they are all on computers.
      It is the moss stitch petals which gave me melt down, figuring out whether to start on purl or knit stitches. The next six are strippy garter stitch so should be easier!

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