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Knit and Natter Friday!

Two trips to the theatre in the last week, both were very enjoyable. Turns out plays are just like buses. That will be it for months.

Jill at Nice Piece of work wrote a lovely post this week in which she said it was good to be thankful but it was beneficial to have something to look forward too. And she is so right. If you are having a tough day/week/month/year(s) as I have had in the past, (fortunately I am enjoying a quiet year worry wise in 2017 )then it really helps to focus on something to look forward too.

Christmas is nearly upon us, no good kidding myself that I am going to knit three jumpers, 10 scarves and an elephant in time to post them ( wasn’t actually but artistic licence and all that). Christmas for many of us is a joyous occasion, but bad things happen at Christmas, I have done hospital visiting on Christmas day, so I speak from experience, and there are our memories of people and Christmases past too. So I reckon having something to look forward too is a jolly good idea.

So have you something to look forward to? I am off at the start of December to stay with my brother and visit my Mum in Wales. The weekend after that young Mr B and Ms G his partner are coming up to and DRUM ROLL, clear out his bedroom which he has not slept in for nigh on 10 years. I don’t mind things going in the loft or having to take stuff to the charity shop , but it’s time t-shirts I bought him aged 15 went! And Buzz Lightyear, and cds of Marilyn Manson, and replica football kits going back to the first when he was 7. I have been very, very patient over this. I now have stuff from Mum’s house and my Dads and my FILs and I am in danger of looking like a mad hoarding type of person. There is stuff everywhere.

Jan at the Snail of Happiness wrote an equally interesting post about someone who had pared his belongings down to 111 things. He said he didn’t have a storage unit, but I noted he said nothing about his parents house and his old bedroom.

It’s terribly hard to move your children out. Part of me loves having his things occupying one bedroom, but part of me thinks it’s time he dealt with the stuff. My Mum had no such problems with me, when we got married and started to buy our first home, age 21, she just packed up all my belongings and put them on a removal van.

What finally prompted Mr B to come was when I told him we would be bringing a load of stuff down to him, he doesn’t want that!


The Contented Crafter explained to me brilliantly in the comments last week why I was having such problems with the crochet blanket. I have copied it  here for you

I really like the centre square of your blanket. I like the buttermilk on the white background much more than when you team it with the orange – I think the orange is my least favourite colour here. Do you see how the colours become brighter when paired with the white, but when placed together they tend to become dull and heavy? It’s because they are all the same tone weight – which means there’s no light and shade to lift and move the eye across the pattern. Having lighter colours beside deeper shades makes it more interesting for our eyes. The orange, green and mustard are your same tone colours. Change any one of those up with a lighter brighter version of the same colour and magic will happen – or just insert a row of white between those colours and see what happens….. Or you could just choose your favourite colour and make the final squares and edge it all up in that same colour.

She is so right!

So now I have orange (Stylecraft call it Spice) and Cream together to brighten up the green, and mustard and grey with the Marigold block to dampen it down a bit. After that I will just do a DC border in the various yarns. Never before has a blanket caused so much hassle. Thanks to everyone for you help and support. In future I will think about colour and tone! Now all I have to do is crochet 14 blocks of each square.

Meantime Secret Santa has been hard at work.

A stocking for the Good Girl, and

one of Bekki’s Santa Sacks to go in it, which will be filled with all manner of good things. I went to a rather nice yarn store on Tuesday to buy some rather nice yarn and a pattern, Ohoh I blew the whole budget there, no matter, it’s quality not quantity for this lady. And you will never guess what, but some more rather nice cotton yarn for a rather nice bag just happened to fall into my shopping basket. I think the Gremlin that normally lives in the computer on yarn websites had come with me.

Seriously I think I might have yarn buying problem. Is there a self help group for me I wonder.

Knitting you ask? Well Secret Santa has been knitting some gloves.

I am taking rather a lot of care with these!

I have a quiet weekend in front of me. If it stops raining there are still jobs outside to be done, but other than that I foresee some yarn related activities on the horizon.

What about you, anything you are really looking forward to , some lovely things on your weekend agenda maybe, please join in I love to chat on Fridays.

Be happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (53)

  1. Such a great post. I’ve started knitting again after nearly 40 (!!!) years and loving it!

  2. I like your point about needing something to look forward to. 2017 was a rather icky, unhappy, eventful-in-all-the-wrong-ways year around here. Through it all, it seems, I have looked forward to sitting at my loom and weaving. I don’t get to do it every day but I always find it soothing. Now, although it seems Scroogy to say it, I am looking forward to getting though the holidays (and enjoying them along the way) and having a brand new year, sparkly and unsullied, to enjoy. And I look forward to nattering along with you!

    • Some years are just like that. We had stretch of 8 years when it was one thing after another, with barely a months respite between things. I have enjoyed 11 months of life being as it should be this year, but I am always aware that others maybe struggling. Bloggging really helped me through, something to focus on with a positive frame of mind. I can well imagine that spinning and weaving with their rythmic motion are soothing and calming. Mindless knitting can send me to sleep! I love our natters too! God bless xx

  3. I love reading all these comments and seeing how just about everybody else is covered up with their relatives’ belongings as well as their own! We downsized 8 years ago, and our two daughters were pretty good about either taking their stuff, or releasing it back into the world for someone else. But now, like you, I am getting all the stuff from earlier generations. My 91-year-old mother-in-law has just downsized and I am the recipient of all the family papers — the oldest one I have found so far is from 1836! That is a lot of paper. I am digitizing it but in the meantime, it takes up a lot of space.

    • Oh my 1836, I do hope it is interesting. Dad as a solicitor had hung onto lots of old deeds from his grandfather and of course I have them, no idea what to do with them. Even if Mr B dealt with everything in his room we would probably still have too much stuff. I must just be a bit more ruthless.

  4. Ha! I have no such problems dealing with my kids stuff – it all went with them on the removal lorry! I don’t know if that’s harsh or just practical to deal with it now rather than stretch it out over years. Pauline’s explanation of lights and dark was spot on, although she puts it into words much more clearly than I could have done. I love how much thought and effort is going into your Stitching Santa parcel – they’re delightful gifts!

    • I think I have allowed the stuff in our house to stay for too long, there is loads. I think I have muggins on my forehead! Pauline really helped me a lot. I have done the best I could with the colous I choose, but I shall think more carefully in future.
      I love doing the secret santa, and I really want to try to get it right for her. She sews and knits so I have had to think a bit outside the box! Great fun and thanks for organising us.

  5. Interesting! I don’t remember ever just moving out of my room and leaving things behind. But I moved a lot as a teenager and likely cleared things out then. And when I got my own apartment, Dad helped me move. It took a few trips but we got it all! I do remember an attic clearing that broke my brothers hearts though. Bikes and guitars disappeared. So good you are having him do it!

    Having something – anything! – to look forward to is so necessary, even if it is as simple as wearing a new hat. How else does one get out of bed?

    The knitting you WILL get done will be fabulous! And I am glad the gremlin went shopping with you! What fun!

    • I absolutely love hte idea of getting out of bed to wear a new hat! I know that is not exactly what you mean, but it conjures up some fabulous images. 😀

      • Lol i meant the something to look forward to could be small, like finishing a hat and getting to wear it, but I like your version, too. 😉 with nothing small to look forward to, life would be gray.

      • Getting out of bed to wear a new hat, brill, guess I did when my son got married! But yes Salpal, even small things are worth looking forward to, usually I just need to visit the bathroom to get me out of bed, shortly followed by breakfast! Little look forwards and big look forwards, all needed.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wow busy as always! My father move me out gradually; every time i went home there would be another box filled with things for me to take. Though some things dissapeared, including a knitted doll. It was one i had knitted myself (sometime in my teens) and i was really proud of it, but it vanished. So letting your son do the sorting is probably a good thing, you can’t be blamed for any losses.

  7. I admit I’m at fault here, I have stuff boxed up at my parents and my hubby at his! I’m quite sure it’s all sentimental since we clearly can live happily without it.
    We are currently on the train to the orchestra in London. It’s been a while and am looking forward to it! Then there’s lots of silk shading to be done….
    Have a great week!

  8. We kept the Girls’ rooms 100% theirs while they were in college. When Girl #1 left for grad school, she took quite a bit with her, but during Christmas this year, I am going to have her go through her clothes, leaving one drawer with stuff she can use while here, and the rest is going. We’ll deal with the closet next, so when we drive up to visit next spring, we can bring the boxes. I had Girl#2 sort out everything she was certain she didn’t want late this summer, so that when she comes back from Italy in August we can bring her the essentials she left behind. It really helps that we are all pretty minimalistic here!😄
    I am busy knitting little stocking and mitten ornaments for my piano students…1st years get a stocking, everyone else will get a mitten, next year I’ll do some little ribbon trees, since I have the stuff, just need to get sticks collected.
    Our Christmas is very low key here, we have always kept presents to just the immediate family, so the stress level stays lower (necessary with a family of musicians with gigs all month long.)
    We are eating leftover turkey and pie this weekend; I have potatoes boiled and riced for lefse baking, and I have my usual pile of handwork going. 😄
    Your Secret Santa gloves look beautiful!

    • You have the right idea Kathy, I can’t believe just how much my son has here. It’s time he went through, after all the house he is buying with Ms G is the same size as ours!
      Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher, making them some lovely gifts.
      Enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend.

      • These little stockings are quite addictive…25 stitches so they go pretty fast. 😊
        I don’t mind keeping their school awards and stuff until they are really settled, but I’ve heard enough horror stories over the years, both of stuff staying, and parents selling an entire room of possessions while the kid is still in college.😳 I want to be somewhere in the middle.

      • In the middle is good. My son in all fairness had four rented flats post university, but has been in his own house for just over a year. It would be ok if we hadn’t had to deal with three of our parents homes during this time too.
        I love doing little stockings, such fun.

  9. Oh yes, i agree, having something to look forward to is very good for us. As for moving son out, I’ll stay quiet as i have half a house of daughter possessions. Lovely Santa surprises- you’ve done a lot. I’ve got a big problem in that i want to buy mine a nice skein of hand dyed yarn but nowhere near that sells them and all i can find on the internet costs more than the max spend. I wish I’d known who i had a day earlier, because i was at Stitchfest! 😦 Have a lovely weekend xxx

  10. Haha I stored teaching stuff at my parent’s house and kept saying I’d move it when I got to the school I wanted to be at. When I got there my mom showed up once a week with a box for me to deal with🤣

    • Now your Mum had the right idea! I usually have a car full of food and presents for one celebration or another, so no space for boxes.

      • It was like clockwork – she showed up every week with one box. Then she got really smart and sold the house and moved to a studio apartment – she stores stuff at my place now:( LOL

      • Clever Mum, and lovely to hear someone who has reversed the storing issue, and she has things with you!

  11. I have the exact same problem with kids having left stuff at home.
    Eldest son did take most of his and to be fair, he lives in a tiny flat so doesn’t have a great deal of room. Problem with the other two kids – they moved to England and when they visit, they come by plane, so I can’t see either of them ever collecting all their stuff.
    So we have boxes and boxes up in the attic where it doesn’t really bother us, it does make me wonder, if they can live without it, why are we keeping it all?

    • It does indeed beg that question, and he has so much stuff it’s not true. The worst found so far is a pair of smelly trainers! The problem is I very much feel the things aren’t mine to dispose of.

  12. You have reminded me …. I need to sort out my son’s stuff sometime, he is currently living away and plenty of the things he left behind have been left behind for a reason – some old tshirts not worn for years !! Have a good trip, enjoy the family.

    • Oh the old t shirts, when I found my sons it made me a little tearful, happy times past. I loved being a Mum so much, and although still a Mum and Nana ,it’s not the same, and I miss those days.

  13. I do love this blogging community. As I read all three you mentioned here, I know how helpful they can be. As for cleaning out my children’s things, we have all moved so often that I have no room to keep theirs. My son leaves some clothing here so he doesn’t have to pack as much when he comes but for the most part, I have so little storage space here that everything in this house must be useful or gone. So much of mine is going as well. Finding places to re-home a great deal. When you move a lot and pay by the pound, memories get stored in the heart, not the attic. 😦 Love your knitted stocking and sack!

  14. This weekend I’m looking forward to a bit of knitting a bit of crochet and a lot of peace as Mr Snail is away staying with my sister.
    No children here, but my sister has all three of hers living back at home at the moment (they are aged between 25 and 29) so their belongings are the least of her worries! I’ve made three sales in my etsy shop this week so slowly, slowly some of my unwanted vintage sewing supplies are disappearing and going to new loving homes.

    • Many congratulations on the Etsy sales, such a sensible plan for dealing with things you know you won’t use. I am aware that I have hoarded al lot of craft supplies which all stems from the days when I couldn’t afford much so every little scrap got saved. I know I should cull things, but knowing is not doing. The same goes for clothes, I still have a lot of clothes I wore for work, and just because I like them doesn’t mean I have to keep them when deep down I know I won’t wear them , probably not again but certainly not enough to justify keeping them all.
      Enjoy your peace and quiet and knitting time this weekend.

  15. I’ve had such a good laugh about your son’s possessions. But for heaven’s sake hang on to the Marilyn Manson!!! Thanks for another inspiring post. X

  16. I too can relate to the mixed feelings about housing your children’s possessions – it took a move from Devon to Northumberland some 7 years ago to make them face the serious clearout – and even then I smuggled some sentimental treasures to our new house. I’m impressed to hear of your fantasy plans to knit three jumpers, ten scarves – and an elephant!! – for Christmas! I’d better get my skates on! A lovely post as always – just too many goodies to comment properly.

    • Yes I agree, a move does help. It certainly was when the oldest cleared his things when we moved from Oxfordshire to Yorkshire, the other two came with us and so did their stuff.

  17. My mother still finds books and other things she claims are mine and I moved out nearly forty years ago. I think she secretly kept them. My sons and daughters seem unable to empty their wardrobes and take away CDs though thankfully we don’t have any Buzz Lightyears or replica football kits. My own clutter is bad enough; I don’t need anyone else’s as well.

    • That’s exactly how I feel! My oldest son has taken his things but I do still find the odd book of his, like Just So Stories and Thomas the Tank. Middle son, says he has taken everything, but his star war toys are in the attic, and as for the youngest well it’s all still here. Bonus is having him visit us!

  18. I have things belonging to my kids in boxes in the loft. Micro-museums of their childhood. I still have a file in my filing cabinet that holds all their school reports. They will have to decide what to do with them at some stage, I couldn’t throw them away now.
    You are making great progress with your Secret Santa presents Cathy.
    As you know, I only ‘do’ Christmas every other year and even then I have pared it down to almost nothing. This is a year on.
    We give a Secret Santas between the 8 adults, so just one present to buy, each of us writes a list of 3 things we would like for under £30.
    I like to make the children something – all the same – so what will I enjoy making 8 of? Last time I knitted an Aran bobble hat each, this year …… I think it might be snowflakes …

    • Eight snowflakes sounds a lovely keepsake.
      I have boxes of children’s momentos too, school photos, bits of art work, christaining clothes and gifts, teeth, hair. And I have my school photos and reports and bits of school work and my ponytail!! Yup Dad kept my pony tail, and now I have it. I have some of my Mum’s college work, her records of her teacher training placements (nearly 70 years old)and her pottery work. I have Dad’s army and rowing memorabila. I have Mr E’s school photos and electronic bit and bobs. I have a real problem!
      I am quite pleased with the progress on the gloves for my secret santa lady, I may have time for a hat too.
      I knit for the children all year round and used to put tremendous pressure on myself to do something for every Christmas and birthday, till I realised that was silly given all the other stuff they get, so I tend to gift things all year round and if it coincides with a celebration then that is a bonus.

      • Perhaps we all hold mini-museums in our houses. Feels comforting to know that. It makes me think of people who have lost those precious items for whatever reason. Another blessing to count. ❤

  19. I like your thoughts on having something to look forward to – and absolutely agree. My longest time friend arrives tomorrow for a week, she comes every year about this time and we shall natter while I knit and she hand sews. I look forward to her annual visit very much. We have a quiet Christmas planned for this year so I’m really enjoying getting my Secret Santa package together as it is the only thing I shall be wrapping beautifully for the day. So glad my garbled thoughts on colour helped you out 🙂 It’s looking good!!

    • Thank you so much for your help, the explanation really helped me to see what I wasn’t liking. I hope you have a wonderful time for your friend, it sounds like a perfect weekend.

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