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Knit and Natter Friday!

We had snow yesterday.

Not a lot, but enough to keep me indoors, in my “office” reading and knitting.  The  Secret Santa knitting is going well.

Gloves are done, a bit plain in this picture but do not fret , I have added some pretties, however the first person to see them will be the lady who has been a good girl and deserves a nice squishy Christmas present.

Tell me how dense can partners be? I received a catalogue from The RSPB this week, full of goodies to do with birds. OH LOOK , I said thrusting it towards husband. They do a book of Knitted birds, how lovely is that, I would love a copy.

Three days later. Mr E says, ” Have you had any ideas for something you would like for Christmas?” Some days I realise I am just making noises and talking to myself.

Not only did we have snow but I am also full of a cold right now, and so hoping I will be well enough for the four and half hour drive to Wales to see my Mum and brother tomorrow. I am leaving Mr E in charge of the house, I have scheduled Tuesday for fettling said house on my return.

The crochet blanket has taken a bit of a back seat this week, as I am half way through knitting a matching hat to go with the gloves. Once again thanks for everyone’s help with the blanket project. It shall be done this year.

This Year- how quick did that vanish?

Meantime  the lovely Kate had a giveaway and this came through the post, thank you Kate,

Two lovely pieces of fabric. I must not just look at them and save them for a rainy day. I must make something with them, maybe cloakroom curtains or a cushion or a bag for my beach towel and paraphernalia. At the moment they are adorning a chair so I can look at them. Any ideas? Part of me does not want to cut them, but that is just silly.

The new French Windows should have been put in yesterday but this was put back to Wednesday next week. Oh life  has such a way of throwing plans out of the window. Tis only a door though, and worse things have happened, especially as it would have been very chilly with the snow and all that.

Meantime Nephew and Wife are expecting baby number 2 in June. Whoopee, more yarn required! 2018 will be ok.

Hope you all have a great weekend, please do share your plans, especially seasonal plans, above all

Be Happy,




Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (45)

  1. Slightly envious that you’ve already had a sprinkling of the white stuff – it certainly puts you in the festive spirit, doesn’t it? The gloves are looking lovely – can you recommend a pattern for a first-timer? I’ve put off having a go as I only use circulars and am a bit scared of DPNS.

    • I only use ordinary knitting needles to make gloves. I use an old Sirdar pattern, but I expect they do a modern one. I was so surprised before to read on my blog that people thought gloves hard when they knit socks which quite frankly terrify me. Gloves are pretty easy, just a question of picking up and increasing stitches.
      The snow was pretty while it lasted. The children in the school next door to us had a great time making giant snowballs.

      • Isn’t it funny how we each find the other’s skills daunting? Socks are a piece of cake whereas gloves seem so scary. I’ll look for a pattern and give it a go – no more procrastinating!

      • And I really must conquer my sock phobia! Gloves are no harder than a baby cardigan.

  2. No snow here so far. Hoping your doors are in the snow has gone and cold disappeared. Nice to have new baby joining your family soon

  3. Lovely to hear your news. Hope the cold is gone soon and you enjoy your visit to Wales and family 🙂

  4. PINK gloves–wow! Someone will have hard-to-ignore hands! You’ve had more snow than we have in upstate New York–I’m not really complaining, though I’m still hoping for a white Christmas! We don’t shop at Christmas–we all agreed years ago that we wouldn’t and it is a huge relief. We just get together and eat too much!

  5. Oh my, I’ve missed reading your posts. I love your tales. The snow is lovely, the gloves are lovely, and driving to Wales is lovely (it takes me a good deal longer!). I had to laugh at the travel gods and goddesses (yes I was evesdropping on you and Wild Daffodil). Hope you’re feeling all better very soon.

  6. The fabric’s lovely – make a bag or cushion from it, it’ll look really nice. I’m sorry you have a cold, I hope it passes off soon.
    So far the snow’s not settled here – just a light sprinkling in the mornings and some over high ground but I suspect it’s on its way. I’m not a fan of snow after the first day or two, so I’m not really looking forward to it.

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Snow! Hope your cold is getting better.

  8. I have looked at a knitted bird book that was beautiful so I hope it’s the same and you get t for Christmas!

  9. The gloves are just beautiful, and I like curtains or placemats…those would make me feel as though I were on vacation everytime I used them! Hope your cold decreases today so you have a good drive to your mom’s.
    We have a pretty low key Christmas, gift wise, just immediate family (as in Girl #1, 2 and DH). I do have to do something for my Dad, his 90th birthday is next Wednesday, will call my sis and see what she’s thinking, since she is local. He has no ideas for a gift…I told him since he is now OLD, I could knit him an afghan, and he laughed!!
    My big to do this Christmas is getting the bell choir ready to play Dec. 17 and Dec. 24. We have an arrangement of Oh Holy Night and Silent Night for bells, 2 violins and 2 cellos. I hope my crew can manage it….many newbies, but it would be so lovely for Christmas Eve.

    • I am sure your crew is going to be great! Dad’s at 90 are hard to buy for aren’t they. It really is the thought rather than the what that counts. Cold is gradually feeling better, hopng for a good nights sleep.

  10. sorry to hear you are sick, but glad that snow gave you an excuse to stay inside and lay low! It looks so pretty! We have had NONE yet this year, another very warm fall, but climate change is a myth. oh ho! Our holiday plans are pretty simple – carol sing with my extended family on mom’s side week after next – always one of the highlights of the season – we gather bring food, sing every single carol in the book, eat, visit and head home. Many years, it is the only time I see my cousins.

    then there will be some kind of gathering with A’s family the following week, very laid back and unstructured. I usually sit and knit. 🙂

    Lastly is Christmas Day at Mom’s. That’s just immediate family, and we open each other presents, have a fun Yankee Swap and a good lunch. Mostly it is time to catch up with nieces and nephews. It’s a wonderful time of year!

    • That sounds like three perfect days celebrating Christmas. We are changing roles in Christmas I find. Gone are the frnatic days of preparing vst quantites of food and sorting everything out, as for the second year running we going to stay with a son and grandchildren, and my role is provider of crackers and napkins. Think I can manage that without getting stressed. All the fun and very little work. Part of me misses the bustle though.

      • The bustle is fun, but the visiting is good too! And this way you just bustle as much as you want to help and just enjoy the kids. 😉

      • I rather think it will be. It’s strange not fretting about christmas food, when to make/buy etc, what meals to cook when, who will sleep where, but I reckon I will get used to it quite quickly!

  11. If I had held onto the fabric I’d definitely have ended up making a cushion or two, but I do like the idea of a pair of curtains or a set of placemats.
    The Husband and I both get out of choosing and buying Christmas presents, as once again we’ll be making a big charity donation instead of giving our families presents. I’ve done this for many years now, everyone is used to it, and I much prefer the idea of my money doing some good instead of being wasted on wrapping paper, packaging and ‘stuff’ none of us really needs. Plus, no horrendous shopping – bonus!

    • No horrendous shopping sounds a bonus indeed. I am getting drawn towards the idea of placemats. I did make that one out of the cowboy fabric so I know I can do it.

  12. No festive activity here, but I will be working on Sophie and possibly making a hat and fingerless mittens to match Mr Snail’s wellie socks (well, there’s left over yarn).
    Because we don’t do Christmas gifts, I don’t have to think of any for that, but it is my birthday just after Christmas, so I really need to apply my brain because Mr Snail asked the other day what I want and I really can’t think of anything.

  13. claire93 said:

    we’ve had a small snow fall here too, but not enough to stick.
    Those fabrics from Kate are gorgeous . . . if I had been the lucky winner, I was planning on making placemats, but a cushion cover sounds like a great idea.
    As for men and Christmas shopping . . . I don’t bother dropping any hints. I just go on-line, order what I’d like, and then tell hubbie to expect a parcel which he’ll need to wrap for me and put Under the tree lol. So, while I know what I’m getting, I’m not allowed to get my grubby mitts on it until Christmas.

    • Placemats are a great idea. I think I might be able to do that so the gulls take centre stage.
      Good plan re the husband and Christmas gifts!
      It’s raining now so the roads are like rivers, hoping it doesn’t freeze over night.

  14. Beautiful snow! how lovely. Just frosty here down South. I do hope you are feeling well enough for that journey. It takes me about 5 hours to get to my little bit of Wales – I’m missing it so much. I’m so impressed with your glove knitting!
    That fabric is GORGEOUS! Congratulations on winning the Giveaway. I understand the wish to look and not cut – savour for a while!
    This weekend I am resting up after recovering from a truly horrid virus, hoping to regather my strength well enough to look after my daughter’s bouncy threesome for a couple of days whilst she and her husband take a much needed break. The children will be in school all day, so Granny should be able to cope!

    • Oh my a bouncy threesome, Granny will need a break afterwards. As long as I can arrive in daylight I shall be fine tomorrow, I have an hours worth of Welsh hills to drive through , very pretty by day, but by night will be hard. Coming home is easier as I do that bit first followed by motorways!
      The fabric is very pretty, but I have promised to use it and not stash it, and a promise is a promise.

  15. What lovely fabric Cathy! And a nice sprinkling of snow too! 🙂 🙂 Enjoy…

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