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Knit and Natter Friday.

I have had a busy week as we run up towards Christmas. The visit to Wales was lovely, so nice to have someone coooking for me, and my brother is an excellent cook. We visited Mum and she was in good spirits. Mum has Alzheimer’s, and we went on one of her better more lucid days. She knew we were her children and was able to tell us that she loved us very much. I think this will help us no end in the future, as she had become very bad-tempered with us as her health deteriorated. A happy memory to treasure.

The French Windows have been rescheduled a total of four times  now. Currently due for installation 8.30 on Monday. Humph!

Mr E is under the weather, we have  few medical appointments lined up for him, please keep us in your prayers.

Mr B and Ms G should be with us tomorrow for the all important de clutter!

I met with June and using the appointment numbers we had dished out at the repair cafes had a little draw for a prize, namely a £20 voucher for a meal at the Penny Bank Cafe in Kirkbymoorside, here being drawn by Phil the proprieter , and ably assisted by your truly. I don’t often appear on my own blog. Picture by June.

I have finished the secret santa knitting with the pink hat and an owl shaped lavender bag, made from the leftover wool from my Dartmoor lamb.

Soon have that ready to post.

Now on the needle I have a baby toy.

A last-minute Christmas gift for this little chap, here sporting his Nana made blanket, picture by his Dad Mr J.

Hard to believe he’s only 7 weeks, quite a bruiser!

So, time for me to press on, I have some Boxing Day Chutney to make. Turns out it is a Kirstie recipe. I think you know you have arrived when you just need a first name for people to know who you are.. Nigella or Delia for example.  For non UK readers that is Kirstie Allsop who is  a property guru come crafty type TV person, Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith are TV chefs.

Anyway, enough chatter from me, over to you. If this is your first visit then please just jump into the comments, feel free to chat amongst your selves while I stir the cranberries, and get on with some knitting.

Have a great weekend and

Be Happy,






Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (30)

  1. Hello from the Old Bat! Thanks so much for my Stitching Santa parcel which I LOVED! I’m so happy with all of it – the hat and gloves will be very welcome on my walks as I’m freezing at the moment (and its not even snowing). I will have to check that my daughter doesn’t run away with the owl, and that gorgeous yarn is definitely something for me. I can enjoy some quality time on Ravelry planning tomorrow.
    Once again, thank you
    Kim (The Material Lady) 😀

    • I am so glad you liked your secret santa package and I hope the gloves and hat do keep you warm. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Wishing you well with Mr E’s health, but clearly no need to do the same for your grandson – he’s so bonny! I’m a Kirstie and Nigella fan, too and not just for their creative talents. They’re such easy presenters that you feel you know them, don’t you think?

  3. What a handsome bruiser he is!! And his blanket is gorgeous.

  4. So glad to hear you had a lovely time with your Mum. It is hard in times like these. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    And that is a great photo of you on your blog!

  5. Hello! So glad to hear you had a good visit with your mum, but sorry to hear Mr E isn’t to well. Sending love and positive vibes your way. Always great to see you using leftovers, but even better when it’s Dartmoor lamb wool 🙂 As for Kirstie, didn’t even know she did recipes.

  6. I am so glad your visit was a happy one! Prayers for Mr. E coming your way, for peace of mind for you all and acuity and wisdom for the docs. Baby J is growing and growing! 😀 we had our first snow this week, now gone, and now I am off to help,with Christmas program practice at church. Got Girl #2’s Christmas package in the mail…with such a tiny box I had to get creative, but now she will have a few things to open on Christmas Day instead of just a deposit into her bank account!

    • I am sure your girl will adore her Christmas gift. It’s nice to give something apart from money, however welcome that is. The UK has snow but not here at the moment.

  7. A full and friendly post, as always! Your visit to your mother cheers all of us who are dealing with similar situations–I am just glad to know I’m not alone in facing some of these things. And I’m glad you had a good day with her, and your brother! This is a tough time of year for having illness and troubles because the rest of the world is happy and oblivious. All your creative output looks and sounds delightful and that baby! What a hunk!

    • A hunky monkey of a baby! I have learned the hard way how to divide my life so I can have happy times whilst the bigger picture may be not. Knitting and other crafts really help me. I don’t mention Mum much in my blog to preserve her privacy, but sometimes it is right to do so, the more we write and talk about the end of life the less scary it becomes. Glad you enjoyed this weeks natter, I love thses posts and all the comments.

  8. I love seeing you on your blog:)

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Hope Mr. E is feeling better very soon. The baby looks so cute with his blanket!

  10. Went out this morning and encountered snow… none here on the coast but it was falling on the hills and at the house of the friend I was visiting. I’m glad to be home now with no need to go out again… perhaps I’ll just snuggle up with Sophie for the afternoon.
    The final think for my stitching santa has arrived and so this weekend I will be getting that all packed up ready to send off. I also have one of my give-away gifts to sort out, whilst the second one needs some extra thought given some information I’ve had from the recipient.
    It’s very windy and cold here and Mr Snail is out walking the dog, so I’d better put the kettle on in anticipation of his return… have a warm and creative weekend and I hope Mr E is on the mend soon xxx

    • Just back from an abortive trip to the dentist for Mr E, all the way to Whitby. A pretty run, so not a problem. Nice to be in the warm with my mug of tea. The chutney took three hours this morning so am rather on the tired side now. Well done on getting the Secret Santa finished, I am sure your Good Girl is going to be thrilled! The snow has missed us this time, I gather to has gone to Nottngham instead. Hoping Mr B has a safe journey tomorrow, his bedroom beckons!

  11. Your grandson is adorable all snuggled with his blanket:)
    I’ll keep Mr E, you and your mother in my prayers.

    • Baby J is a bobby dazzler, and his brother H is happy now he does something, ie smiles, and H can dangle things for him. Thanks for your prayers.

  12. Computer problems have kept me away. What a happy fun post today! ((HUGS))

  13. My Pa is 94 now, and is very fit and able-bodied, but he’s losing his ability to speak. He knows who I am, and wants to talk to me, but just can’t retrieve the words, and sometimes it depresses him. I feel very fortunate that he still knows me, although it’s so frustrating trying to talk to him.
    Your photo of you and Phil made me laugh – Phil is the spit of my brother Paul in that photo and for a moment I wondered what my brother was doing in Yorkshire instead of Somerset!

    • We are all supposed to have five dopplegangers if that’s how you spell it, I feel sorry for mine. Phil is definetely Phil though.
      Sorry about your Pa, it must be hard to loose your words Mum just goes round in circles. Usually involving her age, my age and how many grandchildren does she have. So it was good that she really knew we were her children, and loved that we had gone together and that made her feel she had her family.

  14. I love it when ‘Knit and Natter’ lands in my inbox. So pleased you had a good visit with your Mum. As you know my Mum is far down the line and has no idea who anyone is – but once about a year ago she gave me a REAL hug as I said goodbye to her, we stood having a heart to heart hug – I cried happy tears as I don’t remember ever having a hug from her before – even Alzheimers has gifts to offer.
    I do hope you get some constructive answers from Drs for Mr E, my thoughts are with you both.
    So lovely to see photos of you and of that bonny baby! 7 weeks old!!!!! no! he’s obviously got lots to do and wants to get on with it! He looks so mature already.
    I can smell those cranberries cooking – mmmmmmm!

    • So glad you are enjoying the Knit and Natters, I love them. Mum has had a slight change in medication due to a urinary infection which may, have contributed to her alertness. Her declaration of love for us meant so much. Right now to get on with those cranberries.

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